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to throw a party
to throw a sop to sb.
to throw a spanner in the works (to sabotage an operation)
to throw all goods onto the market
to throw away
to throw back
to throw caution to the winds
to throw dice
to throw down
to throw in
to throw in the sponge
to throw in the towel
to throw into a dither
to throw light on
to throw light on sth. (on the matter)
to throw missiles on to the pitch
to throw off the hump
to throw off the yoke
to throw one's hands up in horror
to throw one's weight about
to throw one's weight around
to throw oneself at sb.
to throw oneself into the breach
to throw out
to throw out the baby with the bath water
to throw over
to throw pearls before swine
to throw sand into sb.'s eyes
to throw sb. on the scrap heap
to throw sb. out
to throw sth. overboard
to throw stones around
to throw the baby out with the bath water
to throw together
to throw up
to throw violently
to throwback
to thrum
to thrust
to thrust {thrust
to thrust aside
to thrust at
to thrust one's way
to thrust one's way through sth.
to thrust oneself upon sb.
to thrust out
to thrust past
to thud
to thumb a lift
to thumb one's nose
to thumb through
to thump
to thump (at
to thump around
to thump the table with one's fist
to thunder
to thwack
to thwart
to tick
to tick / check the box on the form
to tick off
to tick over
to ticket
to tickle
to tidy
to tidy out
to tie
to tie a bow
to tie a knot
to tie a knot in sth.
to tie an agreement to another
to tie down
to tie for first place
to tie on
to tie oneself down
to tie round
to tie the shoelace in a bow
to tie up
to tie up money
to tighten
to tighten (prop wedges)
to tighten a bolt
to tighten one's belt
to tile
to tile a roof
to till (soil)
to till the soil
to tilt
to tilt (over)
to tilt at sth.
to tilt at windmills
to tilt back
to tilt forward
to tilt out
to timber
to time
to tin
to tin-plate
to tincture
to tincture (with)
to tinge
to tingle
to tingle with desire
to tingle with excitement
to tingle with fear
to tingnoise floor
to tinker
to tinker (with)
to tinkle
to tinning
to tinsel
to tint
to tip
to tip away
to tip one's hat
to tip over
to tip sb. to win
to tip the scales
to tip up
to tipple
to tiptoe
to tire
to tithe
to titillate
to titivate
to title
to titrate
to titter
to tittivate
to tittle-tattle
to to board a ship with violence
to to testify to
to to tremble with
to toady to sb.
to toast
to toboggan
to toddle
to toddle off
to toe the line
to toe the party line
to toe-dance
to tog
to toggle
to toil
to tolerate
to toll
to tone
to toot
to top
to top it off
to top off
to top out
to top sth.
to top the league
to top up
to top up (credit)
to top up sb.'s drink
to topple
to torch
to torment
to torpedo
to torture
to toss
to toss a coin
to toss about
to toss and turn
to toss one's head
to toss sb. for sth.
to tot up
to total
to total up
to totalize
to totalling up
to tote
to totter
to totter from crisis to crisis
to touch
to touch base (with)
to touch down
to touch for
to touch lightly
to touch lightly (on a problem)
to touch on
to touch so. on the raw
to touch someone for 5 Euro
to touch sth.
to touch the brake
to touch the right cord
to touch to the quick
to touch up
to touch upon
to touch wood
to toughen
to toughen one's stance (in sth./towards sb.)
to toughen sb. up
to toughen up
to tour
to tour around
to tour the world
to tousle
to tout
to tow
to tow a ship
to tow off
to tow-start
to towel
to towel oneself
to tower (above
to tower (above)
to tower above
to tower up
To tox
to toy
to toy with one's food
to toy with the idea
to trace
to trace back
to trace back to
to trace out
to trace sth. to sth.
to trace the principals in a crime
to trace the sales history of a firearm
to track
to track a package
to track down
to track sb./sth.
to trade
to trade (deal) in
to trade (for)
to trade by barter
to trade in
to trade in something
to trade in sth. (for)
to trade in stocks and bonds
to trade on
to trade stocks
to traduce
to traffic
to traffic (in)
to traffic in drugs
to trail
to train
to train as a teacher
to train down
to train oneself
to train sb.
to train sb. in
to train so. as sth.
to traipse
to trammel
to tramp
to tramp down
to tramp the earth
to trample
to trample all over so./sth.
to trample around
to trample down
to trample on
to trample under foot
to trample underfoot
to tranquilize
to tranquillize
to trans-ship (goods)
to transact
to transcend
to transcendentalize
to transcode
to transcribe
to transfer
to transfer (money to an account)
to transfer a child to another school
to transfer into private ownership
to transfer money
to transfer money from one account to another
to transfer sth. to sb.
to transfer to new account
to transfigure
to transfix
to transform
to transform (into)
to transfuse
to transgress
to transistorize
to translate (into)
to translate into action
to translate into German
to translate sth. into English
to transliterate
to translocate
to transmigrate
to transmit
to transmit (to)
to transmit by television
to transmit via radio
to transmogrify
to transmute
to transpire
to transplant
to transport
to transport goods
to transport to the spot
to transpose
to transship
to transsubstantiate
to trap
to traumatize
to travail
to travel
to travel (there)
to travel about
to travel all over Germany
to travel around the US
to travel at a constant speed of 50 mph.
to travel by air
to travel by car
to travel by rail
to travel by tram
to travel light
to travel on
to travel through
to travel throughout Germany
to travel to Berlin
to travel with
to traverse
to travesty
to trawl
to tread {trod
to tread {trod, trod}
to tread a beaten track
to tread carefully
to tread down
to tread in
to tread into
to tread new paths
to tread on each other's toes
to tread on sb.'s foot
to tread on so.'s toes
to tread on thin ice
to treadle
to treasure
to treasure up
to treat
to treat (as)
to treat a subject sympathetically
to treat in hospital
to treat lightly
to treat sb. like dirt
to treat sb. to sth.
to treat sb. with contempt
to treat sb. with familiarity
to treat sb. with humanity
to treat someone with familiarity
to treat sth. lightly
to treat sth./sb. with reverence
to treat with resin
to treat with respect
to treble
to trek
to tremble
to tremble (with)
to tremble like an aspen leaf
to tremor
to trench
to trench on (upon)
to trend (towards)
to trepan
to trespass
to trespass (against)
to trespass (on
to trick
to trickle
to trickle away
to trickle off
to trifle
to trifle away
to trifle with
to trig
to trigger
to trill
to trim
to trim (with)
to trim to fit
to trip
to trip over (on
to trip up
to triple
to triplicate
to trisect
to triturate
to triumph (over)
to trivialize
to troll
to tromp
to troop
to troop (into)
to troop together
to troop up
to trot
to trot along
to trot away
to trot off
to trouble
to trouble (for)
to trouble sb. (deeply)
to trouble to do sth.
to trounce
to trouser
to trow
to trowel
to trowel up
to truant (from school)
to truckle
to trudge
to true
to true up
to trump (cards)
to trump up
to trumpet
to trumpet forth
to truncate
to trundle
to truss (up)
to trust
to trust (in)
to trust sb.
to trust sb. to do sth.
to try
to try a case
to try another tack
to try hard
to try hard to do sth.
to try on
to try one's luck
to try out
to try really hard
to try sb.
to try sb. out
to try sth. completely new
to try to ascertain the reason
to try to contact so.
to try to establish contacts
to try to get
to try to get off with sb.
to try to get to the bottom of
to try to get to the bottom of a problem
to try to help
to try to kill time (when leading in a game)
to try to run before one can walk
to try to square the circle
to try to stop the march of time
to try to suit everybody
to try to understand
to tuck
to tuck away
to tuck in
to tuck up
to tucker
to tug
to tug at sb.'s sleeve
to tug one's forelock
to tumble
to tumble (leather)
to tumble (over)
to tumble down
to tumble off a bicycle
to tumble to sth.
to tumefy
to tumefy (minerals)
to tumesce
to tune
to tune in
to tune sb. in on sth.
to tune up
to tunnel
to tunnel through
to tunnel under
to tup
to turf
to turf over
to turf sb. out
to turn
to turn (into)
to turn (on a wood lathe)
to turn (over
to turn (round)
to turn (round) to face (look at) sb.
to turn (round) to face (look at) someone
to turn (up/down)
to turn a blind eye
to turn a blind eye to
to turn a deaf ear (to)
to turn a somersault
to turn about
to turn adrift
to turn around
to turn away
to turn away (from)
to turn away abruptly
to turn back
to turn cartwheels
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