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to scare off
to scare sb.
to scare sb. off
to scare up
to scarify
to scarp
to scat
to scathe
to scatter
to scatter (on)
to scavenge
to scavenge in the bins
to scent
to schedule
to schematize
to scheme
to schillerize
to schillerize (rarely used)
to schlep
to schlep (schlepp)
to schlepp
to schmooze
to schmooze sb.
to schnorkel
to school
to schuss
to scintillate
to scissor
to scoff (at)
to scoff at
to scold
to scoop
to scoop (on)
to scoop in
to scoop out
to scoop out water
to scoop up
to scoot
to scorch
to score
to score (a goal)
to score a goal
to score an own goal
to score badly
to score by making everybody laugh
to score out
to score well
to scorn
to scotch
to scour
to scour (for)
to scour about
to scour out
to scourge
to scout
to scout for sth.
to scout out
to scowl
to scowl at sb.
to scrabble
to scram
to scramble
to scramble a victory
to scramble for sth.
to scramble up (sth.)
to scrap
to scrap (plans)
to scrape
to scrape a living by sth.
to scrape along (on)
to scrape by
to scrape by (on)
to scrape off
to scrape through
to scrape through an exam
to scrape together
to scrape together (money)
to scrape together sth.
to scrape up (money)
to scratch
to scratch off
to scratch out
to scrawl
to scrawl over fully
to scream
to scream blue (bloody) murder
to scream blue murder
to scream with pain
to screech
to screech with laughter
to screen
to screen (from)
to screen (gold)
to screen off
to screen one's eyes from the sun
to screw
to screw around
to screw down
to screw off
to screw on
to screw sb.
to screw tight
to screw together
to screw up
to scribble
to scribble over completely
to scribe
to scrimmage
to scrimp (on)
to scrimp and save for sth.
to scrobble
to scroll
to scroll (the screen)
to scroll down
to scroll downward
to scroll up
to scroll upward
to scrounge
to scrub
to scrub up
to scrunch
to scruple
to scrutinise
to scrutinize
to scrutinize (sth.
to scry
to scuba-dive
to scud
to scuff
to scuffle
to scuffle (with)
to scull
to sculpt
to sculpture
to scum
to scupper
to scurry
to scuttle
to scuttle off in a hurry
to scythe
to seal
to seal (up)
to seal a letter
to seal off
to seal off (a mine)
to seal oneself off
to seal sth. off from sth.
to seal up
to seam
to seam together
to seam up
to sear
to search
to search (for)
to search after
to search for
to search further
to season
to secede
to secede (from)
to seclude (from)
to second
to second-guess
to second-guess sb.
to secrete
to secrete resin
to sector
to secularize
to secure
to sedate
to sediment
to sedimentate
to seduce
to see
to see (from)
to see {saw
to see as sth.
to see eye to eye
to see home
to see how the land lies
to see how the wind blows
to see life
to see off
to see one's hopes dashed
to see over
to see pink elephants
to see sb. off the premises
to see sb./sth. in one's mind's eye
to see stars
to see the light at the end of the tunnel
to see the light of day
to see things
to see things through rose-colored glasses
to see through
to see through (sth.)
to see to
to seed
to seed tomatoes
to seek {sought
to seek employment
to seek legal advice
to seek one's salvation in sth.
to seek redress for
to seek sanctuary
to seek shelter behind a wall
to seek shelter from
to seek so. out
to seek to do sth.
to seek to kill so.
to seem
to seep
to seep through
to seesaw
to seethe
to seethe with anger
to segment
to segregate
to segue (from/into)
to seize
to seize a building
to seize an opportunity
to seize an opportunity with both hands
to seize sb.'s arm
to seize the day
to seize the moment
to seize up
to select
to select sth. by mouse-clicking
to self-destruct
to self-test
to sell {sold
to sell at a good price
to sell at a loss
to sell at less than cost
to sell at profit
to sell bear
to sell below cost
to sell by (at ) auction
to sell by retail
to sell for cash
to sell for ready money
to sell goods at a sacrifice
to sell like hot cakes
to sell like hotcakes
to sell off
to sell one's own grandmother
to sell out
to sell sb. a pup
to sell sth. loose
to sell sth. to the highest bidder
to send
to send {sent
to send {sent, sent}
to send a letter
to send a messenger
to send a reminder
to send a reminder (about)
to send ahead
to send along
to send an SOS
to send away
to send back
to send by fax
to send for
to send for sb.
to send in
to send in {sent
to send into orbit
to send notification of
to send off
to send on
to send on ahead
to send out
to send round
to send sb. a reminder about sth.
to send sb. flowers
to send sb. out of the room
to send sb. sth.
to send sb. to his doom
to send so. for sth.
to send so. into a rage
to send so. packing
to send sth. by courier
to send sth. to be scrapped
to send sth. to my friend
to send things flying
to send tingles up/down sb.'s spine
to send to Coventry
to send to the slaughter
to send up
to sense
to sensitize (to)
to sensualize
to sentence
to sentence sb. to be executed by firing squad
to sentence sb. to sth.
to sentence to death
to sentinel
to separate
to separate (from)
to separate (out)
to separate by a bulkhead
to separate by bulkheads
to separate by freezing
to separate fact from fancy
to separate from
to separate into fractions
to separate out
to sepulcher
to sepulchre
to sequence
to sequencing
to sequester
to sequestrate
to serialise
to serialize
to sericitize
to sermonize
to serpentinize
to serrate
to serve
to serve (as proof)
to serve (as)
to serve (at table)
to serve a sentence
to serve an ace
to serve as example of
to serve for sth.
to serve in the army
to serve on the jury
to serve one's term
to serve one's time
to serve out
to serve sb.
to serve sth.
to serve ten years
to serve the purpose
to service
to service sb.
to set
to set (concrete)
to set (into)
to set {set
to set {set, set}
to set a bad example for sb.
to set a brisk pace
to set a clock
to set a flat rate for
to set a fox to keep the geese
to set a good example
to set a precedent
to set a thief to catch a thief
to set a trend
to set a watch
to set about
to set about doing sth.
to set against
to set an example
to set aside (for)
to set aside (temporarily)
to set at nought
to set back
to set back sb.
to set back someone
to set costs off against tax
to set course for
to set down
to set eyes on sth.
to set fire to
to set forth
to set great store by sth.
to set hard
to set in
to set limits to
to set no great store by
to set off
to set off (against)
to set off flares
to set off for France
to set on
to set on fire
to set on one side
to set one's mind on sth.
to set one's sail to every wind
to set oneself up as a lawyer
to set out
to set out (for)
to set out for England
to set right
to set sail
to set sb. off doing sth.
to set sb. off laughing/crying/thinking
to set sb. on the wrong track
to set sb. thinking
to set standards
to set sth. alight
to set sth. into sth.
to set sth. off (against)
to set sth. off against sth.
to set sth. on fire
to set the ball rolling
to set the cat among the pigeons
to set the clock back
to set the house on fire
to set the pace
to set the pace (for)
to set the prices
to set the record straight
to set the table
to set time and place
to set to music
to set to work
to set tongues wagging
to set up
to set up a business
to set up a map
to set up conference drinks
to set up home on their own
to set upright
to settle
to settle (rock)
to settle a damage
to settle a dispute
to settle an invoice
to settle by dicing
to settle down
to settle down (in)
to settle for
to settle in
to settle old scores
to settle out
to settle out of court
to settle sth.
to settle the Cyprus/Kosovo question
to settle who is to be the president's successor
to sever
to sew {sewed
to sew on
to sew up
to sewer
to sex
to sextuple
to shack
to shack up with sb.
to shackle
to shade
to shade (from)
to shade off
to shadow
to shadow forth
to shadow out
to shag
to shake
to shake {shook
to shake a leg
to shake hands
to shake like a leaf
to shake off
to shake off the yoke
to shake out
to shake the foundations (of sth.)
to shake up
to shake up (a company)
to shake with cold
to shake with laughter
to shakedown
to sham
to shamble
to shame oneself
to shame sb.
to shame someone
to shampoo
to shanghai
to shape
to shape up
to shape up well
to share
to share a flat with several other people
to share in
to sharpen
to sharpen (by hammering out irregularities)
to sharply rebuff sb.
to shatter
to shatter (hopes)
to shave {shaved
to shave off
to shear
to shear {sheared
to shear off
to sheath
to sheathe
to sheave
to shed {shed
to shed {shed, shed}
to shed blood
to shed one's skin
to shed particles
to shed tears
to shed tears over sth.
to sheer
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