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The Geneva Treaty
the genocide committed by the Hutus against the Tutsis
the gentle sex
the genuine
the German administered part of Poland during World War II
the German constitution
the German eleven (football)
the German international team
the German issue
the German Navy
the German question
the Germanic people
the ghost of a chance
the gift of the gab
the gift of tongues
the gist of the matter
the glare of the sun
the Godhead
The Golden Goose
the golden mean
the golden section
The Good samaritan
The Government found itself at/on the receiving end of a barrage of criticism.
the graphic art
the grass is always greener on the other side
the grass roots
the gravity of the situation
the Great
the Great Bear
the Great Belt
the greatest fool
the greatest writer alive
the greenhouse effect and its consequences
the grim actualities of prison life
the grim Reaper
the Grimm brothers
the guilty person
The gun is capable of firing 6,000 rounds per minute.
the habitual place of work (of a person)
The Hague
The Hague (city in the Netherlands)
The hail pelted against the windows.
The half-time score is two one in favour of ...
The hall seats 400.
The Hammer of Witches
the handicapped
the happenings
the hard of hearing
The headline caught my eye this morning.
the heavy times
the height of cheek
the here and now
the hidden
the higher echelons
the Himalayas
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
the Holocaust
the holy grail
the Holy Scripture
the Holy Scriptures
the Holy See
the Holy Trinity
the Holy Writ
the homeless
The hopes placed in him were not fulfilled.
The hotel room has a trousers press.
the hour of sleep (e.g., H18-22)
the household
the human race
the hundred
the hustle and bustle of the city
The ice on the lake has melted.
the icing on the cake
The idea just occurred to me.
The idea still hasn't been laid to rest.
The idea suggests itself.
the idle rich
The IGF-1 Receptor and Longevity
the illegal entrants
the Immaculate Conception
the immediate environs of ...
the immediate family
the immortal life
The impossible is done at once; miracles take a little longer
the incidence of accidents (on German roads)
The increase in profit has reached double figures.
the incumbent mayor
The indicated appointment has begun and is currently in progress
The indicated appointment has completed normally (was not discontinued, canceled, or deleted)
The indicated appointment is booked
The indicated appointment was deleted from the filler application
The indicated appointment was discontinued (DC'ed while in progress, discontinued parent appointment, or discontinued child appointment)
The indicated appointment was stopped from occurring (canceled prior to starting)
The indicated time slot(s) is(are) blocked
the individual in context
the infant Jesus
The infantry have taken the brunt of the attacks.
the infelicity of the expression
the inferior concha cavum had abnormalities
the information mission of broadcasters
The information-processing pathway at the IFN-beta enhancer
The inner city was designated/declared a conservation area.
the Inner Hebrides
the insane
the insignificant
the instant I saw her
The instant I saw her ...
The integument
The International Classification of Diseases: 9th revision, Clinical Modification
The Internationale
The Internet is a source of information that has become indispensable.
the Irish
the iron curtain
the Iron Curtain countries
the irrelevant
The irritating thing is that...
The issue is not germane to the present discussion.
the issue of the Jews
The items are manufactured entirely by hand in the time-honoured/time-honored manner.
the Ivy League
The Jackson Laboratory
the Jewish question
the Jews
The jig is up.
The journey from London to Brighton will take about one hour.
The journey is scheduled to last 2 hours.
The journey is the reward.
The judge sentenced him to three years in prison.
The judgement is subject to appeal, consequently the proceedings are not yet concluded.
The judges' decision is final.
The jug will go to well until it breaks
The Junior Woodchucks
the jury
the Kattegat
the key to the mystery
the Krauts
the ladder of success
the ladies' room/the mens' room (public)
the ladies'/the gents' (toilet) (public)
the ladies'/the mens' rooms
The lake is two miles off.
the land of opportunity
The largest party will appoint the chairman.
the last but one
the last dance
the Last Day
The last service request in a cyclic group.
The last straw that breaks the camels back
the latest craze
the latest fashion
the latest news
the latest scandal
the latest thing
the latest trend
The laugh is always on the loser.
The laundry is machine washable up to 40°C.
the Law
the leading thought
the Leaning Tower of Pisa
The lease was prematurely terminated.
the left
the left pyriform sinus was abnormal
the left-hand lane
the legal heirs
The lemonade has lost its fizz.
The leopard cannot change his spots.
The Leopard doesn't change his spots.
the lesser of the two evils
The letter doesn't indicate whether ...
The letter reads as follows.
the liberation of women
The library lends books.
The Life and Death of King Richard II.
The Life and Death of King Richard III.
the like
the likes of us
the line is busy
The line is busy (engaged).
The line is busy.
The line's gone dead.
the Lion
the litigants
the Little Bear
the Little Dipper
the little girls'/boys' room
the living
The Lombardi Cancer Center
the long awaited day
The longer the speech, the less thought.
The Lord be with you.
the Lord God
the Lord's Supper
the lower depths
the lower limbs
The lower the S-Ado:SAICr ratio, the more severe the phenotype
The luck has turned.
The machine runs on AC.
The Magic Bullet
The Magic Bullet 10 MG Rectal Suppository
The Magic Bullet, 10 mg rectal suppository
the magnificence
the Maid of Orleans
The main parts were well cast.
The main problem is ...
the main thing is to be up there with the leaders
The majority of female heterozygotes reveal ophthalmologic abnormalities - multiple, micropunctate, gray lens opacities or single, dense posterior cataract
The majority of patients (~95%) have 1 of 3 mtDNA point mutations (G3460A {516000.0001}, G11778A {516003.0001}, or T14484C {516006.0001})
The majority of the villagers are Protestants.
the man and his wife
the man in the street
the man that said to me
the manager at that time
The Manifesto of the Communist Party
The Marriage of Figaro
The material will be used for internal purposes only.
the matter came to the attention of the police when ...
The matter has resolved itself.
The matter has sorted itself out.
The matter is this ...
The matter is under consideration.
the matter itself
the maximum penalty
the maximum possible assistance
the maximum sentence
The meal was not exactly inspiring.
the meaning of life
the measure of all things
The Medicines Company brand of bivalirudin
The meeting was turbulent.
The merchant of Venice
the merest
the merest hint of ...
The Merry Widow
The Merry Wives of Windsor
the met office
the metric system of measurement
The Meyer L. Prentis Comprehensive Cancer Center Of Metropolitan Detroit
the Middle East
the middlemen
the mind going blank
the missing
The mistake is mine.
the Mob
the money won't last
The money won't last.
The moon is waning.
The moon subtends an angle of ...
The Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go.
The more danger, the more honor.
the more so as
the morning after
the morning after the night before
the mose fool
the most
the most mysterious
the most mysterious thing
The Most Noble Order of the Garter
The Most Noble Order of the Thistle
The most studied group is Efe Pygmies from Ituri forest in northeast Zaire
The mother has been granted parental responsibilty.
The motion was defeated.
The movie is coming soon to your local theater.
The movie is soon released.
the multiple
The murder is out.
The museum will be opened on schedule.
The Mycoplasmas
the mysteriousness
The Myxobacteria
The name captures the spirit of our vision/programme.
The name is a guarantee of quality.
The name is but sound and smoke.
The name of ... was mentioned in the covering letter.
the Nativity
The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Daily Oral Rinse
The nays have it.
The negotiations must be an open process.
the Netherlands (nl)
the new
the new rich
The new website needs getting used to.
the new woman
the newly-formed German states
the newly-formed German states/Bundeslaender
the newly-weds
The news is good.
the news is important
The news is important.
The news made me jump.
The news spread like wildfire.
the next but one
the next day
the next of kin
the next time
the night before last
the Nix
The noes have it.
the Nordic Countries
the North of Germany
The Northern Crown (Coronae Borealis)
the noughties
the novel
The novel is set in ...
The novel might be viewed as a documentation of a personal evolution.
the novell is set in
the nuclear club
the number 42 bus
the number pi
The numbers are dwindling.
the nuptials
the nuts and bolts
The NYU Cancer Institute
the occupying forces
The odds are against us.
the odds-on favourite
The OHSU Cancer Institute
the old West German states
the old West German states/Bundeslaender
the older man
the older woman
the one out
the ones indicated
the only attractive thing
the only beautiful thing
the only beauty
The only criticism (objection) I have ...
the only one
the only reason
the only thing
the only way out
the open
the open air
the Open University
the opportunity arises
The opportunity arises.
the opposite
the opposite sex
the ordinary run of things
the organisers of the fraud schemes
the original autograph
the originator of an enquiry
the other day
the other players
the other side of the coin
the other way round
the Outer Hebrides
the outgoing president
The Pack of Ragamuffins
the packing of the goods
The pain made him cry aloud.
the paper
The park is only a stone's throw away.
the parlour
The participants have met the course requirements.
the particular vulnerability of minors
the parties concerned
The Parties have agreed as follows: (contractual phrase)
the parties hereto are
the parties involved in the accident
the parties to a dispute
The partner company shall provide the necessary personnel.
The party is breaking up.
The pass allows unlimited travel on public transport.
the past
The path was slippery and it was just my luck that I fell.
The patient demonstrates and/or reports adequate pain control throughout the perioperative period.
The patient demonstrates knowledge of medication management.
The patient demonstrates knowledge of nutritional management related to the operative or other invasive procedure.
The patient demonstrates knowledge of pain management.
The patient demonstrates knowledge of the expected responses to the operative or invasive procedure.
The patient demonstrates knowledge of wound management.
The patient did not show up for the appointment
The patient has wound/tissue perfusion consistent with orimproved from baseline levels established preoperatively.
The patient is at or returning to normothermia at the conclusion of the immediate postoperative period.
The patient is free from signs and symptoms of chemical injury.
The patient is free from signs and symptoms of electrical injury.
The patient is free from signs and symptoms of infection.
The patient is free from signs and symptoms of injury caused by extraneous objects.
The patient is free from signs and symptoms of injury related to positioning.
The patient is free from signs and symptoms of injury related to transfer/transport.
The patient is free from signs and symptoms of laser injury.
The patient is free from signs and symptoms of radiation injury.
The patient is the recipient of competent and ethical care within legal standards of practice.
The patient must drink several liters each day.
The patient participates in decisions affecting his or her perioperative plan of care.
The patient participates in the rehabilitation process.
The patient receives appropriate medication(s), safely administered during the perioperative period.
The patient receives consistent and comparable care regardless of the setting.
the patient wore fixed upper dentures
The patient's cardiovascular status is consistent with or improved from baseline levels established preoperatively.
The patient's care is consistent with the individualized perioperative plan of care.
The patient's fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balances are consistent with or improved from baseline levels established preoperatively.
The patient's neurological status is consistent with or improved from baseline levels established preoperatively.
The patient's respiratory function is consistent with or improved from baseline levels established preoperatively.
The patient's right to privacy is maintained.
The patient's value system, lifestyle, ethnicity, and culture are considered, respected, and incorporated in the perioperative plan of care.
the patrician classes
the Peerage
The penny has dropped.
the Pentagon
the people concerned
the people of quality
The period runs.
The permit must be produced upon demand.
the person behind him
the person pulling the levers
The picture has turned out well.
The picture is crooked.
The picture is not straight.
the picture of misery
the picture on the wall
the pill
the pitcher goes so often to the well that it is broken at last
The place can be reached by train.
The place shrieks fifties glamour.
the plain fact
The plan failed.
The plants have stood up well to the heat.
the plastic arts
the play
The play is well-nigh perfectly cast.
The play will stand or fall on/by the leading actor.
The player was banned for six weeks.
The player was subsequently banned.
the player whom I was to replace.
The plug fits only one way into a socket.
the point
the point at issue
the point is
The police are looking for any relevant information.
The police demanded his name.
The police officer fired six rounds.
The political explosiveness of the report became clear to him.
the political reality
the pond
the poor
the poor and needy
the poor sod
the populace of Rome
The post involves foreign travel.
The post is on the A1 salary scale.
the posterior concha cavum had abnormalities
The pot calling the kettle black.
the power of love
The PRC2 Complex Sets Long-term Gene Silencing Through Modification of Histone Tails
the prescribed/statutory scale of penalties (for an offence)
The present Agreement shall enter into force on ... (contractual phrase)
the present author
The present Convention shall be open for signature by the participating States. (contractual phrase)
the present day
the presenting bank
the President designate
the president himself
the president in person
the press
The price is all-inclusive.
The price is open to negotiation.
The prices hurtled down.
The prices skyrocketed.
The primary diagnosis
the primary procedure
the primrose path
The principle is very simple.
The printable 7-bit ASCII character set.
The printable characters from the ISO 8859/1 Character set
The printable characters from the ISO 8859/2 Character set
The printable characters from the ISO 8859/3 Character set
The printable characters from the ISO 8859/4 Character set
The printable characters from the ISO 8859/5 Character set
The printable characters from the ISO 8859/6 Character set
The printable characters from the ISO 8859/7 Character set
The printable characters from the ISO 8859/8 Character set
The printable characters from the ISO 8859/9 Character set
The private investigators receive assistance from the police in this situation.
The prize was 10,000 euros.
The problem could be recognized only with difficulty.
The problem is still relevant today.
The problem should right itself.
the problems
The proceedings appear to have no prospect of success.
the prodigal son
The program is fantastic.
The program will include several breaks.
The program's documentation is poorly written.
The project came close to failing.
the project didn't get beyond the early stages
The project didn't get beyond the early stages.
The project was rubber-stamped by the management.
the promised land
The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
the pros and cons
the pros and contras
The provisions have well-nigh degenerated into dead letter.
the public
the public in general
the public perception (of a matter)
The public prosecutor brought a charge of murder against him.
The quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love.
the question came up
The question came up.
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