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Results for T in English, page 198
to reweigh
to rewind {rewound
to rewind {rewound, rewound}
to rewire
to reword
to rework
to rewrite
to rewrite (text) {rewrote
to rewrite {rewrote
to rhapsodize
to rhyme
to rick
to ricochet
to rid
to rid {rid, ridded
to rid of
to rid oneself of sth.
to riddle
to ride {rode
to ride a bicycle
to ride a bicycle (bike)
to ride a horse to death
to ride about
to ride at anchor
to ride by bicycle
to ride for a fall
to ride roughshod over sth.
to ride tandem
to ride the porcelain god
to ride to the hounds
to ridge
to ridicule
to riffle
to riffle cards
to riffle through
to rifle
to rifle through
to rig
to rig up
to right
to right a wrong
to righten
to rigidify
to rile
to rim
to rime
to ring
to ring (up)
to ring {rang
to ring at the door
to ring back
to ring in
to ring off
to ring out
to ring sb.
to ring sb. up
to rinse
to rinse (out)
to rinse off
to riot
to rip
to rip down
to rip open
to rip out (of)
to rip sb. off
to rip sth. to pieces
to rip up
to ripen
to ripple
to ripple (water)
to rise
to rise (advance) to the position of
to rise {rose
to rise above
to rise from table
to rise from the dead
to rise from the dead (grave)
to rise in sb.'s esteem
to rise on tiptoe
to rise to speak
to rise to the occasion
to rise up against sth.
to risk
to risk life and limb
to risk one's life (to do ...)
to risk one's neck fighting for sth.
to risk one's neck with careless talk
to ritualize
to rival
to rive {rived
to rivet
to rivet (on)
to roadtest a car
to roam
to roam about
to roam around
to roam the streets
to roar
to roar at
to roar with laughter
to roast
to roast gently
to rob
to rob Peter to pay Paul
to robe
to rock
to rock the boat
to rock the boat on the system
to rock wings
to rocket upwards
to roentgenize
to roil
to roister
to roll
to roll (over and over)
to roll (thunder)
to roll about
to roll along
to roll around
to roll around with laughter
to roll away
to roll back
to roll by
to roll down
to roll down the hill
to roll flat
to roll in
to roll off
to roll on
to roll on (time)
to roll one's eyes
to roll one's own cigarettes
to roll one's r's
to roll out
to roll out the old chestnut
to roll out the red carpet for sb.
to roll over
to roll past
to roll up
to roll up (into)
to rollback
to roller-skate
to rollick
to romanticize
to romp
to romp about
to romp through sth.
to roof
to roof over
to rook
to roost
to root
to root about
to root for
to root out
to rope down
to rope off
to rope up
to rosin
to rot
to rot off
to rotate
to rotate with sb.
to rouge
to rough out
to rough up
to rough-grind
to rough-house
to roughen
to round
to round down
to round off
to round off (to)
to round on
to round out
to round over (edges)
to round sth. down
to round sth. up
to round up
to round up (to)
to roundup (cattle)
to rouse
to rouse (to action)
to rout
to rout (of)
to rout out (of)
to route
to rove
to rove about
to row
to rub
to rub (against)
to rub down
to rub dry
to rub in
to rub off
to rub off on sb.
to rub one's hands
to rub one's heels sore
to rub oneself sore
to rub oneself with sun cream
to rub out
to rub salt in the wound
to rub salt into the sore
to rub sb. up the wrong way
to rub sth. clean
to rub sth. dry
to rub sth. until it shines
to rub to a powder
to rub with ointment
to rubber-stamp sth.
to rubberize
to rubout
to ruckle
to rue
to ruff
to ruffle
to ruffle up
to ruin
to ruin oneself (financially)
to ruin oneself by speculation
to rule
to rule (over)
to rule lines
to rule out
to rule the roost
to rule with a rod of iron
to rull
to rumble
to ruminate
to rummage
to rummage (in)
to rummage about (in
to rummage out
to rumor
to rumour
to rumple
to run
to run (for)
to run {ran
to run {ran, run}
to run a bath
to run a bath for sb.
to run a business
to run a database query
to run a drugstore
to run a fever
to run a machine
to run a race
to run a runaway
to run a temperature
to run about
to run across
to run across sb.
to run across someone
to run after
to run against
to run aground
to run amok
to run an election campaign
to run and run
to run around
to run at
to run at a loss
to run away
to run away (fom)
to run away from home
to run away with sth.
to run back
to run before the wind
to run contrary to
to run down
to run down other people
to run dry
to run errands
to run flat
to run for
to run for (presidency etc.)
to run for cover
to run for one's life
to run for public office
to run for the bus
to run forward
to run from pilar to post
to run from pillar to post
to run here
to run in
to run in the family
to run into
to run into danger
to run into debt
to run into difficulties
to run into port
to run into problems
to run into sb.
to run into the ground
to run into trouble
to run its course
to run like a hare
to run off
to run off at the mouth
to run on
to run on ball bearings
to run on manual
to run oneself ragged
to run onto the rocks
to run out
to run over
to run parallel to
to run past
to run rampant
to run riot
to run sb. (sth.) down
to run sb. a bath
to run sb. a close second
to run sb. close
to run sb. down
to run sb. off his feet
to run sb. ragged
to run short
to run smoothly
to run the gauntlet
to run the risk of
to run the streets
to run there
to run through
to run to extremes
to run to fat
to run to leaf
to run to meet
to run to seed
to run together
to run up
to run up to
to run wild
to run/be in the double-digit range
to run/be in the hundreds of millions
to run/be in the tens of millions
to run/be in the triple-digit range
to rundown
to rup up a score
to rupture
to rupture oneself
to rush
to rush about
to rush downstairs
to rush forward
to rush headlong into disaster with one's eyes wide open
to rush out
to rush through
to rush to help
to rush to the hospital
to rush up to
to rust
to rusticate
to rustle
to rustle (to steal farm animals)
to rut
to rut (male)
to saber
to sabotage
to sabre
to sack
to sacrifice
to sacrifice one's life
to sadden
to saddle
to saddle oneself with sth.
to saddle up
to safeguard
to safeguard (against)
to safeguard interests
to sag
to sag (downward)
to sail
to sail (for)
to sail against the wind
to sail around the island
to sail away
to sail into the wind
to sail off
to sail round
to sail through
to sailplane
to sale
to salivate
to sally
to sally forth
to salt
to salute
to salvage
to salvage (a ship)
to salve
to sample
to sample out
to sanctify
to sanction
to sand
to sand down
to sand off
to sandbag
to sandblast
to sandpaper
to sandwich
to sandwich (between)
to sanitize
to sap
to sap one's energy
to saponify
to sashay
to sass
to sate
to sate oneself
to satiate
to satiety
to satin
to satirise
to satirize
to satisfy
to satisfy an ambition
to satisfy an obligation
to satisfy laws and regulations
to satisfy one's curiosity
to satisfy oneself about sth.
to satisfy so.
to satisfy the needs of
to satisfy the requirements
to saturate
to saturate the biscuit
to saunter
to saussuritize
to saute
to savage
to save
to save (to disk)
to save a file
to save as
to save electricity
to save face
to save from destruction
to save in a file
to save money
to save one's energy
to save one's face
to save one's hide
to save one's own skin
to save sb.'s keister
to save space
to save sth.
to save sth. for a rainy day
to save the day
to save the day for sb.
to save through a building and loan association
to savor
to savour
to savvy
to saw {sawed
to saw off
to saw off the branch one is sitting on
to saw up
to say {said
to say cheers
to say first
to say gallant things
to say good bye
to say goodbye
to say goodbye to
to say grace
to say hello (to sb.)
to say hello (to someone)
to say hello to sb.
to say hello to sb. for me
to say nothing
to say nothing of
to say one's prayer
to say one's prayers
to say sth. in sport
to say sth. out loud
to say thanks
to say that one is coming
to say the least
to say to
to say too much
to scabble
to scald
to scale
to scale down
to scale up
to scalp
to scamp
to scamper
to scamper down the stairs
to scan
to scan through (a book, the sports page etc.)
to scandalise
to scandalize
to scant
to scar over
to scare
to scare away
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