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to take offense at sth.
to take on
to take on a burden
to take on an official tone
to take on too much
to take one's choice
to take one's cue from sb.
to take one's exams
to take one's first steps
to take one's hat off
to take one's hook
to take one's life
to take one's master craftman's diploma
to take one's own life
to take out
to take out a life insurance policy
to take out a loan
to take out a patent on sth.
to take out of its context
to take out of service
to take out of the warehouse
to take over
to take over a medical practice/doctor's surgery / medical office
to take over from
to take over the helm
to take over with
to take parental responsibilty for sb.
to take part
to take part (in)
to take part in a contest
to take part in the combat
to take part in the opening formation dance (at a ball)
to take pictures
to take pity (on sb.)
to take pity on sb.
to take place
to take place below public perception
to take pleasure in
to take possession of
to take potluck
to take precautions
to take precautions (against)
to take pride in
to take pride of place
to take prisoner
to take prompt action
to take revenge
to take revenge (on)
to take root
to take sample
to take sb. as an example
to take sb. aside
to take sb. down
to take sb. for a ride
to take sb. in custody
to take sb. in tow
to take sb. into custody
to take sb. on a ride
to take sb. out
to take sb. to hospital
to take sb. to task
to take sb. to task (about
to take sb. to task (about)
to take sb. under one's wing
to take sb. up on his (her) promise
to take sb.'s fancy
to take sb.'s mind off his worries
to take sb.'s name in vain
to take sb.'s part
to take sb.'s place
to take sb.'s pulse
to take seriously
to take shape
to take shelter from
to take sides
to take small steps
to take snuff
to take so. for a walk
to take so. hostage
to take so. to the cleaners
to take someone to task
to take someone to task (about)
to take someone under one's wing
to take someone's mind off his worries
to take someone's part
to take something for granted
to take steps
to take steps (against)
to take sth. amiss
to take sth. as a joke
to take sth. as a starting point
to take sth. at face value
to take sth. calmly
to take sth. for granted
to take sth. from sb.
to take sth. in literal sense
to take sth. in one's stride
to take sth. in safe keeping
to take sth. into account
to take sth. into consideration
to take sth. literally
to take sth. on credit
to take sth. to pieces
to take sth. under advisement
to take sth. up
to take sth. with a grain of salt
to take sth. with composure
to take sth. with equanimity
to take stock
to take the biscuit
to take the blame
to take the bull by the horns
to take the bun
to take the cake
to take the chair
to take the count
to take the easy way out
to take the edge off
to take the edge off sth.
to take the floor (in a meeting)
to take the goods back
to take the initiative
to take the law into one's own hands
to take the liberty
to take the liberty of
to take the mickey out of sb.
to take the money
to take the necessary precautions
to take the offensive
to take the piss out of
to take the plunge
to take the point
to take the rap for sth.
to take the responsibility
to take the same line
to take the train (to)
to take the trouble
to take the view
to take the view that
to take there
to take things as they come
to take this occasion to ...
to take time
to take to
to take to heart
to take to hospital
to take to one's heels
to take to pieces
to take to the road
to take turns
to take turns (at)
to take umbrage
to take up
to take up (with)
to take up a loan
to take up a pose
to take up a position
to take up residence
to take up space (thing)
to take up studying
to take up time
to take vengeance (on
to take walkies
to take with a pinch of salt
to take/give too large a dose of ...
to take/launch a legislative initiative
to take/lead sb. away in handcuffs
to talc
to talk (to)
to talk about
to talk about the exhibition
to talk at cross purposes
to talk at large
to talk away
to talk big
to talk Billingsgate
to talk business
to talk falsely
to talk gibberish
to talk in a whisper
to talk in monologue
to talk in platitudes
to talk in vain
to talk in whispers
to talk large
to talk nineteen to the dozen
to talk one's head off
to talk oneself into believing sth.
to talk over
to talk over sth.
to talk politics
to talk rot
to talk rubbish
to talk sb. into believing sth.
to talk sb. into doing sth.
to talk sb. into it
to talk sb. into thinking (believing) that
to talk sense
to talk shit
to talk shit about so.
to talk shit to so.
to talk shop
to talk smut
to talk sth. over with sb.
to talk the hind leg off a donkey
to talk through one's hat
to talk through sth.
to talk till one is blue in the face
to talk to all of them/you individually
to talk to each other
to talk to oneself
to talk to the wind
to talk turkey (with)
to talk twaddle
to talk wild
to talk with the tongues of angels
to tallow
to tally
to tally up
to tame
to tamp
to tamper
to tamper (with)
to tamper with sth.
to tan
to tangle
to tangle up
to tangle with
to tango
to tank (up)
to tank along
to tantalise
to tantalise (with)
to tantalize
to tantalize (with)
to tap
to tap in one's PIN
to tap one's forehead
to tap sb. (for)
to tap someone (for)
to tap the wire
to tap-dance
to tape
to tape down
to tape on
to tape over a recording
to tape up
to tape-record
to taper
to taper off
to taper out
to tapered out
to tar
to tar and feather
to tare
to target
to tariff
to tarnish
to tarry
to tart oneself up
to task
to taste
to taste (of)
to taste cheesy
to taste disgusting
to taste good
to taste mealy
to taste piquant
to taste revolting
to tat
to tatter
to tattle
to tattoo
to taunt
to taunt sb. with sth.
to tauten
to tax
to taxi
to taxi to a standstill
to teach
to teach {taught
to teach an old dog new tricks
to teach German
to teach sb. to respect one
to teach so. a lesson
to tear {tore
to tear a hole in
to tear apart
to tear away
to tear down
to tear off
to tear one's hair
to tear open
to tear out
to tear sb. from limb from limb
to tear sth. to pieces
to tear sth. to shreds
to tear up
to tears)
to tease
to tease apart
to tease out sth.
to tease sb.
to tee
to tee off
to tee up
to teem
to teeter
to teeter on a knife edge
to teethe
to teleautograph
to telecast
to telecommand
to telecommunicate
to telecontrol
to telecopy
to telediagnose
to telegraph
to teleguide
to telemeter
to telemonitor
to telephone
to teleprint
to teleprocess
to telescope
to telescript
to teletype
to teleview
to televise
to telewrite
to tell {told
to tell {told, told}
to tell a fib
to tell a joke
to tell a lie
to tell a long rigmarole
to tell a person lies
to tell a tale
to tell a tall story
to tell all
to tell dirty stories
to tell off
to tell sb. a tale
to tell sb. about sth.
to tell sb. one cannot come
to tell sb. sth. outright
to tell sb. what they want to hear
to tell sb.'s fortune
to tell somebody (about) the fact of life
to tell someone's fortune
to tell the truth
to temper
to temper the wind to the shorn lamb
to temporise
to temporize
to tempt
to tempt fate
to tend
to tend to
to tend to do/be sth.
to tender
to tender an oath to sb.
to tender evidence
to tender one's resignation
to tenderize
to tense
to tent
to tergiversate
to term
to terminate
to terminate (a contract)
to terrace
to terrify
to terrorize
to tessellate
to test
to test (for)
to test and pass
to test sb.'s eyesight
to test sb./sth. for sth.
to test sb's mettle: to be a test of sb's mettle
to test the waters
to testdrive a vehicle
to testify
to testify against so.
to testify for so.
to testify in so.'s favour
to testify on so.'s behalf
to tether up (an animal)
to text
to text-message
to thank
to thank from the bottom of one's heart
to thank so.
to that
to that effect
to thatch a roof
to thaw
to the
to the alert eye it will become apparent
to the best of my belief
To the best of my recollection ...
To the best of my remembrance ...
to the best of one's ability
to the best of one's knowledge
to the best of ones knowledge
to the bitter end
to the cheers of (the crowd)
to the core
to the degree
to the detriment of
to the disadvantage of
to the east
to the extent
to the greatest possible extent
To the ladies!
to the left
To the left (qualifier value)
to the left of
to the main stress on sth.
to the north
to the other side of
to the point
to the point of satiety
to the prejudice of sb.
to the present day
to the right
To the right (qualifier value)
to the right of
to the same extent
to the south
to the south of
to the split second
to the surprise of all
to the tick
to the top of one's bent
to the west
to theorise
to theorize
to thicken
to thieve
to thin
to thin away
to thin out
to think
to think (over)
to think {thought
to think {thought, thought}
to think {thought, thought} (of)
to think a lot of oneself
to think about sth.
to think ahead
to think aloud
to think another's thoughts
to think away sth.
to think back
to think badly of sb.
to think clear
to think dismal thoughts
to think gloomy thoughts
to think it best
to think much of sb.
to think of
to think of doing sth.
to think of each other
to think of nothing but self
to think oneself back (to)
to think oneself safe
to think only of oneself
to think out loud
to think outside the box
to think over
to think someone is is good
to think sth. is good
to think sth. up
to think sth./sb. is good
To think the moon is made of green cheese
to think up
to think up an excuse
to thirst
to thirst for blood
to thirst for sth.
to thrash
to thrash sb.
to thrash soundly
to thread
to thread sth. (on sth.)
to threaten (with)
to threaten suicide
to thresh
to thresh out
to thrill
to thrive {throve, thrived
to throb
to throng
to throttle
to throw
to throw (stump) sb.
to throw {threw
to throw {threw, thrown}
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