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THC Ur Ql Scn
THC Ur Ql Scn>100 ng/mL
THC Ur Ql Scn>20 ng/mL
THC Ur Ql Scn>50 ng/mL
THC Ur-mCnc
THC Vitf-mCnc
THC-11-oic acid
THC-11-oic acid glucuronide
THC-CoA oxidase activity
THC-COOH (Cannabinoid Metabolite) Determination Reagents
THC/creat Ur-mRto
THC2 gene
THCA-CoA ligase
THCA-CoA ligase activity
THCA-CoA oxidase
THCA-CoA oxidase activity
THCA-CoA synthetase
THCA-CoA thioester
THCC oxidase
THCO cpd
THcortisone 24H Ur-mRate
THcortisone 24H Ur-sRate
THcortisone Dose
THcortisone Ur Ql
THcortisone Ur-mCnc
THcortisone/creat Ur-mRto
THCT cpd
THDA-I cpd
THDB cpd
THDC cpd
ThDP adenylyl transferase, E coli
THDP succinytransferase
ThdPase WBC-cCnt
the ... question and its many ramifications
the ... the
THE 15219
the 1996 vintage
the above-mentioned
the absurd
The accident claimed three lives.
The accident has been put down to carelessness.
The accident was due to carelessness.
The acronym MIDAS is MIcrophthalmia, Dermal Aplasia, Sclerocornea
the act of sex
the actual situation
the actualities (of a sphere)
the actualities of (17th century) life
the actualities of the situation
the adjoining country
The administrative fee must be paid in simultaneously.
the admitting procedure
the advancing years
the Aegean
The affair has now reached such a point that ...
The air was blue.
The airplane becomes airborne.
the alert listener
the alien
the alleged perpetrator
the Allies
the alpha and omega
the Americas
the Amish
The amount involved is EUR 1.5m.
the Ancients
The annual average snowfall level is 5 ft.
the answer is
the answer to a problem
the answer to this problem
The Antitumor Testing Shared Resource
the apple does not fall far from the tree
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
The appliance will be put into operation in four days.
The appointment has been confirmed; however it is confirmed in an overbooked state
The Arabian Nights
The argument is self-contradictory.
the art of the ancient world
The article is intended for experts.
the artistic involvement with painting the landscape
the artistic world
the arts
the Ascension
The athmosphere/mood turned.
The avalanche hazard is high/low.
the axe
The Azores
The baby slept 12 hours solid.
the bad workman always blames his tools
The Bahamas
the Balearic Islands
the Balkans
The ball is in his court.
The ball went out (of play).
The ball's in your court.
The Ballad of Mack the Knife
the Ballerup group of bacteria
The Baltic States
The Baltics
The band begins to play.
the bane of his life
The bank is just across the way/street from the church.
the bar
the bare name
the barely penetrable jungle
The batteries provide enough power for nine hours of continuous use.
the battle of Jena
The Battle of the Bulge
the Bavarian Forest
the beams
the beauty and magic (of sth.)
the bedding of the engine inrubber cushions
the bee's knees
The beer is brewed in the time-honoured/time-honored manner.
the bell chimed
the bell chimes
the beloved
the bereaved
the Berlin Wall
the best of the best
the best one could possibly imagine
the best result so far
the best thing since sliced bread
The best things in life are free.
the best-of-breed
the Bethesda group of bacteria
the betrothed
the big apple
the Big Dipper
the biggest fool
the birds and the bees
the black Maria
the black sheep
The blame lies with her.
the Blessed Virgin Mary
the blind
the blood rushed into her head
the blues
The book came to/caught my attention when I read a newspaper article.
The book embraces the fields of hunting and fishing.
The book is addressed to young readers.
the Book of Ezra
the book sells well
The book sells well.
the boot
The boots reached up to his knees.
the boys in blue
The Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Sore Risk
the brains behind (the operation)
the brass
the breakdown of the negotiations
the breakdown of the talks
The Bremen Town Musicians
the British
The British Commonwealth of Nations
the broadcasters' mission to inform
the broader environs of ...
The burglar was set free.
The bus is behind schedule.
the business fared well
The button has come off.
the buyer's duty
The cake hasn't quite turned out as I'd hoped (intended).
the call of nature (need to urinate)
the calming influence
The cancellation is effected by the administrative authorities.
The Cancer Center of Metropolitan Detroit
The candidate was given a big build-up.
The car delivers a distinctly sporty driving experience
The car hurtled down the hill at top speed.
The car is in good repair.
The car is worth diddly-squat.
The car really copped it.
The car somersaulted several times.
The Caribbean
the Caribbean Sea
The castle looks as impressive in actuality as it does in the photograph.
The cat arched its back.
the Catholic Church
the Caucasus Mountains
The CEN Healthcare Coding Scheme Designator. (Identifiers used in DICOM follow this assignment scheme.)
the challenges that lie in store for us
The character set switching mode specified in HL7 2.5, section 2.7.2, _Escape sequences supporting multiple character sets_ and section 2.A.46, "XPN _ extended person name".
The characteristic changes in the spine resolve by adolescence
The child does not cry as long as it has its way
The child is developing as it should at its age.
The children kicked over the traces.
the chosen
the chosen few
the chosen one
the chosen people
the chronically sick people
the circumstances of the accident
the circumstances of the offence
the city
the city of Prague
The clap
The cleverer give in.
The Client shall indemnify and hold harmless the Supplier from and against any (and all) claims or legal proceedings brought by third parties arising out of the infringement of rights. (contractual clause)
the climate of opinion
the climate of public opinion
The closest/next larger town is 5 kms away.
The Co-Stimulatory Signal During T-cell Activation
The coast is clear.
The coast is going to be clear tonight.
The cock crows on the dung heap.
the cock of the walk
The color disappeared from her cheeks.
The color drained from her cheeks.
the colours do not match
The colours do not match.
The Comedy of Errors
The committee meets in different configurations.
the common people
the common run of mankind
the common touch
The Communist Manifesto
The companies defend their turf from new competitors.
the Company (hereinafter referred to as 'the Seller' (contractual phrase)
The company ABC operates now under the new name XYZ.
The company is anxious to improve its image.
The company went belly up.
The comparison is misleading.
the component parts
The Comprehensive Cancer Center Arthur G James Cancer Hospital and Richard J Solove Research Institute at Ohio State University
the concealed
The conditions overleaf are an integral part of this contract. (contractual phrase)
the Confusion of Tongues (bible)
the conjunctivae of both eyes exhibited abnormalities
The consequences cannot yet be clearly seen.
The consequences were such that...
the constant nose blowing
the constitution
the Continent
the contract is null and void
The contract is null and void.
the contractions started
the contrary
the conventional wisdom
The correct motion/throw/technique/release from the wrist is the trick.
the correct order
the cost amounted to ...
The couch folds out.
The country is fit for globalisation.
the countryside around Chemnitz
the course (sequence) of events
the course of events
the course of history
The courses are in great demand.
the court applied to
The court is sitting.
the cream
the cream of the crop
the Creator
the crowd
the cruiser
the cube of nine
the cure is worse than the disease
the curtain will rise at 8
The curtain will rise at 8.
the customs of those days
the daily grind
the damnedest
The Danish team produced the top scorer.
The dark clouds finally dissipated.
The darkness urged us to hurry up.
the date of this notation
the date slipped my mind
The date slipped my mind.
The DAX has risen to a new high of 5,000 points against the NASDAQ.
the day after tomorrow
the day after tomorrow#en|the day after tomorrow
the day before
the day before yesterday
The day turned out to be a fine one.
The day was still untouched.
The DCE Universal Unique Identifier
the dead
the deceased
The deeper meaning remained obscure to me.
The delayed train to Dresden, due to depart at ...
the Deluge
The denunciation shall take effect one year after notification thereof has been made to the contractual partner. (contractual phrase)
The Department of Oncology of the University of Wisconsin-Madison
The design is hard to make out in the photograph.
the desired effects and potential side effects (of medications)
The details are stored on computer.
The detention pending trial was imposed/lifted by the court.
the developed world
the developing world
the development of one's personality
The device will impress you by its design as well as performance.
the devil
The devil dances in an empty pocket.
The devil finds work for idle hands.
The devil is in the details.
the devil of toothache
The devil takes the hindmost.
The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs
the devil's advocate
The dew had laid.
THE dictionary
the die is cast
The die is cast.
the different
The difficult is done at once; the impossible takes a little longer
The digestion process is run under exclusion of oxygen.
The dignity of man is inviolable.
the director together with his wife
the directors
the disabled
the discipleship of Christ
The disease is contagious.
The disorder is distinct from acrodermatitis enteropathica
the disputed point
The dividend has been declared.
The Divine Comedy
The documentation of the incident is filled with inaccuracies.
the dog wagged its tail
The dog wagged its tail.
The door closes automatically.
the dos and don'ts
the driver peered through the fog
The driver peered through the fog.
The driver was unhurt.
The dust has settled.
The dye comes off this shirt.
The early bird catches the worm
The early bird catches the worm.
The early bird gets the worm
The early bird gets the worm.
The earth is a sphere.
The economy is ailing.
the educational mission of an institution
The effect consists in that ...
The effect is more pronounced in men.
the eleven (players) (football team)
the emancipation of women
The Embassy avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Ministry the assurance of its highest consideration (complimentary close note verbale)
The Embassy presents its compliments to the Ministry and has the honour to ... (verbal note)
The end is not far off.
the end justifies the means
The end justifies the means.
the end of one's rope
the end of the story
the engaged couple
The engin runs by a battery.
The engine runs by a battery.
the engineers
the England v(ersus) Italy fixture
the English
the Enlightenment
the entitled
the envisaged measures
the essential provisions
the establishment
The Euro causes prices to rise.
the European Free Trade Association /EFTA/
The event was rained off /out .
the events
the events of the past few days
the eventual outcome (of a matter)
the eventual winner
the ever present feeling
the ever-increasing problem
The evidence does not support the prosecution's case.
the evil eye
the evil in the universe
the exact postage
the exact time
The examining device goes to patient's location
The exception proves the rule.
the existing shortcomings
the expected penalty (for an offence)
The expression on her face did not bode well.
The extravagant style has given way to to a simpler elegance.
The eyes of love are blind.
The Faces, Legs, Activity, Cry, and Consolability (FLACC) Scale
The fact of the matter is this/as follows.
the facts (of the case)
the fair sex
the faithful
the Fall of Man
the fall of the Berlin Wall
the fall of the Wall
The fat is in the fire.
the fat one
the Fates
the favored few
the favoured few
the federal government
the Federation
The Federation encroaches on the legislative competence of the states.
The fee is charged on the basis of the time involved.
The feeling is mutual!
The feelings have cooled down.
the Fiend
The film /movie has a happy ending, though.
The film is about someone who is persecuted for being gay.
The film was scored by ...
the film's worth seeing
The film's worth seeing.
the Final Solution (extermination of the Jews by the Nazis)
the fine arts
the finger
The first day a guest, the third day a pest.
The first movement is divided into several tracks, but it is really one continuous piece of music.
The first service request in a cyclic group
the first that comes along
the first time
The first year of a loving relationship is a voyage of discovery.
The Fisherman and his Wife
The flag is down.
the Flood
the flood, the consequences of which were frightful
the fly in the ointment
the fog lifted
The fog lifted.
the following day
The food/meal lies heavy on my stomach.
The Forces
the foreign
The form must be accompanied by the required/requisite supporting documents/documentation.
the formative years of life
the former
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
the forthcoming book
the forthcoming movie
the Fortress Europe
the four Hundred
the fourth estate
the Free State of Saxony
The Frog Prince, or Iron Henry
the front row
the fruits of the earth
the fry
the full cost
the full life
the full monty
the full risk
The fun took a serious end.
The funniest part about it is ...
The funny thing is I can't remember much about it.
The furniture industry is showing signs of weakness.
The future wil take care of itself.
the fuzz
The Gambia
the game ended in a draw
The game ended in a draw.
the game ended in a tie
The game ended in a tie.
The game is not exactly inspiring.
The game is not worth the candle.
the game is up
The game is up.
The game was a draw.
the Garda Síochána, the Gardaí
the gas dispute between Russia and the Ukraine
the general and the particular
the general public
The general rule/principle is that ...
the Generation D
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