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to stamp around (on)
to stamp down
to stamp in
to stamp out
to stamp stamps
to stamp the ground
to stampede
to stanch
to stand
to stand (one's) trial
to stand {stood
to stand a beer
to stand a round
to stand a test
to stand about
to stand above sth.
to stand alone
to stand aloof from the others
to stand around
to stand as a candidate (for)
to stand aside
to stand at attention
to stand at the bar
to stand at/by the window
to stand back
to stand back to back
to stand between the sticks
to stand by
to stand by oneself
to stand by sb.
to stand close beside sb.
to stand comparison with
to stand convicted
to stand down
to stand down in favour of a person
to stand facing
to stand facing one another
to stand fast
to stand firm
to stand firm on sth.
to stand for
to stand gaping
to stand idle
to stand in (for sb.)
to stand in a line
to stand in a queue
to stand in a ring
to stand in a row
to stand in awe of sb.
to stand in for sb.
to stand in front of the house
to stand in line
to stand no nonsense
to stand on
to stand on guard
to stand on one's head
to stand on one's own feet
to stand on one's own two feet
to stand on the edge of a precipice
to stand on the platform
to stand one's ground
to stand open
to stand opposite
to stand or fall
to stand out (from
to stand riveted to the spot
to stand round
to stand Sam
to stand sb. up
to stand still
to stand surety
to stand surety (for sb.)
to stand surety for so.
to stand the test
to stand there
to stand to reason
to stand together
to stand up
to stand up for
to stand up for so.
to stand up to a test
to stand up to so.
to stand up to sth.
to standardise
to standardize
to stank
to staple
to staple together
to star
to starch
to stare
to stare at in astonishment
to stare at sb. with a fixed gaze
to stare into space
to start
to start (for)
to start (out) from the assumption that ...
to start (out) from the fact/idea that ...
to start (pick) a quarrel with
to start a car
to start a fight with sb.
to start a fire
to start a hare
to start a motor
to start afresh
to start an argument
to start an argument (with)
to start an argument with sb.
to start college
to start drawing one's pension
to start for
to start from scratch
to start from the beginning
to start learning
to start negotiations with sb. about sth.
to start off
to start on sth.
to start over
to start rotting
to start running out of time
to start speaking
to start sth. off
to start talking
to start to decay
to start to flap
to start to function
to start to rust
to start up
to start with oneself
to start with the beginning
to startle
to startle easily
to startup
to starve
to starve to death
to stash
to stash away
to state
to state (fact, one's reasons)
to state more precisely
to state one's case
to station
to staunch
to stave
to stave {staved, stove
to stave in
to stay
to stay (abroad)
to stay (on)
to stay alive
to stay at a hotel
to stay away
to stay behind
to stay bright and healthy
to stay down
to stay down (a year)
to stay here
to stay in
to stay in bed
to stay in contact
to stay in the background
to stay in touch
to stay laying
to stay mum
to stay on target
to stay out late boozing
to stay out of sth.
to stay overnight
to stay overnight (with)
to stay put
to stay silent
to stay the night
to stay there
to stay together
to stay trim
to stay tuned to sth.
to stay up
to stay with
to stay with one's parents
to stay with the car
to ste cold
to steady
to steady oneself
to steal
to steal {stole
to steal {stole, stolen} (from)
to steal a march on sb.
to steal away
to steal so.'s thunder
to steal the show from sb.
to steal up to
to steam
to steam off
to steam up
to steam-clean
to steel oneself (for)
to steep
to steepen
to steer
to steer in the opposite direction
to stem
to stem (from)
to stem from sth.
to stencil
to stenograph
to step
to step (into)
to step aside
to step back
to step down
to step forward
to step in
to step inside
to step into the breach
to step off
to step on it
to step on so.'s foot
to step on somebody's toes
to step on the gas
to step out
to step out (of)
to step outside
to step over so.
to step up
to step up to sb.
to stereotype
to sterilise
to sterilize
to sterilize an animal
to stew
to stew in one's own juice
to stick
to stick {stuck
to stick a stamp on a letter
to stick all over
to stick around
to stick at nothing
to stick fast {stuck
to stick in one's mind
to stick in sb.'s craw
to stick in sb.'s mind
to stick in sb.'s throat
to stick into
to stick on
to stick on (to)
to stick one's neck out
to stick one's nose into sb.'s business
to stick one's nose into so. else's business
to stick one's nose out
to stick one's tongue out (at sb.)
to stick out
to stick out the tongue
to stick to
to stick to (by) one's decision
to stick to it
to stick to one's guns
to stick to sb. like a limpet
to stick to the subject
to stick together
to stick up
to stick up for sb./sth.
to stick with {stuck
to stickle
to stiffen
to stifle
to stigmatise
to stigmatize
to still
to stimulate
to sting {stung
to sting {stung, stung}
to stink {stank, stunk
to stint
to stipple
to stipulate
to stir
to stir a glaze
to stir one's tea
to stir sb. up
to stir together
to stir up
to stir up a hornets' nest
to stir-fry
to stitch
to stitch down
to stitch on
to stitch together
to stitch up
to stock up
to stock up with
to stockpile
to stoke
to stomp
to stone
to stone (stone fruit)
to stonewall
to stoop
to stoop to sth.
to stop
to stop (engine)
to stop (for a bite to eat)
to stop a stock
to stop at
to stop at nothing
to stop at red
to stop by
to stop cold sth.
to stop dead
to stop doing sth.
to stop for a snack
to stop for a snack at a local tavern
to stop in
to stop off (in)
to stop oneself from (saying/doing) sth.
to stop over
to stop production
to stop short
to stop short (of)
to stop smoking
to stop speaking
to stop sth.
to stop taking
to stop taking pills
to stop the orchestra
to stop the rot
to stop up
to stope overhand
to stope underhand
to stopper
to stopple
to store
to store information on/in a database
to store sth. up
to store temporarily
to store up
to storm
to stow
to stow away
to straddle
to straddle an issue
to straddle the fence
to straddle the horse
to strafe
to straggle
to straighten
to straighten (out)
to straighten out
to straighten things out with sb.
to straighten up
to strain
to strain every nerve
to strain off water
to strain-harden
to straiten
to strand
to strangle
to strangulate
to strap
to strap down
to strap sb. in
to strap up
to stratify
to stray
to stray from the subject
to stray from the topic
to stray into sb.'s house
to streak
to stream
to stream (out of)
to streamline
to streamline production
to strech out
to strengthen
to strengthen sb.'s resolve
to strengthen someones resolve
to strengthen the permeability of the educational system
to stress
to stress sth.
to stretch
to stretch (to)
to stretch a point
to stretch back to
to stretch oneself out
to stretch out
to stretch the dollar
to strew {strewed
to stride {strode
to stride {strode, stridden}
to stride ahead
to stride along
to stride up and down
to strike
to strike {struck
to strike a bad patch
to strike a bonanza
to strike a snag
to strike back
to strike camp
to strike coins
to strike dead
to strike each other
to strike it rich
to strike off
to strike off from the list
to strike out
to strike out at sb.
to strike out for home
to strike out in a new direction
to strike out on one's own
to strike out wildly
to strike root
to strike sb. off the roll
to strike so.
to strike sth. a glancing blow
to strike the right chord
to strike the right note
to strike through
to strike up
to strike up a conversation
to strike with awe
to string
to string on a thread
to strip
to strip (feathers)
to strip a house of its contents
to strip away
to strip down
to strip down to one's underwear
to strip naked
to strip off
to strip sb. naked
to strip stark-naked
to strip the bark from a tree
to strip the bark off
to strip the formwork
to strip the thread
to strip to the waist
to strip wires
to strip-search
to stripe
to strive {strove
to strive {strove, striven}
to strive after
to strive for
to strobe
to stroke
to stroll
to strop
to structure
to struggle
to struggle (for)
to struggle with
to strum
to strum (on)
to strung
to strut
to strut one's stuff
to strut past
to stub
to stub out
to stucco
to stud
to study
to study further
to study law
to study thoroughly
to study through
to study voice
to stuff
to stuff sb. with
to stuff so. with vain hopes
to stultify
to stumble
to stump
to stun
to stun to silence
to stunt
to stupefy
to stutter
to style
to stylize
to stymie
to subchallenge
to subclassify
to subcontract (to)
to subdivide (into)
to subdivide into
to subdue
to subedit
to subject
to subject the car to a forensic examination
to subject to one's rule
to subjoin
to subjugate
to sublease
to sublet
to sublimate
to sublime
to submerge
to submit
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