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to sheer away
to sheer away from sth.
to sheer off
to shell
to shell (peas ...)
to shell out
to shell prawns
to shellac
to shelter
to shelter (from)
to shelter (under)
to shelter seedlings
to shelve
to shelve a book
to shepherd
to shew
to shield
to shield (from)
to shift
to shift (on
to shift (oneself) (completely) into the thoughts of another
to shift (to)
to shift away
to shift for oneself
to shift freight traffic from road to rail
to shift up (down)
to shift up a gear
to shilly-shally
to shimmer
to shimmy
to shin
to shin down
to shin up
to shine
to shine {shone
to shine in front of sb.
to shine out (light)
to shine out from behind sth.
to shine through
to ship
to shirk (from)
to shirk (sth.)
to shirk doing sth.
to shirk school
to shit
to shit {shat
to shit a brick
to shit on
to shiver
to shlep
to shmoose
to shmooze
to shock
to shod
to shoe
to shoe {shod
to shoe {shod, shod}
to shoehorn
to shoo
to shoo away
to shoot
to shoot {shot
to shoot {shot, shot}
to shoot {shot, shot} (at)
to shoot and kill
to shoot and wound db.
to shoot dead
to shoot down
to shoot drugs
to shoot off
to shoot oneself
to shoot out
to shoot the bolt
to shoot through
to shoot to death
to shoot up
to shoot wide (off)
to shoot wide off the mark
to shop
to shoplift
to shore (up)
to shore up
to short
to short-change
to short-change sb.
to short-circuit
to shorten
to shorten at the building site
to shortlist sb.
to shoulder
to shoulder blame
to shout
to shout at
to shout down
to shout sth. from the rooftops
to shove
to shove away
to shove up
to shovel
to shovel snow
to show
to show (no) sympathy for sth.
to show (no) understanding for sth.
to show {showed
to show a deficit
to show a rise
to show a surplus
to show an interest in
to show around
to show compassion
to show consideration for sb.
to show courage
to show forbearance
to show how good one is
to show how to do sth.
to show ill will towards sb.
to show in
to show in eurythmy
to show losses
to show no sign of life
to show off
to show off (with)
to show off in front of sb.
to show off with one's knowledge
to show one's appreciation
to show one's face
to show one's gratitude
to show one's mettle
to show one's superiority
to show one's true colours
to show one's true colours (colors)
to show oneself ready to do sth.
to show out
to show profit
to show respect (for)
to show respect to sb.
to show sb. sth. quite plainly
to show sb. understanding
to show sb. up
to show so. how to do sth.
to show solidarity
to show someone something quite plainly
to show sth.
to show sth. in a favourable light
to show sth. speeded up
to show the way forward (to)
to show themselves
to show thumbs up
to show up
to shower
to shower (down)
to shower presents on sb.
to shred
to shriek
to shrill
to shrink
to shrink {shrank, shrunk
to shrink back
to shrink-wrap
to shrive {shrove
to shrivel
to shroud
to shrug (the shoulders)
to shrug {shrugged
to shrug {shrugged, shrugged}
to shrug off
to shuck
to shudder
to shuffle
to shuffle cards
to shuffle off
to shuffle sth. off onto sb.
to shun
to shunt
to shut
to shut (out of the way)
to shut {shut
to shut down
to shut down (boiler)
to shut down a factory
to shut in a well
to shut off
to shut oneself off
to shut oneself off to sb.
to shut sb. up
to shut the door tight
to shut up
to shut up the house
to shuttle
to shuttlecock
to shy
to shy (at)
to shy away (from)
to shy away from sth.
to sic
to sich
to sicken
to side with
to sidestep
to sidle
to siege
to sieve
to sift
to sigh
to sight
to sight-read
to sign
to sign a statement
to sign a two-year let
to sign in
to sign off
to sign on
to sign one's name
to sign oneself out
to sign out
to sign over
to sign personally
to sign sb. on
to sign someone on
to sign up
to sign up for sth.
to signal
to signalize
to signify
to signpost
to silage
to silence
to silicify
to silt
to silt up
to silver
to simmer
to simper
to simplify
to simulate
to sin
to sin (against)
to sin against God
to sin against sb./sth.
to sing {sang
to sing {sang, sung}
to sing a duet
to sing along
to sing alto
to sing from music
to sing in a choir
to sing in harmony
to sing in parts
to sing in the choir
to sing in tune
to sing off key
to sing off pitch
to sing off-key
to sing one's own praises
to sing out of tune
to sing sb.'s praise
to sing the Magnificat at matins
to singe
to singe off
to single out
to sink
to sink {sank
to sink a shaft
to sink a well
to sink down
to sink in
to sink in {sank
to sink into oblivion
to sink into poverty
to sink through
to sinter
to sip
to siphon
to sire
to sit {sat
to sit {sat, sat}
to sit a written exam
to sit around
to sit around indoors
to sit back and take things easy
to sit by the fireside
to sit closely
to sit cross-legged
to sit down
to sit down beside sb.
to sit down next to sb.
to sit down on a chair
to sit facing the engine
to sit idle
to sit in ambush
to sit in judgement on sb.
to sit in judgement on someone
to sit in on a conference
to sit in on sb.'s lecture
to sit in waiting
to sit on
to sit on lookout
to sit on the bench
to sit on the fence
to sit on watch
to sit out
to sit through
to sit together (with)
to sit up
to sit up and beg
to sit up with sb.
to situate
to size
to sizzle
to skank
to skate
to skate on thin ice
to skate over
to skate over (a problem)
to skate round
to skedaddle
to skelter
to sketch
to sketch in
to sketch out
to skew
to skewer
to ski
to skid
to skim
to skim (over
to skim over
to skim the cream
to skimp
to skimp (on)
to skin
to skin somebody alive
to skin-dive
to skip
to skip classes
to skip rope
to skip school
to skip work
to skirmish
to skirt
to skitter
to skive
to skive off
to skive off work
to skulk
to skyrocket
to slab
to slab off
to slack
to slacken
to slacken the reins
to slag
to slag off
to slag sb. off
to slake
to slam
to slam (the door)
to slam down
to slam-dunk
to slander
to slant
to slantwise
to slap
to slap a high five
to slash
to slash one's wrists
to slate
to slather
to slaughter
to slave (at)
to slave away
to slave-drive
to slaver
to slay {slew
to slay {slew, slain}
to sled
to sledge
to sleek
to sleek (cat)
to sleep
to sleep {slept
to sleep around
to sleep in
to sleep in the open
to sleep it off
to sleep late
to sleep like a log
to sleep off
to sleep on
to sleep on something
to sleep on sth.
to sleep over
to sleep over sth.
to sleep rough
to sleep soundly
to sleep through the alarm clock
to sleep-walk
to sleepwalk
to sleet
to sleigh
to slenderise
to slenderize
to sleuth
to sleuth sb.
to sleuthing
to slew
to slice
to slick
to slick back one's hair
to slick down one's hair
to slide {slid
to slide {slid, slid}
to slide into
to slide through the water
to slide-in
to slight sb.
to slight someone
to slim
to sling
to sling {slung
to sling away
to sling on
to sling out
to sling sth. away
to slink {slunk
to slip
to slip (into a coat)
to slip a disc
to slip away
to slip down
to slip in
to slip off
to slip on
to slip on the ice
to slip out of so.'s grasp
to slip over
to slip sth. in
to slip the clutch
to slip the mind
to slit {slit
to slit {slit, slit}
to slit open
to slither
to sliver
to slobber
to slog
to slogg
to slogg along
to slop
to slop about
to slop over
to slope
to slope (away)
to slope down
to slope steeply
to slosh
to slosh aoround
to slosh around
to slouch
to slough off
to slough one's skin
to slow
to slow down
to slue
to slug
to slug sb.
to sluice
to sluice down
to sluice out
to slumber
to slumber away
to slump
to slump down
to slur
to slur (syllables)
to slur one's speech
to slur over
to slurp
to slurry
to smack
to smack (of)
to smack (one's lips)
to smack one's tongue
to smack sb.
to smack so.
to smarm
to smarm over sb.
to smart
to smart (over)
to smart under sth.
to smarten
to smarten oneself up
to smarten up
to smash
to smash (into sth.)
to smash down
to smash sth. to pieces
to smash sth. to smithereens
to smash to bits
to smash to pieces
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