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Vernal Conjunctivitides
Vernal conjunctivitis
vernal crab
vernal equinox
Vernal Hanging Parrot
Vernal Keratoconjunctivitides
Vernal Keratoconjunctivitis
vernal witch-hazel
vernali, Adonis
vernali, Mandragora
vernalis, Adonis
vernalis, Mandragora
vernalization response
VERNALIZATON2 protein, Arabidopsis
Vernamycin B
Vernamycin B [Chemical/Ingredient]
Vernamycin Balpha
vernas, Barbarea
Vernate Advanced
Vernate Advanced, Prenatal Multivitamins oral tablet
Vernate, Prenatal Multivitamins oral tablet
Verner Morrison Syndrome
Verner-Morrison Syndrome
Vernicia fordii
Vernicia montana
vernier (scale)
vernier adjustment
vernier caliper
Vernier Calipers
vernier calliper
vernier callipers
vernier depth gauge
vernier depth gauges
vernier engine
vernier gauge
vernier gauges
vernier height gauge
vernier motor
vernier scale
Vernix Caseosa
Vernix Caseosas
Vernix-like skin covering (present at birth, shed during first month of life)
vernocinolide A
vernolic acid
vernolide C
vernolide D
Vernonanthura H.Rob.
Vernonanthura patens
Vernonanthura patens (Kunth) H.Rob.
Vernonia abyssinica
Vernonia abyssinica Sch.Bip.
Vernonia adoensis
Vernonia adoensis Sch.Bip. ex Walp.
Vernonia alamanii
Vernonia alamanii DC.
Vernonia altissima
Vernonia altissima Nutt.
Vernonia amygdalina
Vernonia amygdalina Delile
Vernonia angustifolia
Vernonia angustifolia Michx.
Vernonia arborescens
Vernonia arborescens (L.) Sw.
Vernonia baldwinii
Vernonia baldwinii Torr.
Vernonia borinquensis
Vernonia borinquensis Urb.
Vernonia brachycalyx
Vernonia brachycalyx O.Hoffm.
Vernonia brasiliana
Vernonia brasiliana (L.) Druce
Vernonia bullata
Vernonia bullata Benth. ex Oerst.
Vernonia canescens
Vernonia canescens Kunth
Vernonia capensis
Vernonia capensis (Houtt.) Druce
Vernonia chinensis
Vernonia chinensis (Less.) Less.
Vernonia cinerea
Vernonia cinerea (L.) Less.
Vernonia elliptica
Vernonia elliptica DC.
Vernonia fasciculata
Vernonia fasciculata Michx.
Vernonia fastigiata
Vernonia fastigiata Oliv. & Hiern
Vernonia flexuosa
Vernonia flexuosa Sims
Vernonia galamensis
Vernonia galamensis (Cass.) Less.
Vernonia gigantea
Vernonia gigantea (Walter) Trel. ex Branner & Coville
Vernonia glabra
Vernonia glabra (Steetz) Vatke
Vernonia guerreroana
Vernonia guerreroana S.B.Jones
Vernonia herbacea
Vernonia herbacea (Vell.) Rusby
Vernonia humblotii
Vernonia humblotii Drake
Vernonia intermedia
Vernonia intermedia DC.
Vernonia jonesii
Vernonia jonesii B.L.Turner
Vernonia karaguensis
Vernonia karaguensis Oliv. & Hiern
Vernonia lasiopus
Vernonia lasiopus O.Hoffm.
Vernonia lindheimerii
Vernonia lindheimerii A.Gray & Engelm.
Vernonia little leaf phytoplasma
Vernonia madagascariensis
Vernonia madagascariensis Less.
Vernonia mespilifolia
Vernonia mespilifolia Less.
Vernonia missurica
Vernonia missurica Raf.
Vernonia noveboracensis
Vernonia noveboracensis (L.) Michx.
Vernonia patens
Vernonia patens Kunth
Vernonia pichinchensis
Vernonia pichinchensis Cuatrec.
Vernonia populifolia
Vernonia populifolia Spreng.
Vernonia poskeana
Vernonia poskeana Vatke & Hildebrandt
Vernonia profuga
Vernonia profuga De Not.
Vernonia Schreb.
Vernonia sp. Keeley & Keeley 4443F
Vernonia sp. Koekemoer 1973
Vernonia sp. US-s.n.
Vernonia subplumosa
Vernonia subplumosa O.Hoffm.
Vernonia texana
Vernonia texana (A.Gray) Small
Vernonia yellow vein virus
Vernoniastrum H.Rob.
Vernoniastrum nestor
Vernoniastrum nestor (S.Moore) H.Rob.
Vernoniella bergi
vernonioside B2
vernum group
Vero Cell
Vero Cell Cytotoxin
Vero Cell Cytotoxins
Vero Cells
Vero Cytotoxin
Vero Cytotoxin VT1
Vero Cytotoxin VT2
Vero Cytotoxin-Producing Escherichia coli
Vero Cytoxins
Vero Toxin
Vero Toxins
Verocay Bodies Present
Verocytotoxin 1
verocytotoxin 2
Veronaea botryosa
Veronaea compacta
Veronaea japonica
Veronaeopsis simplex
Veronal brand of barbital
Veronal, Homeopathic preparation
Verongia aurea
Verongula gigantea
Verongula reiswigi
Verongula rigida
Veronica abyssinica
Veronica abyssinica Fresen.
Veronica acinifolia
Veronica acinifolia L.
Veronica agrestis
Veronica agrestis L.
Veronica allionii
Veronica allionii Vill.
Veronica alpina
Veronica alpina L.
Veronica alpina var. nutans
Veronica alpina var. nutans (Bong.) Boivin
Veronica amoena
Veronica amoena Steven
Veronica anagallis
Veronica anagallis L.
Veronica anagallis-aquatica
Veronica anagallis-aquatica L.
Veronica anagalloides
Veronica anagalloides Guss.
Veronica aphylla
Veronica aphylla L.
Veronica aragonensis
Veronica aragonensis Stroh
Veronica archboldii
Veronica archboldii Pennell
Veronica arguta
Veronica arguta R.Br.
Veronica arguteserrata
Veronica arguteserrata Regel & Schmalh.
Veronica armena
Veronica armena Boiss. & A.Huet
Veronica arvensis
Veronica arvensis L.
Veronica austriaca
Veronica austriaca L.
Veronica aznavourii
Veronica aznavourii Doerfl.
Veronica aznavourii Dorfl.
Veronica baumgartenii
Veronica baumgartenii Roem. & Schult.
Veronica beccabunga
Veronica beccabunga L.
Veronica bellidioides
Veronica bellidioides L.
Veronica biloba
Veronica biloba L.
Veronica bogosensis
Veronica bogosensis Tumadz.
Veronica bombycina
Veronica bombycina Boiss. & Kotschy
Veronica bullii
Veronica bullii M.M.Mart.Ort. & Albach
Veronica calycina
Veronica calycina R.Br.
Veronica campylopoda
Veronica campylopoda Boiss.
Veronica cana var. miqueliana
Veronica cana var. miqueliana (Nakai) Ohwi
Veronica capillipes
Veronica capillipes Nevski
Veronica catenata
Veronica catenata Pennell
Veronica caucasica
Veronica caucasica M.Bieb.
Veronica ceratocarpa
Veronica ceratocarpa C.A.Mey.
Veronica chamaedryoides
Veronica chamaedryoides Engl.
Veronica chamaedrys
Veronica chamaedrys L.
Veronica chamaepithyoides
Veronica chamaepithyoides Lam.
Veronica cheesemanii
Veronica cheesemanii Benth.
Veronica chionohebe
Veronica chionohebe Garn.-Jones
Veronica chionohebe x Veronica trifida
Veronica ciliata
Veronica ciliata Fisch.
Veronica ciliolata
Veronica ciliolata (Hook.f.) Garn.-Jones
Veronica cinerea
Veronica cinerea Boiss. & Balansa
Veronica copelandii
Veronica copelandii Eastw.
Veronica crista-galli
Veronica crista-galli Steven
Veronica cuneifolia
Veronica cuneifolia D.Don
Veronica cusickii
Veronica cusickii A.Gray
Veronica cymbalaria
Veronica cymbalaria Bodard
Veronica czerniakowskiana
Veronica czerniakowskiana Monjuschko
Veronica daurica
Veronica daurica Steven
Veronica davisii
Veronica davisii M.A.Fisch.
Veronica densiflora
Veronica densiflora Ledeb.
Veronica densifolia
Veronica densifolia (F.Muell.) F.Muell.
Veronica dichrus
Veronica dichrus Schott & Kotschy
Veronica donii
Veronica donii Rommp
Veronica erinoides
Veronica erinoides Boiss. & Spruner
Veronica farinosa
Veronica farinosa Hausskn.
Veronica filiformis
Veronica filiformis Sm.
Veronica fruticans
Veronica fruticans Jacq.
Veronica fruticulosa
Veronica fruticulosa L.
Veronica fuhsii
Veronica fuhsii Freyn & Sint.
Veronica gentianoides
Veronica gentianoides Vahl
Veronica glandulosa
Veronica glandulosa Hochst. ex Benth.
Veronica glauca
Veronica glauca Sm.
Veronica hederaefolia
Veronica hederifolia
Veronica hederifolia L.
Veronica heureka
Veronica heureka (M.Fisch.) Tzvelev
Veronica hispidula
Veronica hispidula Boiss. & A.Huet
Veronica hookeri
Veronica hookeri (Buchanan) Garn.-Jones
Veronica hookeriana
Veronica hookeriana Walp.
Veronica incana
Veronica incana L.
Veronica insularis
Veronica insularis Cheeseman
Veronica intercedens
Veronica intercedens Bornm.
Veronica jacquinii
Veronica jacquinii Baumg.
Veronica japonensis
Veronica japonensis Makino
Veronica javanica
Veronica javanica Blume
Veronica kellereri
Veronica kellereri Degen & Urum.
Veronica krumovii
Veronica krumovii (Peev) Peev
Veronica L.
Veronica lanosa
Veronica lanosa Royle ex Benth.
Veronica lanuginosa
Veronica lanuginosa Benth. ex Hook. =f.
Veronica laxa
Veronica laxa Benth.
Veronica liwanensis
Veronica liwanensis K.Koch
Veronica longifolia
Veronica longifolia L.
Veronica lyallii
Veronica lyallii Hook.f.
Veronica lycica
Veronica lycica E.B.J.Lehm.
Veronica macrostachya
Veronica macrostachya Vahl
Veronica macrostemon
Veronica macrostemon Bunge
Veronica magna
Veronica magna M.A.Fisch.
Veronica mampodrensis
Veronica mampodrensis Losa & P.Monts.
Veronica melanocaulon
Veronica melanocaulon Garn.-Jones
Veronica mexicana
Veronica mexicana S.Watson
Veronica micrantha
Veronica micrantha Hoffmanns. & Link
Veronica miqueliana
Veronica miqueliana Nakai
Veronica missurica
Veronica missurica Raf.
Veronica montana
Veronica montana L.
Veronica monticola
Veronica monticola Trautv.
Veronica morrisonicola
Veronica morrisonicola Hayata
Veronica multifida
Veronica multifida L.
Veronica nipponica
Veronica nipponica Makino ex Furumi
Veronica nummularia
Veronica nummularia Gouan
Veronica nutans
Veronica nutans Bong.
Veronica officinalis
Veronica officinalis L.
Veronica oltensis
Veronica oltensis Woronow
Veronica opaca
Veronica opaca Fr.
Veronica orientalis
Veronica orientalis Mill.
Veronica ovata
Veronica ovata Nakai
Veronica paederotae
Veronica paederotae Boiss.
Veronica panormitana
Veronica panormitana Tineo
Veronica pectinata
Veronica pectinata L.
Veronica peduncularis
Veronica peduncularis M.Bieb.
Veronica peregrina
Veronica peregrina L.
Veronica persica
Veronica persica Poir.
Veronica petraea
Veronica petraea Steven
Veronica pilosa
Veronica piroliformis
Veronica piroliformis Franch.
Veronica plano-petiolata
Veronica planopetiolata
Veronica planopetiolata G.Simpson & J.S.Thomson
Veronica polita
Veronica polita Fr.
Veronica praecox
Veronica praecox All.
Veronica prostrata
Veronica prostrata L.
Veronica pulvinaris
Veronica pulvinaris (Hook.f.) Cheeseman
Veronica pulvinaris x Veronica hookeri
Veronica pusilla
Veronica pusilla Kotschy & Boiss.
Veronica pusilla Kotschy et Boiss.
Veronica reuterana
Veronica reuterana Boiss.
Veronica rhodopaea (Velen.) Degen ex Stoj. & Stef.
Veronica rhodopea
Veronica rosea
Veronica rosea Desf.
Veronica rubra
Veronica rubra (Douglas ex Hook.) M.M.Mart.Ort. & Albach
Veronica rubrifolia
Veronica rubrifolia Boiss.
Veronica ruprechti
Veronica ruprechtii
Veronica ruprechtii Lipsky
Veronica saturejoides
Veronica saturejoides Vis.
Veronica scardica
Veronica scardica Griseb.
Veronica schistosa
Veronica schistosa E.A.Busch
Veronica schistosa E.Busch.
Veronica schmidtiana
Veronica schmidtiana Regel
Veronica scutellata
Veronica scutellata L.
Veronica serpyllifolia
Veronica serpyllifolia L.
Veronica sibthorpioides
Veronica sibthorpioides Debeaux et al.
Veronica sp. Oyama s.n.
Veronica spathulata
Veronica spathulata Benth.
Veronica spicata
Veronica spicata L.
Veronica stamatiadae
Veronica stamatiadae M.A.Fisch. & Greuter
Veronica stelleri
Veronica stelleri Pall. ex Link
Veronica stewartii
Veronica stewartii Pennell
Veronica sublobata
Veronica sublobata M.A.Fisch.
Veronica syriaca
Veronica syriaca Roem. & Schult.
Veronica szechuanica
Veronica szechuanica Batalin
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