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to smatter
to smatter English
to smear
to smear up
to smell
to smell {smelled, smelt
to smell a rat
to smell at sth.
to smell bad
to smell disgusting
to smell good
to smell of beer
to smell of burning
to smell of sth.
to smell revolting
to smell stale
to smelt (ore)
to smile (at)
to smile (to oneself)
to smile a friendly smile
to smile at
to smile at sb.
to smile at someone
to smile from ear to ear
to smirch
to smirk
to smite {smote
to smite on the anvil
to smitten
to smoke
to smoke a pipe
to smoke grass
to smoke hash
to smoke like a chimney
to smoke pot
to smolder
to smooch
to smooth
to smooth down
to smooth out the wrinkles
to smooth the way for sb.
to smooth-talk sb.
to smote
to smother
to smother (with kisses)
to smother up
to smother with kisses
to smoulder
to smoulder and go out
to smudge
to smuggle
to smut
to snack
to snafu
to snap
to snap back
to snap in
to snap off
to snap one's fingers
to snap open
to snap out
to snap shut
to snap up
to snap your fingers
to snare
to snarf
to snarl
to snatch
to snatch (at)
to snatch (from)
to snatch a quick meal
to snatch at an opportunity
to snatch away
to snatch away sth. from sb.
to snatch sth. from sb.
to snatch up
to sneak
to sneak in
to sneak off
to sneak up to
to sneer
to sneeze
to snicker
to sniff
to sniff (a drug)
to sniff (at)
to sniff at sth.
to sniff glue
to sniffle
to snigger
to snip (away) (at)
to snipe
to snitch
to snivel
to snog
to snooker sb.
to snoop
to snoop around
to snooze
to snore
to snorkel
to snort
to snort (a drug)
to snort with laughter
to snow
to snow into
to snowball
to snowboard
to snub
to snuff
to snuff it
to snuff out
to snuffle
to snuggle
to snuggle up (to each other)
to so.'s taste
to soak
to soak (in
to soak (in)
to soak in
to soak into
to soak up
to soak with sweat
to soap
to soar
to soar up
to sob
to sober
to sober up
to socialize
to sock
to sock sb. on the jaw
to sock someone on the jaw
to sod
to sodden
to sodomise
to sodomize
to soften
to soften (water)
to soften one's tone
to soil
to soil one's reputation
to sojourn
to solace
to solder
to solder (up)
to solder on
to solder up
to sole
to solemnise
to solemnize
to solicit
to solicit a sale
to solicit custom
to solidify
to soliloquize
to solo
to solve
to solve a problem
to some degree
to some extent
to somersault
to somnambulate
to soot
to soothe
to soothe conscience
to sop
to sophisticate
to sorrow (at
to sorrow (for
to sort
to sort (out by hand)
to sort (out)
to sort according to size
to sort and put away
to sort itself out
to sort itself out in time
to sort out
to sort the wheat from the chaff
to sough
to sound
to sound a person
to sound convincing
to sound like
to sound like music to one's ears
to sound off
to sound out
to sound out the intentions
to sound serious
to sound the alarm
to sound the bell (for the last round)
to sound the depth of
to sound the horn
to sound the retreat
to sound the tattoo
to sound things out
to sounded a
to sounding a
to soundproof
to sour
to souse
to sovietize
to sow (the seeds of) discord
to sow {sowed
to sow discord
to sow in drills
to sow one's wild oats
to sow the seeds of sth.
to space
to space out
to space out evenly
to spade
to spall
to spall (stone)
to spam sb.
to span
to span (with)
to spangle
to spank
to spar
to spare
to spare neither trouble nor expense
to spark
to spark off
to spark off a fire
to sparkle
to spat
to spatter
to spawn
to spay
to speak
to speak {spoke
to speak {spoke, spoken} (about)
to speak against
to speak all at once
to speak broken ...
to speak broken English
to speak evil of sb.
to speak fluent German
to speak freely
to speak German
to speak ill of sb.
to speak in dialect
to speak in Saxon dialect
to speak in tongues
to speak on
to speak on behalf of
to speak plain English
to speak to
to speak to each other on the phone
to speak to sb. on the phone
to speak too soon
to speak under breath
to speak up
to speak volumes (for)
to speak with a slur
to speak with a sweet tongue
to speak without notes
to spear
to spearhead
to specialise (in sth.)
to specialize
to specialize in
To specify
to speckle
to speculate
to speech-read
to speed {sped, speeded
to speed up
to speed up sth.
to speedup
to spell
to spell {spelled, spelt
to spell out
to spellbind {spellbound
to spend
to spend (one's time in doing sth.)
to spend {spent
to spend money
to spend money wildly
to spend on drink
to spend on sweets
to spend one's remaining years
to spend one's retirement
to spend out
to spend the night
to spend the time
to spend the whole evening chatting
to spend time on
to spew
to spice
to spider
to spiel
to spike
to spike prices
to spill {spilled, spilt
to spill the beans
to spin
to spin {spun
to spin a yarn
to spin round
to spin yarn
to spin yarns
to spiral
to spiral up
to spirit away
to spirit up
to spiritualize
to spit
to spit (out) {spat
to spit {spat
to spit at
to spit at sb.
to spit out
to spit venum
to spite
to splash
to splash around
to splash out on st.
to splatter
to splay
to splice
to splint
to splinter
to splinter (off)
to split
to split (oneself)
to split {split
to split a contract
to split costs
to split off
to split one's sides laughing
to split one's vote
to split open
to split shares
to split stocks
to split the proceeds
to split up
to split up with sb.
to splotch
to splurge
to splutter
to spoil
to spoil {spoiled, spoilt
to spoil by raining
to spoil sb.'s appetite for sth.
to spoil so.
to spoil so.'s enjoyment of sth.
to spoil sth. for so.
to spoil the look of sth.
to spoil the party
to spoil things for sb.
to sponge
to sponge (on)
to sponge down
to sponge off
to sponsor
to spoof
to spook
to spool
to spool in
to spool out
to spoon
to spoon up
to spoon-feed
to spoon-feed {spoon-fed
to spoon-feed sb.
to sport
to spot
to spot turn
to spot-check (for)
to spot-face
to spot-weld
to spotlight
to spout
to spout (about)
to sprain
to sprain one's ankle
to sprawl
to sprawl out
to spray
to spread
to spread (butter)
to spread (out)
to spread {spread
to spread a safety net (for/beyond/under an industry etc.)
to spread on sth.
to spring
to spring {sprang
to spring {sprang, sprung}
to spring a leak
to spring a surprise on sb.
to spring at
to spring back
to spring from
to spring into action
to spring open
to spring out of bed
to spring to mind
to spring to one's feet
to spring towards
to spring up
to spring up like mushrooms
to spring-clean (the whole house)
to sprinkle
to sprinkle spots of
to sprint
to spritz
to sprog
to sprout
to sprout from
to sprout up on
to spruce oneself up
to spruce up
to spud
to spur
to spur a horse
to spur on
to spurn
to spurn one's fortune
to spurt
to spurt out (from)
to spurt out (of
to sputter
to sputter (about)
to sputter (in frying pan)
to spy
to spy on
to spy out
to spy the land
to spy upon
to squabble
to squall
to squall in pain
to squander
to squander away
to square
to square (the ball) to so.
to square (with)
to square a figure
to square off
to squash
to squat
to squat down
to squat in a house
to squawk
to squeak
to squeal
to squeeze
to squeeze off
to squeeze out
to squeeze the orange dry
to squeeze through
to squelch
to squiggle
to squint
to squint against the sun
to squint in the bright sun
to squire
to squirm
to squirm and writhe
to squirt
to squish
to stab
to stab and kill sb. (with)
to stab sb. (in the neck) with a knife
to stab sb. in the back
to stab so.
to stab so. with a knife
to stab someone in the back
to stab to death
to stabilise
to stabilize
to stabilize a patient on a drug/dosage
to stack
to stack up
to staff
to stag
to stage
to stage one's own death
to stage protests
to stage sth.
to stage-manage
to stagger
to stagger sb.
to stagnate
to stain
to stake
to stake a claim
to stake off
to stake out
to stake out a claim
to stalemate
to stalk
to stall
to stall for time
to staminate
to stammer
to stamp
to stamp (one's foot)
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