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The question doesn't arise.
the question has to be put differently
The question has to be put differently.
The question is whether this is true.
the question posed by his speech
the quicker the better
The rain is over.
The rain passed off.
The rain was coming down in sheets.
the rampant growth
the rapidity of the current
the rats are deserting the sinking ship
the rats are leaving the sinking ship
the ravages of time
The Read Codes Four Byte Set - CodeSystem
The Read Codes Four Byte Set:
The Read Codes Version 2
The Read Codes Version 2 - CodeSystem
the reading is ...
the real
the real McCoy
the rear wheel drives
The reason for it is this.
the reason why
the reasons he gave were
the Red Army
The Red Brigades (terrorist group)
The referee blew for full-time.
The referee was always on the spot.
the Regents
the related issues
The relationship of central core disease to moderate multiminicore with hand involvement is unclear, for a description of classic multiminicore disease, see {602771}
the relevant department
the relevant office
the remnants of a storm
The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University
The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University (BIKEN)
The residents watched the flames inch closer and closer.
The responsibility lies with you.
the rest
the rest of ...
The results haven't come in yet.
the retromolar trigone on the right showed abnormalities
The review led to the modification of our security procedures.
The review led to the modification of the security procedures.
the Rhine Basin
the rich
the right
the right laryngeal ventricle was abnormal
the right man in the right place
the right pyriform sinus was abnormal
the right tim
The river is low.
the road is under repair
The road is under repair.
The Robber Bridegroom
The Robber Hotzenplotz
The Role of Eosinophils in the Chemokine Network of Allergy
The role of FYVE-finger proteins in vesicle transport
The room faces north.
The room opens on to a patio.
the root of all evil
The rot starts at the top.
the rows at the very front
the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals /RSPCA/
the rules applicable
the rules of protocol
the ruling class
The runners are evenly matched.
The runs
the sad death of ...
the said
the same
the same kind
The same old trick!
the same thing
the same whether
the Sami people
The scheduling is a real problem.
the school is out
The science and art of healing
The science of Mycology
The score at half-time is two one in favour of ...
The score is two to one (in favour of sb.).
the Scots
the Scottish (people)
the scum of the earth
the secrecy
the select few
the Seljuqs
the seller's obligations
The semi-final saw A meet B.
The seminars are envisaged as a discussion platform.
The sense escapes me.
the senses
the sequence of events
the serious irregularities
the serious shortcomings that exist
The server has refused the connection.
The Services
The Seven Ravens
The Seven Swabians
The shell of the house is complete.
The Shining Path (terrorist group)
the ship is lying in the roads
The ship is lying in the roads.
The ship was on schedule.
the ship's complement
The shirt fits great.
the shits
The shoes need to be worn in.
The show flopped.
the show is over
The show is over.
the sick
the signs of the times
The silence was almost tangible.
the simple fact
The situation calls for swift action.
The situation is calm.
the situation itself
The sketch is not to scale and is to be used for reference only.
the slightest
the small hours
the smallest problem
the smallest room
the smart set
the sniffles
The snow is more than a meter deep.
The snowfall limit/snow level will rise/fall, drop to 3,500 ft.
The SNP Consortium
the song of songs
the sooner the better
The sooner the better.
The Sound
the South of Germany
the Spanish
The speech lacked coherence.
The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.
the splendor
the square of three
the standard of her school work
The Star-Money
the Stars and Stripes
the State
the state of affairs
the state of the art
the States
The station is after this house.
the stereotype of the German
The story behind it is this.
The story goes ...
The Story of a Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was
The Story of Schlauraffen Land
the straight and narrow
the straight tip
the Straits of Gibraltar
the strange
the straw that breaks the camel's back
the straw that broke the camel's back
the strings
The Stuart Formula Tablets
the subconscious
The subject never came up.
the subject of ... came up
The subject of ... came up.
the Sublime Porte
the Sudeten
the suits
The Sun
The sun is low.
the superior concha cavum had abnormalities
the superior preauricular area had abnormalities
The survey shows that ...
the swells
the Swiss
The Taming of the Shrew
the teachings of the Bible
The team advances to the second round.
The team has qualified.
The team was unlucky to lose by a tap-in by ...
The teams are even on points.
The teams are tied on points.
The teams had a warm-up before the game.
the technical edge
the tedium of everyday life
The Tempest
the tempest-tost
The tent stood up to the wind.
the text at hand
the then manager
the thin end of the wedge
the thing itself
the thing-in-itself
the thinking and feeling
the Third World
The threat of bankruptcy was hovering over the firm.
the three Wise Men from the East
The Threepenny Opera
the throne
The tide has turned.
The tide turns.
the tides
The time flashed past.
The time has come to ...
The time is not ripe (for it).
The time is up.
The time post drug dose at which the highest drug level is reached (differs by drug)
The time post drug dose at which the lowest drug level is reached (varies with drug)
the tip of the iceberg
The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage.
the toast of the town
The toilet was engaged.
The toilet was occupied.
The tongue is sharper than any sword.
the top brass
the top ten
the total costs
the Trades
The train doesn't run on Sundays.
the train is already due
The train is already due.
The train is scheduled at 11 o'clock
the train leaves at 2
The train leaves at 2.
The train was on schedule.
The train will be long in coming.
the Tranquility Sea
the transparent citizen
the transparent surfer
the trapped miners
The tree is known by its fruit.
The trial is still pending.
the tried and tested way
the Triune God
The troops were restricted in their movements by the enemy.
The trots
the trouble is
The trouble is that ...
The Twelve Brothers
The twins are the spitting image of each other..
the two
The two are fond of each other.
The two of them went away together.
the Tyrol
The UC Davis Cancer Center
The UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
The UCSD Cancer Center
the umpteenth time
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
the unco guide
the undead
the underlying cause of sth.
the undoubted cause
the unexpected
the unfamiliar
the unimportant
The University of California Davis Clinical Cancer Center
The University of California San Francisco Cancer Center
The University of Colorado Cancer Center
the unkindness of his behavior (behaviour)
the unkindness of his behaviour
the unliving
the unsaid
the unspoken
the unvarnished truth
the Upper Ten
the Upper ten thousand
the ups and downs
the ups and downs of life
the upshot
The upshot was that ...
the Ural mountains
the Urals
The US has used waterboarding on them, by its own admission.
the usual
the usual suspects
the vagaries of nature
the vagaries of the weather
The Valiant Little Tailor
the vallecula was abnormal on the left
the vallecula was abnormal on the right
The Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center at the Vanderbilt University
the vast expanse (of the ocean)
the vehicle that was overtaken / passed
the venues (of the European championship)
the very best
the very first time
the very idea
The very idea!
the very next day
the very same
the very thought
the very thought of it
the vicarious agent of interests
the vicissitudes of life
the Virgin
the Virgin Mary
The visit is marked for deletion and the user cannot enter new data against it.
The visit is marked inactive and the user cannot enter new data against it.
the visual arts
the vote
the voters
The vultures are hovering above sb/sth.
the wake
the walls have ears
the Wars of the Roses
the wash is on the line
The washing is on the line.
the watch is still under guarantee
The watch is still under guarantee.
The water is low.
the way of doing something
the way of doing sth.
the way to the stadium
The weakest goes to the wall.
The weather co-operated (nicely).
The weather has scotched that.
The weather is unsettled.
the weather is very close
The weather is very close.
The weather keeps up.
the weather looks promising
The weather looks promising.
The weather was bad and the mood was the same.
the week before last
the well-disposed reader
the Well-Tempered Clavier
the Welsh (people)
The wheel wobbles slightly.
the wherewithal
the while
The White House
the whole array of questions concerning
the whole bag of tricks
the whole blessed day
the whole boiling
the whole caboodle
The whole class ganged up on her because she was the teacher's pet.
the whole family
The whole is more than the sum of its parts.
the whole issue
the whole lot
The whole of Europe looks in envy at us.
the whole outfit
The whole point of this is ...
the whole shebang
the whole stuff
the whole thing
The whole thing is off.
The whole thing looks fishy.
the whole time
The whole trick is to ...
the wind (section)
The wind soughed through the trees.
The window has bars.
The windscreen is cracked.
The wine is full-bodied, gently textured, just irresistible.
The Winter's Tale
The wise man makes provision for the future.
The wish was father to the thought.
The Wishing-Table, The Gold-Ass, and The Cudgel in the Sack
The Wistar Institute
The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
The woman he'll marry hasn't been born yet.
the woodwind section
The word was coined by Schiller.
The wording of this sentence seems rather unfortunate.
The wording ran as follows.
The work has been commissioned.
The work is faultless and thus/hence to be paid for.
The work is up to schedule.
the world 's biggest marine reserve
The world doesn't revolve around you.
the world of letters
The world wide character standard from ISO/IEC 10646-1-1993
The worm has turned.
The worse is yet to come.
the worst enemy
the worst is yet to come
The worst is yet to come.
The wound discharges.
the wounded
the wrong direction
the wrong way around
The year is 2010.
the year to come
The yeas have it!
The Yen has reached a multi-year high.
the young
the young generation
the young ones
the Zulu people
The're four of them.
The/my entire weekend is booked up (with sth.).
Thea Plant
THEA protein, human
Thea protein, mouse
Thea sinenses
Thea sinensis
Thea sinensis, tea, Homepathic preparation
thead - Retired Code
theaflavin 84 MG
theaflavin digallate
theaflavin gallate
theaflavine gallate
Theagenes dichrous
Theagenes dichrous (Mabille, 1878)
theanine 40 MG
theanine hydrolase activity
Theanine synthetase
theanine synthetase activity
theanine synthetase, tea
theanine, (D)-isomer
theanine, (DL)-isomer
theanine, (L)-isomer
theasapogenol B
theasaponin E(1)
theasaponin E(2)
theasaponin E1
theasaponin E2
theasinensin A
theater box
Theater building
Theatops erythrocephala
Theatops posticus
theatre box office
theatre box offices
theatre company
theatre critic
theatre curtain
theatre curtains
theatre fiend
theatre general director
theatre general directors
theatre manager
theatre of the absurd
theatre of war
theatre play
theatre sister
theatre sisters
theatre style
theatre ticket
theatre tickets
theatres of war
theatrical arts
theatrical costume
theatrical performance
theatrical performances
theatrical role
theatrical roles
Theba pisana
Thebaine [Chemical/Ingredient]
Thebaine [Mass/volume] in Serum or Plasma
Thebaine | bld-ser-plas
thebaine and derivatives
Thebaine SerPl-mCnc
Thebaine:Mass Concentration:Point in time:Serum/Plasma:Quantitative
Thebesian valve
Thebesian vein
Thebesian veins
Thebesius valve
theca cell
Theca Cell Neoplasm of Ovary
Theca Cell Neoplasm of the Ovary
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