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to turn down
to turn everything topsy-turvy
to turn everything topsyturvy
to turn everything upside down
to turn green
to turn grey
to turn in
to turn inside out
to turn into
to turn into cash
to turn into kitsch
to turn into sth.
to turn into stone
to turn King's/Queen's/State's evidence
to turn not just a blind eye but an entire blind sense-set (to sth.)
to turn off
to turn on
to turn on an axis
to turn on its own axis
to turn on one's heels
to turn on the tap
to turn on the waters
to turn one's attention (to)
to turn one's attention to something
to turn one's attention to sth.
to turn one's back (on)
to turn one's back on sb.
to turn out
to turn out all right
to turn out badly
to turn out the lights
to turn out to be
to turn out to be good
to turn out to be profitable
to turn out to be sth.
to turn out well
to turn over
to turn over a new leaf
to turn over goods
to turn over in one's grave
to turn pale
to turn problems over in one's mind
to turn professional
to turn red
to turn right
to turn round
to turn sb. adrift
to turn sb. down
to turn scarlet
to turn someone down
to turn sour
to turn sth. as far as it will go
to turn sth. into a media circus
to turn sth. into its opposite
to turn sth. over in one's mind
to turn sth. to good account
to turn sth. upside
to turn the corner
to turn the heating down
to turn the scales
to turn the tables
to turn the trick
to turn to
to turn to account
to turn to another topic
to turn to dust
to turn to ice
to turn to sb. (for advice)
to turn to sth.
to turn towards
to turn tricks
to turn up
to turn up one's collar
to turn up one's nose at sth.
to turn up one's toes
to turn up the headlights
to turn upside down
to turn wheels
to turn yellow
to turnabout
to turndown
to tussle
to tutor
to twaddle
to twang
to tweak
to tweak (by)
to tweak sb. in the arm
to tweak sb.'s arm
to twiddle
to twiddle one's thumbs
to twig
to twine
to twinkle
to twirl
to twist
to twist one's ankle
to twist sb. around one's little finger
to twist/distort the facts
to twit
to twitch
to twitter
to two-time
to txt
to type
to type (in)
to type in
to type out
to type wrong
to typecast
to typeset
to typewrite
to typify
to typify sth.
to tyrannize
to ulcerate
to ululate (dog)
to ulutate
to umpire
to unarm
to unbag
to unbalance
to unbar
to unbend
to unbend {unbent
to unbend {unbent
to unbind {unbound
to unblock
to unbolt
to unbosom
to unbosom oneself to sb.
to unbraid
to unbuckle
to unbundle
to unburden
to unburden one's heart to sb.
to unburden oneself of sth.
to unbutton
to uncage
to uncase
to uncertain
to unchain
to unclamp
to unclasp
to unclench
to uncloak
to unclose
to unclothe
to uncock
to uncode
to uncoil
to uncompress
to uncork
to uncouple
to uncover
to uncross
to uncurl
to undam
to undeceive
to undeck
to undelete
to under-insure
to underact
to underbid {underbid
to undercharge
to undercoat
to undercut
to underdo
to underemphasise
to underemphasize
to underestimate
to underexpose
to underfeed
to underfund
to undergird {undergirded, undergirt
to undergo {underwent
to undergo {underwent, undergone}
to undergo a change
to undergo a radical change
to undergo medical treatment
to undergo surgery
to underlie
to underlie {underlay
to underline
to undermine
to underpay
to underperform
to underpin
to underplay
to underrate
to underscore
to undersell
to undersign
to underspend {underspent
to understand
to understand {understood
to understate
to understate the case
to understeer
to understudy
to undertake
to undertake {undertook
to undertake {undertook, undertaken}
to undertake a task
to undertake sth.
to undertake to do sth.
to underuse
to undervalue
to underwhelm
to underwrite
to underwrite {underwrote
to undo
to undo sth.
to undock
to undress
to undress oneself
to undress sb.
to undulate
to unearth
to unfasten
to unfetter
to unfix
to unfold
to unfragment
to unfreeze
to unfrock
to unfurl
to ungird
to unhand
to unharness
to unhide
to unhinge
to unhitch
to unhook
to unify
to uninstall
to unionize
to unite
to unite different interest
to unitize
to universalise
to universalize
to unkennel oneself
to unknot
to unlace
to unlatch
to unlearn
to unleash
to unlimber
to unlink
to unload
to unload stocks on the market
to unlock
to unloose
to unloosen
to unmake
to unman
to unmask
to unmate
to unmix
to unnerve
to unpack
to unpick
to unpin
to unplug
to unquote
to unravel
to unreel
to unriddle
to unrig
to unroll
to unroof
to unrust
to unsaddle
to unsay
to unscramble
to unscrew
to unseal
to unseat
to unsettle
to unsettle (faith)
to unshackle
to unsheathe
to unsnap
to unsnarl
to unsolder
to unspool
to unstop
to unstrap
to unsubscribe
to untack
to untag
to untangle
to untether
to untie
to untile
to untwist
to unveil
to unwater
to unwind {unwound
to unwrap
to unzip
to up
to up the ante
to up-end
to uparch
to upbraid
to upchuck
to update
to update sth.
to upend
to upgrade
to upgrade teacher qualifications
to upheaval
to upheave
to uphold
to upholster
to uplift
to upload
to upraise
to uprise {uprose
to uproot
to uproot a plant
to uproot a tree
to uproot oneself
to uproot sb.
to upset
to upset {upset
to upset one's stomach
to upset the applecart
to upstage
to upturn
to upwarp
to urbanise
to urbanize
to urge
to urge (strongly)
to urge sb, most strongly to do sth.
to urge sb. to be patient/careful
to urge sb. to do sth.
to urge sb. to hurry
to urinate
to use
to use a flash
to use a pseudonym
to use as cannon-fodder
to use as fuel
to use attack as the best form of defence
to use big words
to use common sense
to use contraceptives
to use discretion
to use force
to use government support
to use grand words
to use in building
to use logic
to use one's gun
to use poison gas
to use sb. as a whipping boy
to use service
to use something as an opportunity to ...
to use sth. appropriately
to use sth. as a springboard
to use sth. as a warning (to)
to use sth. as a weapon
to use sth. as leverage
to use tact
to use the polite form of address to sb.
to use these rules
to use to capacity (to the full)
to use truncheons
to use up
to use up the credit range
to use white-out on sth. (to cover mistakes with correction fluid)
to usher
to usher in
to usher out sb
to usurp
to usurp the leading role
to utilise
to utilize
to utilize to capacity (to the full)
to utter
to utter a falsehood
to utter a warning
to vacantness
to vacate
to vacate a seat
to vacation
to vaccinate
to vacillate
to vacuum
to vacuum-clean
to valet
to validate
to valorize
to valuate
to value
to vamoose
to vamp
to vamp up
to vandalize
to vanish
to vanish into thin air
to vanquish
to vapor deposit
to vapor-blast
to vaporise
to vaporize
to variegate
to varnish
to vary
to vault
to vault over sth.
to vault over the buck
to vaunt
to veer
to veer away
to veer off
to veg out
to vegetate
to veil
to vein
to vend
to veneer
to venerate
to vent
to vent (on)
to vent one's spleen
to vent one's spleen on sb.
to ventilate
to venture
to venture forth
to venture on a difficult task
to venture out
to venture to come near
to verbalize
to verge (on)
to verify
to versify
TO ves MRI.Angio W contr IV
TO ves-Bl MRI.Angio W contr IV
TO ves-L MRI.Angio W contr IV
TO ves-R MRI.Angio W contr IV
to vesicate
to vest
to vest (in)
to vest sth. in sb.
to vet
to vet sb.
to veto
to vex
to vibrate
to victimise
to victimize
to victual
to video sth.
to video-tape sth.
to vie
to view
to view sth./look at sth. without preconceived notions
to vignette
to vilify
to vindicate
to violate
to violate a law
to violate sb.
to visit
to visit a fair
to visit us
to visualize
to vitalize
to vitaminize
to vitiate
to vitrify
to vitriolate
to vituperate
to vituperate (against)
to vivify
to vivisect
to vocalize
to vociferate
to voice
to void
to volatilize
to volunteer
to volunteer (for)
to volunteer to do sth.
to vomit
to vote
to vote aye or nay
to vote down
to vote sb. down
to vote sb. on the board
to vote someone on the board
to vote yes or no
to vouch
to vouch (for)
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