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Xanthomatosis [Disease/Finding]
Xanthomatosis, Cerebrotendinous
Xanthomatosis, Cerebrotendinous [Disease/Finding]
Xanthomatosis, Familial
Xanthomatosis, Wolman
Xanthomatosis, Wolman's
Xanthomatosis, Wolmans
Xanthomatous Astrocyte
Xanthomatous Cell
Xanthomatous Fibrohistiocytic Cell
Xanthomatous Meningioma
Xanthomatous Meningiomas
xanthomatous reticuloendotheliosis
Xanthomax 100 MG Oral Tablet
Xanthomax 300 MG Oral Tablet
Xanthomendoza alfredi
Xanthomendoza aphrodites
Xanthomendoza borealis
Xanthomendoza fallax
Xanthomendoza fallax (Hepp) Sochting, Karnefelt & S.Kondr.
Xanthomendoza fulva
Xanthomendoza hasseana
Xanthomendoza mendozae
Xanthomendoza montana
Xanthomendoza novozelandica
Xanthomendoza oregana
Xanthomendoza poeltii
Xanthomendoza sp. 1013(133.2)
Xanthomendoza sp. 1031(133.4)
Xanthomendoza sp. Elvebakk 99:1334
Xanthomendoza sp. L475t2-133.6
Xanthomendoza sp. L477t1-133.3
Xanthomendoza sp. L478t1-133.2
Xanthomendoza ulophyllodes
Xanthomendoza weberi
Xanthomicrogaster sp. JCB-2006
Xanthomixis apperti
Xanthomixis cinereiceps
Xanthomixis tenebrosus
Xanthomixis zosterops
xanthommatin reductase activity
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium 11_7-03TP5
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium 2_3-03MB14
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium 21_6-04MB8
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium 27_8-04MB8
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium 35_8-04MN5
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium 42_6-05TS3
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium A6
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium e1/4M
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium E142
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium E17
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium E26
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium E78
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium Ellin5401
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium Ellin5421
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium Ellin7015
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium Ellin7203
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium IK1_20
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium IK1_45_2
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium IK1_54
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium IK1_59
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium IK1_61
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium IK1_63
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium IK1_81_2
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium IK1_89_2
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium IK1_90
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium IK1_91_2
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium IMER-B2-14
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium KVD-1790-10
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium NML 03-0222
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium NML 91-0213
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium NML 93-0792
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium RF13
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium RF16
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium RF177
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium S717-04
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium Sa15
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium TDMA-47
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium WH1
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium WH2
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium WH30
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium WH37
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium WH38
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium WH7
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium xen-2-10-04B
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium YC6842
Xanthomonadaceae bacterium Z2-08
Xanthomonadaceae Saddler and Bradbury 2005
Xanthomonadales bacterium CAa80
Xanthomonadales bacterium TP78
Xanthomonadales Saddler and Bradbury 2005
xanthomonadin I
Xanthomonas albilineans
Xanthomonas albilineans (Ashby 1929) Dowson 1943 emend. van den Mooter and Swings 1990
Xanthomonas albilineans var. paspali
Xanthomonas alfalfae
Xanthomonas alfalfae (ex Riker et al. 1935) Schaad et al. 2007
Xanthomonas ampelina
Xanthomonas ampelina Panagopoulos 1969 (Approved Lists 1980)
Xanthomonas arboricola
Xanthomonas arboricola Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas axonoperis
Xanthomonas axonopodis
Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. vesicatoria
Xanthomonas axonopodis Starr and Garces 1950 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. van den Mooter and Swings 1990
Xanthomonas axonopodis Starr and Garces 1950 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas bromi
Xanthomonas bromi Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas campestris
Xanthomonas campestris (Pammel 1895) Dowson 1939 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. van den Mooter and Swings1990
Xanthomonas campestris (Pammel 1895) Dowson 1939 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas campestris (pv. citri)
Xanthomonas campestris phage phi-Lf
Xanthomonas campestris phage Xp10
Xanthomonas campestris pv. Cassavae
Xanthomonas campestris pv. Citri (A group)
Xanthomonas campestris pv. Cucurbitae
Xanthomonas campestris pv. holcicola
Xanthomonas campestris pv. Hyacinthi
Xanthomonas campestris pv. Melonis
Xanthomonas campestris pv. pelargonii bacteriophage Xp15
Xanthomonas campestris pv. pelargonii phage Xp15
Xanthomonas campestris pv. Pisi
Xanthomonas campestris pv. Theicola
Xanthomonas campestris pv. Vesicatoria type A
Xanthomonas campestris var. aberrans
Xanthomonas campestris var. armoraceae
Xanthomonas cassavae
Xanthomonas cassavae (ex Wiehe and Dowson 1953) Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas citri
Xanthomonas citri (ex Hasse 1915) Gabriel et al. 1989
Xanthomonas citri (ex Hasse 1915) Gabriel et al. 1989 emend. Ah-You et al. 2009
Xanthomonas codiaei
Xanthomonas codiaei Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas cucurbitae
Xanthomonas cucurbitae (ex Bryan 1926) Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas cynarae
Xanthomonas cynarae Trebaol et al. 2000
Xanthomonas Dowson 1939 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. van den Mooter and Swings 1990
Xanthomonas Dowson 1939 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas euvesicatoria
Xanthomonas euvesicatoria Jones et al. 2006
Xanthomonas fragariae
Xanthomonas fragariae Kennedy and King 1962 emend. van den Mooter and Swings 1990
Xanthomonas fuscans
Xanthomonas fuscans Schaad et al. 2007
Xanthomonas gardneri
Xanthomonas gardneri (ex Sutic 1957) Jones et al. 2006
Xanthomonas group
Xanthomonas group bacterium LA37
Xanthomonas holcicola
Xanthomonas hortorum
Xanthomonas hortorum Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas hyacinthi
Xanthomonas hyacinthi (ex Wakker 1883) Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas maltiphilia
Xanthomonas maltophilia
Xanthomonas maltophilia (Hugh 1981) Swings et al. 1983 emend. van den Mooter and Swings 1990
Xanthomonas manihotis
Xanthomonas melonis
Xanthomonas melonis Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas oryzae
Xanthomonas oryzae (ex Ishiyama 1922) Swings et al. 1990 emend. van den Mooter and Swings 1990
Xanthomonas oryzae bacteriophage OP1
Xanthomonas oryzae bacteriophage Xp10
Xanthomonas oryzae phage OP1
Xanthomonas oryzae phage OP2
Xanthomonas oryzae phage phiXo
Xanthomonas oryzae phage phiXo411
Xanthomonas oryzae phage Xo411
Xanthomonas perforans
Xanthomonas perforans Jones et al. 2006
Xanthomonas phage Cf
Xanthomonas phage Cf16
Xanthomonas phage Cf1c
Xanthomonas phage Cf1t
Xanthomonas phage Lf
Xanthomonas phage OP1
Xanthomonas phage OP2
Xanthomonas phage phi Xv
Xanthomonas phage phi-Xv
Xanthomonas phage phiXo
Xanthomonas phage phiXo411
Xanthomonas phage phiXv
Xanthomonas phage Xf
Xanthomonas phage Xo411
Xanthomonas phage Xop411
Xanthomonas phage Xp10
Xanthomonas phage Xp15
Xanthomonas pisi
Xanthomonas pisi (ex Goto and Okabe 1958) Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas populi
Xanthomonas populi (ex Ride 1958) Ride and Ride 1992
Xanthomonas populi (ex Ride 1958) van den Mooter and Swings 1990
Xanthomonas retroflexus
Xanthomonas rhapontica
Xanthomonas sacchari
Xanthomonas sacchari Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas smithii subsp. citri
Xanthomonas sp.
Xanthomonas sp. (strain T-22)
Xanthomonas sp. 1018
Xanthomonas sp. 1Pe
Xanthomonas sp. 2
Xanthomonas sp. 34/14
Xanthomonas sp. 35/23
Xanthomonas sp. 35Y
Xanthomonas sp. 36A
Xanthomonas sp. 3C_3
Xanthomonas sp. 42AD8
Xanthomonas sp. 4R30-401
Xanthomonas sp. 75
Xanthomonas sp. A15
Xanthomonas sp. Aed03
Xanthomonas sp. AeL10
Xanthomonas sp. AG6
Xanthomonas sp. AK
Xanthomonas sp. AKB-K1W-35
Xanthomonas sp. AU2502
Xanthomonas sp. B05-08.04.0214
Xanthomonas sp. BBCT38
Xanthomonas sp. BJQ-BAI3
Xanthomonas sp. BJQ-H4
Xanthomonas sp. C1
Xanthomonas sp. CC-AFH5
Xanthomonas sp. CIP 102397
Xanthomonas sp. CL1.18
Xanthomonas sp. cp06.11
Xanthomonas sp. CU12
Xanthomonas sp. DSM 1350
Xanthomonas sp. EBHRS01-2
Xanthomonas sp. Enf33
Xanthomonas sp. Esch5-62
Xanthomonas sp. FeL06
Xanthomonas sp. FL111
Xanthomonas sp. GP110
Xanthomonas sp. GP115
Xanthomonas sp. GP127
Xanthomonas sp. GP31
Xanthomonas sp. GP50
Xanthomonas sp. HNL05
Xanthomonas sp. HNR04
Xanthomonas sp. Hsp41d
Xanthomonas sp. IB-9374
Xanthomonas sp. IBSBF 670
Xanthomonas sp. IBSBF 867
Xanthomonas sp. ICH12
Xanthomonas sp. IS2305
Xanthomonas sp. kmd_025
Xanthomonas sp. kmd_489
Xanthomonas sp. kmd_530
Xanthomonas sp. L60
Xanthomonas sp. LCSAOTU19
Xanthomonas sp. MA033
Xanthomonas sp. ML-122
Xanthomonas sp. ML-168b
Xanthomonas sp. MM
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1046
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1062
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1067
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1068
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1117
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1131
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1132
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1325
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1394
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1395
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1396
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1560
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1599
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1638
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1754
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB1826
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2250
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2345
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2586
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2654
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2856
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2864
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2865
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2866
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2918
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2922
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2933
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2934
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB2982
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3174
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3200
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3218
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3569
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3570
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3581
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3582
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3583
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3761
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3883
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3884
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3942
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3943
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3944
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3956
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3957
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB3959
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB4037
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB4231
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB4232
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB888
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB901
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB902
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB916
Xanthomonas sp. NCPPB917
Xanthomonas sp. OT1
Xanthomonas sp. P2-12-1
Xanthomonas sp. PAM1
Xanthomonas sp. Pd-E-(s)-e-N-1(3)
Xanthomonas sp. Pd-E-(s)-l-D-4(3)
Xanthomonas sp. Pd-E-(s)-l-D-7(6)
Xanthomonas sp. Pd-E-(s)-l-D-9(20)
Xanthomonas sp. Pd-S-(l)-e-D-7(6)
Xanthomonas sp. Pd-S-(s)-l-D-10(3)
Xanthomonas sp. Pd-S-(s)-l-D-2(2)
Xanthomonas sp. Pd-S-(s)-l-D-3(2)
Xanthomonas sp. Pd-S-(s)-l-D-8(4)
Xanthomonas sp. Pd-S-(s)-l-D-9(6)
Xanthomonas sp. PG-07
Xanthomonas sp. PSD-2
Xanthomonas sp. PST1
Xanthomonas sp. R-20819
Xanthomonas sp. S21
Xanthomonas sp. SCB27
Xanthomonas sp. SE1505
Xanthomonas sp. Selvi
Xanthomonas sp. SPf
Xanthomonas sp. SPk
Xanthomonas sp. SSR01
Xanthomonas sp. SVUB8
Xanthomonas sp. T22
Xanthomonas sp. T7-07
Xanthomonas sp. TB8-9-II
Xanthomonas sp. TC5
Xanthomonas sp. TC6
Xanthomonas sp. TERI 1003
Xanthomonas sp. Tibet-IB54
Xanthomonas sp. TM5_6
Xanthomonas sp. TOOS1
Xanthomonas sp. Twm31
Xanthomonas sp. U35-3
Xanthomonas sp. VA12312/2006
Xanthomonas sp. VB58
Xanthomonas sp. VC-YC6626
Xanthomonas sp. W17
Xanthomonas sp. XLL-1
Xanthomonas sp. Xs148
Xanthomonas sp. Y-B
Xanthomonas theicola
Xanthomonas theicola Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas translucens
Xanthomonas translucens (ex Jones et al. 1917) Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas uredovorus
Xanthomonas vasicola
Xanthomonas vasicola pv. holcicola
Xanthomonas vasicola Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas vesicatoria
Xanthomonas vesicatoria (ex Doidge 1920) Vauterin et al. 1995
Xanthomonas-like sp. V4.BO.41
xanthomonasin A
xanthomonasin B
xanthomycin A
Xanthomyia platyptera
Xanthomyia platyptera (Loew, 1873)
Xanthomyrtus compacta
Xanthomyrtus compacta Diels
Xanthomyrtus Diels
Xanthomyrtus hienghenensis
Xanthomyrtus hienghenensis Guillaumin
Xanthomyrtus montivaga
Xanthomyrtus montivaga A.J.Scott
Xanthomyrtus papuana
Xanthomyrtus papuana Merr. & L.M.Perry
Xanthomyza phrygia
xanthone 6-hydroxylase
xanthone-2-carboxylic acid
Xanthonema bristolianum
Xanthonema cf. bristolianum
Xanthonema cf. debile
Xanthonema cf. exile
Xanthonema cf. hormidioides
Xanthonema cf. pascheri
Xanthonema cf. tribonematoides
Xanthonema debile
Xanthonema exile
Xanthonema hormidioides
Xanthonema montanum
Xanthonema mucicolum
Xanthonema muciculum
Xanthonema sessile
Xanthonema solidum
Xanthonema sp. 395
Xanthonema sp. 421
Xanthonema sp. 735
Xanthonema sp. 773
Xanthonema sp. 887
Xanthonema sp. 889
Xanthonema sp. 907
Xanthonema sp. A14
Xanthonema sp. CCAP 836/5
Xanthonema sp. Helgoland 7
Xanthonema sp. SAG 2179
Xanthonema sp. SAG 2182
Xanthonema sp. SAG 2183
Xanthonema sp. SAG 2184
Xanthonema sp. SAG 2189
Xanthonema sp. SAG 2192
Xanthonema sp. SAG 60.94
Xanthonema sp. strain 395
Xanthonema sp. strain 421
Xanthonema sp. strain 735
Xanthonema sp. strain 773
Xanthonema sp. strain 887
Xanthonema sp. strain 889
Xanthonema sp. strain 907
Xanthonema sp. strain A14
Xanthonema tribonematoides
Xanthones [Chemical/Ingredient]
Xanthopan morgani
Xanthopan morgani (Walker, 1856)
Xanthopan Rothschild & Jordan, 1903
xanthopappin A
xanthopappin B
xanthopappin C
Xanthopappus C.Winkl.
Xanthopappus subacaulis
Xanthopappus subacaulis C.Winkl.
Xanthoparmelia aff. delisei MAF 7432
Xanthoparmelia aff. glabrans MAF 9912
Xanthoparmelia amplexula
Xanthoparmelia angustiphylla
Xanthoparmelia atticoides
Xanthoparmelia brachinaensis
Xanthoparmelia conspersa
Xanthoparmelia convolutella
Xanthoparmelia crespoae
Xanthoparmelia dayiana
Xanthoparmelia delisei
Xanthoparmelia digitiformis
Xanthoparmelia flindersiana
Xanthoparmelia fumigata
Xanthoparmelia glabrans
Xanthoparmelia hueana
Xanthoparmelia hypoleiella
Xanthoparmelia incrustata
Xanthoparmelia isidiigera
Xanthoparmelia isidiovagans
Xanthoparmelia knudsenii
Xanthoparmelia lineola
Xanthoparmelia lithophila
Xanthoparmelia lithophiloides
Xanthoparmelia loxodes
Xanthoparmelia mexicana
Xanthoparmelia mougeotii
Xanthoparmelia mougeotii (Schaer. ex D. Dietr.) Hale
Xanthoparmelia murina
Xanthoparmelia neorimalis
Xanthoparmelia neotinctina
Xanthoparmelia norcapnodes
Xanthoparmelia notata
Xanthoparmelia pertinax
Xanthoparmelia peruviensis
Xanthoparmelia pokornyi
Xanthoparmelia protomatrae
Xanthoparmelia pulla
Xanthoparmelia pulloides
Xanthoparmelia reptans
Xanthoparmelia rimalis
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