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to vouch for sb./sth.
to vouchsafe
to vow
to vow vengeance
to voyage
to vulcanize
to vulgarize
to wad
to waddle
to wade
to wade across a river
to wade through
to waffle
to waffle (on)
to waft
to wag
to wag its tail
to wag one's finger
to wag the dog
to wage (campaign
to wage a war
to wage war
to wage war on
to wager (on)
to waggle
to wail
to wail (over
to wainscot
to wait (for
to wait (for, until)
to wait and see
to wait for a good opportunity
to wait for sb.
to wait for the right moment
to wait in suspense
to wait on
to wait on sb.
to wait on someone
to wait patiently
to wait until three o'clock
to waive
to waive a claim
to waive a right
to waive fees
to waive the compensation
to wake {woke, waked
to wake {woke, woken}
to wake up
to wake up with a hang-over
to waken
to wales
to walk
to walk a very long way
to walk ahead
to walk all over so.
to walk along
to walk around sth.
to walk around the house (outside)
to walk down
to walk extensively
to walk forwards and backwards
to walk in
to walk in front
to walk in one's sleep
to walk it off
to walk off with
to walk on
to walk on air
to walk on all fours
to walk on crutches
to walk on thin ice
to walk on tiptoe
to walk one after another
to walk past sb.
to walk round
to walk the line
to walk the tightrope
to walk there
to walk through the town
to walk up
to walk with a limp
to walk with a stoop
to walk with a strut
to walkaway
to wall in
to wall up
to wall-off
to wallop
to wallow
to wallow in luxury
to wallpaper
to waltz
to wander
to wander about
to wander around
to wander off the point
to wane
to wangle
to wank
to want
to want a slice of the pie
to want sth.
to want to do sth.
to want to leave it here
to want to shine in front of sb.
to want to stop at this point
to war
to war (with
to warble
to ward
to ward off
to warm
to warm (to
to warm (up)
to warm one's feet
to warm up
to warm up in advance
to warn (against)
to warn (of)
to Warn, Duty
to warp
to warp (into)
to warp down(ward)
to warp from
to warp up(ward)
to warrant
to wash
to wash (against)
to wash (down) (ore)
to wash ashore
to wash away
to wash one's hands
to wash oneself
to wash out
to wash round
to wash sth. ashore
to wash the dishes
to wash up
to waste
to waste (away)
to waste away
to waste no time
to waste on drink
to waste time
to watch
to watch (over)
to watch a chance
to watch children
to watch every penny
to watch for certain symptoms
to watch like a hawk
to watch one's step
to watch out (for)
to watch out (with sb.)
to watch out for
to watch sth. like a hawk
to watch television
to watch telly
to watch TV
to water
to water down
to waterproof
to waterski
to wattle
to wave
to wave about
to wave hands about
to wave one's hand to sb.
to wave one's handkerchief
to wave to
to waver
to wax
to waylay
to weaken
to weaken sb.'s bargaining hand
to wean
to weaponise
to weaponize
to wear
to wear (down
to wear (shoes) out of shape
to wear {wore
to wear {wore, worn}
to wear away
to wear deodorant
to wear down
to wear down {wore
to wear in
to wear mourning
to wear off
to wear one's decorations
to wear one's hair in a bun
to wear one's heart on one's sleeve
to wear oneself out
to wear out
to wear out (clothes)
to wear the breeches
to wear the trousers
to weasel
to weather
to weatherproof
to weave {wove
to weave {wove, woven}
to wed
to wed (with
to wedel
to wedge
to wedge (in)
to wedge in
to wedge off
to wedge oneself in
to wedge out
to wee
to weed
to weed out
to ween
to weep {wept
to weep bitter tears
to weep for
to weep for joy
to weep inconsolably
to weigh
to weigh (on)
to weigh anchor
to weigh down
to weigh heavy
to weigh out
to weigh sth. on the scales
to weight
to weight (results)
to weight down
to weight in so.'s favour
to welch
to welcome
to welcome sb.
to welcome sb. with open arms
to welcome someone with open arms
to weld
to weld on
to weld through
to weld together
to weld using an oxyacetylene flame
to well (from)
to well out (lava)
to welsh
to welt
to welter
to wench
to westernize
to wet
to wet one's pants
to whack
to whack off
to what
to what extent
to wheedle
to wheedle out
to wheel
to wheel and deal
to wheel around
to wheeze
to whelm
to whelp
to whet
to whet (appetite)
to whet one's whistle
to which
to which extent?
to whiff
to while away one's time
to while away the time
to whimper
to whine
to whinge
to whinny
to whip
to whip into shape
to whir
to whirl
to whirr
to whisk
to whisper
to whisper in ones ear
to whisper to
to whistle
to whistle to a close
to white out sth.
to white wash
to whiten
to whitewash
to whittle
to whiz
to whizz
to whom
To Whom It May Concern
to whoop
to whoop (with joy)
to whoop it up
to whoosh
to whore
to whose
to widen
to wield
to wiggle
to will
to wilt
to win
to win {won
to win a famous victory
to win a glorious victory
to win acceptance
to win around
to win back
to win by a canvas
to win by default
to win by more than ten
to win customers
to win free
to win great fame
to win on points
to win out over sb.
to win over
to win sb. over
to win sb. over to
to win sb. over to a plan
to win sb.'s confidence
To win the mare or lose the halter.
to win through
to win through to the finals
to wince
to winch
to winch up
to wind
to wind {wound
to wind {wound, wound} (round)
to wind back
to wind down
to wind itself round sth.
to wind up
to wind up a watch
to wind up a watch/clock
to wind up affairs
to wind up one's affairs
to wind up sb.
to windlass
to wine
to wine and dine
to wing
to wink
to wink at
to wink at sb.
to winnow
to winter (in
to winterise
to winterize
to wipe
to wipe a disgrace
to wipe away
to wipe dry
to wipe off
to wipe out
to wipe the slate clean
to wipe the table with a cloth
to wipe up
to wire
to wire in
to wisecrack
to wish
to wish a person ill
to wish back
to wish for sth.
to wish for the impossible
to wish good luck
to wish sb. a happy birthday
to wish sb. back
to wish sb. every blessing
to wish sb. no evil
to wish so. a happy Christmas
to wish so. well
to wish to do sth.
to wit
to withdraw
to withdraw (privileges)
to withdraw {withdrew
to withdraw from currency
to withdraw from service
to withdraw into one's shell
to withdraw sth. from circulation
to wither
to withhold {withheld
to withstand {withstood
to witness
to witter
to witter on about sth.
to wobble
to wobble (move unsteadily)
to wobble (uneven rotating)
to wolf (one's food)
to womanize
to wonder (at)
to woo
to woo away
to woof
to woof at sb.
to word
to work
to work (hard) for
to work (oneself) to death
to work {work, wrought
to work after hours
to work against
to work as a cleaner
to work as a model
to work as model
to work as teacher
to work at high pressure
to work away
to work away (by men)
to work flexitime
to work free-lance
to work freelance
to work full time
to work full-time
to work hard
to work in
to work in a jig
to work in harness
to work in the field
to work in the kitchen
to work incompetently
to work into
to work it out
to work like a horse
to work like a slave
to work like mad
to work loose
to work meticulously
to work off
to work on
to work on a commission basis
to work on the side
to work one's balls off
to work one's way through sth.
to work one's way up
to work oneself in
to work oneself to death
to work oneself up
to work oneself up into a rage
to work oneself up into sth.
to work onself to death
to work out
to work out at the gym
to work out of town
to work out the solution
to work overtime
to work part-time
to work sloppily
to work so. over
to work ten hours overtime
to work the early shift
to work the land
to work the wood lathe
to work through
to work to rule
to work together
to work together as a good team
to work towards
to work under the table
to work undercover
to work underground
to work up
to work up a sweat
to work up to a climax
to work with a firm
to work with great concentration
to work wonders
to worm
to worm (into)
to worm (oneself) into
to worm a secret out of
to worm one's way out of
to worm one's way out of a difficulty
to worm one's way out of it
to worry
to worry about
to worry about sth.
to worry sb. with sth.
to worsen
to worship
to worship as God
to wound
to wow
to wrangle
to wrangle (with
to wrangle money out of sb.
to wrangle sb. in
to wrap
to wrap (lines)
to wrap one's arms round sb.
to wrap round
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