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to submit (to)
to submit an offer
to submit data
to submit false claims
to submit one's application
to submit one's claims
to submit to sth.
to subordinate
to subordinate (to)
to suborn
to subpoena
to subscribe
to subscribe for a loan
to subscribe for shares
to subscript
to subserve
to subside
to subsidise
to subsidize
to subsist
to subsist on
to subsist on sth.
to substantiate
to substitute
to substitute a striker for a midfield player
to substitute A with B
to substitute B for A
to substitute for sb.
to substitute in
to substitute oil for butter
to substitute out (players)
to subsume
to subsume sth. under sth.
to subtend
to subtitle
to subtract
to subvert
to succeed
to succeed (to)
to succeed sb.
to succor
to succour
to succumb
to such an extent
to suck
to suck away
to suck in
to suck off
to suck the thumb
to suck up
to suck up to sb.
to suck up to someone
to suckle
to sud before the wind
to sue
to sue for a divorce
to sue for divorce
to sue for libel
to sue for peace
to sue sb. for compensation
to sue sb. for damages
to sue sb. for libel (slander)
to sue somebody for libel (slander)
to suffer
to suffer (from)
to suffer (heavy) losses
to suffer a defeat
to suffer a loss
to suffer a martyrdom
to suffer a miscarriage
to suffer a relapse
to suffer a setback
to suffer extinction
to suffer from a disease
to suffer from depression
to suffer from jetlag
to suffer from pneumoconiosis
to suffer losses
to suffer pain
to suffer pecuniary loss
to suffer sth.
to suffer through sth.
to suffer vicariously with so.
to suffice
to suffix
to suffocate
to suffuse
to sugar
to sugar-coat
to sugarcoat
to suggest
to suit
to suit so.
to suit the action to the word
to suit the action to the world
to suit to
to sulfurate
to sulk
to sully
to sulphurate
to sulphurize
to sum
to sum up
To sum up, I can say that ...
to summarise
to summarize
to summon
to sump
to sun oneself
to sunbathe
to sunder
to sup
to superannuate
to supercharge
to superelevate
to superheat
to superimpose
to superimpose on
to superinduce
to superintend
to superpose
to supersaturate
to superscribe
to supersede
to supervene
to supervise
to supplant
to supplant (a rival)
to supplement
to supplement (with)
to supplicate
to supply
to supply (with)
to supply [with]
to supply a periodical regularly
to supply evidence (of)
to supply refuse for recycling
to supply the demand
to supply the need
to supply water
to supply with rations
to support
to support (on)
to support a family
to support sb.
to suppose
to suppress
to suppurate
to surcease
to surcharge
to surcharge sb.
to surf
to surf (from one TV channel to another)
to surf the Internet
to surface
to surfeit
to surge
to surge ahead
to surge up
to surmise
to surmount
to surpass
to surpass all expectations
to surpass oneself
to surprise
to surrender
to surrender to the hardships
to surrogate
to surround
to surround (a matter)
to surround (by)
to survey
to survey (maps)
to survey a mine
to survive
to suspect
to suspend
to suspend (from)
to suspend (operations)
to suspend sb.
to suspend sb.'s driving licence (driver's license )
to suss
to suss out
to suss sb.
to suss sth. out
to sustain
to sustain a loss
to sustain damage while parked
to suture
to swab
to swaddle
to swagger
to swallow
to swallow (up)
to swallow one's pride
to swallow sth. hook, line and sinker
to swallow the bait
to swallow the pill
to swamp
to swank (about)
to swank around
to swap
to swap places with sb.
to swap sth. for sth.
to swarm
to swash
to swat
to swat at
to swat the ball away
to swathe
to sway
to swear {swore
to swear {swore, sworn} (at)
to swear an oath
to swear at sb.
to swear at someone
to swear by sth.
to swear fidelity to sb.
to swear in
to swear like a sailor
to swear like a trooper
to swear sb. to sth.
to sweat
to sweat blood
to sweat out
to sweep {swept
to sweep {swept, swept}
to sweep away
to sweep sb. off his/her feet
to sweep sth. under the carpet
to sweep the board
to sweep the dust off
to sweeten
to swell
to swell {swelled
to swell out
to swell up
to swelter
to swelter in the heat
to swerve
to swerve (from)
to swig
to swill
to swill down
to swill sth. down
to swim {swam
to swim across a river
to swim against the current
to swim against the stream
to swim fast and straight towards the island
to swim naked
to swim out
to swim the crawl
to swindle
to swing
to swing {swung (swang )
to swing a deal
to swing down
to swing out
to swipe
to swirl
to swish
to switch
to switch back
to switch completely
to switch off
to switch on
to switch on the lamp
to switch to
to swivel
to swoon
to swoop
to swoop (on)
to swoop up
to swoosh
to swop
to swosh
to swot (at)
to swot up on one's maths
to symbol
to symbolise
to symbolize
to sympathize (with)
to sympathize with
to sync
to synchronise
to synchronize
to syncopate
to synthesize
to syntonize
to syphon
to syringe
to systematise
to systematize
to systemise
to systemize
to tab
to table
to taboo
to tabulate
to tack
to tack (with nail)
to tack (with pin)
to tack weld
to tack-weld
to tackle
to tackle (a problem)
to tackle sb.
to tackle the problem of why
to taddle-tail (on so.)
to tag
to tag along
to tag along with sb.
to tail
to tail off
to tail sb.
to tailgate
to tailgate sb.
to tailor
to tailor (to)
to tailor to
to taint (reputation)
to taint (with)
to take
to take (be on
to take (be on) the pill
to take (do) one's driving test
to take (in)
to take (lift) from an album
to take (the) responsibility for
to take {took
to take a back seat
to take a backseat
to take a bath
to take a big risk
to take a bow
to take a break
to take a broad view
to take a car for a road test
to take a car for a test drive
to take a chance
to take a compass bearing
to take a corner
to take a cure
to take a day off
to take a decision
to take a deep breath
to take a dictation
to take a dive (deliberately fall down)
to take a dog for a walk
to take a fancy to
to take a flash photo
to take a free kick
to take a great deal of trouble over sth.
to take a great interest in sth.
to take a house on a 10-year lease
to take a joke
to take a leap of faith (and do sth./by doing sth.)
to take a leap of faith with sb./sth.
to take a lease on a house
to take a lease on business premises
to take a long time
to take a look at
to take a lot out of
to take a medication
to take a mouth swab
to take a nap
to take a photograph
to take a picture
to take a picture down off the wall
to take a plane
to take a Pollyanna view of sth.
to take a problem to sb.
to take a quick glance at sth.
to take a resolution to do sth.
to take a rise out of sb.
to take a risk
to take a road test
to take a run-up
to take a seat
to take a shower
to take a siesta
to take a smell at
to take a sounding
to take a spa treatment
to take a stab in the dark
to take a stand
to take a stand (on)
to take a step
to take a stroll
to take a stroll through the town/city centre
to take a swim
to take a tick (from)
to take a trip
to take a turn for the better/worse
to take a turn in the wood
to take a vacation
to take a vote (on sth.)
to take a walk
to take a written exam
to take account of sth.
to take action
to take advantage (of sth.)
to take advantage of
to take after
to take aim
to take along
to take an impression
to take an instant dislike to sth.
to take an interest in sth.
to take an oath (on
to take an opportunity
to take an oral swab
to take an order
to take an unequivocal stand (on)
to take an unexpected turn
to take apart
to take as a basis
to take away
to take back
to take back goods that has not been completely paid for
to take back what one has said
to take bribes
to take by assault
to take by surprise
to take captive
to take care
to take care of
to take care of so.
to take care of the garden
to take charge of
to take charge of sth.
to take comfort in
to take command (of)
to take compassion on
to take corrective action
to take countermeasures
to take courage
to take cover
to take criticism
to take cross bearings
to take custody of sb.
to take delight in
to take disciplinary action against sb.
to take down
to take down (a flag)
to take drastic measures
to take drugs
to take effect
to take extreme action against sb.
to take flight
to take for
to take French leave
to take fright
to take from
to take full responsibility for sth.
to take getting used to
to take great pains
to take great pains over
to take heart
to take hold
to take hold of
to take holiday
to take home
to take ill
to take in
to take in (a sail)
to take in cash
to take in the late spots
to take into account
to take into care
to take into consideration
to take into custody
to take into custody prior to extradition
to take into one's heart
to take inventory
to take it easy
to take it in turns with sb.
to take it on the chin
to take its course
to take joint action
to take law
to take leave
to take legal action
to take legal advice
to take legal measure
to take legal steps against so.
to take long
to take long strides
to take measures
to take much pleasure in
to take note of
to take notes of
to take notice of
to take off
to take off its hinges
to take off one's hat
to take off so.'s jacket
to take off the agenda
to take offence at
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