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Analyzers, Laboratory, Clinical Chemistry, Automated definition: Clinical chemistry laboratory analyzers designed to perform multiple laboratory tests with complete automation of several steps (e.g., specimen processing, measurements) of whole process, providing a standardized method of obtaining accurate and reproducible chemical concentration values. These analyzers may be used to examine general and specific chemistries (e.g., albumin, protein, alcohol), electrolytes (e.g., sodium, potassium), and drugs of abuse, as well as to perform other clinical laboratory analyses.
ANALYZER, CHEMISTRY, CENTRIFUGAL, FOR CLINICAL USE definition: A centrifugal chemistry analyzer for clinical use is an automatic device intended to centrifugally mix a sample and a reagent and spectrophotometrically measure concentrations of the sample constituents. This device is intended for use in conjunction with certain materials to measure a variety of analytes.
Analyzers, Laboratory, Clinical Chemistry, Manual definition: Laboratory clinical chemistry analyzers that require the manual insertion of reagents and/or samples into the instrument for each test. Most of these chemical analyzers are used to determine concentrations of analytes (e.g., cholesterol, glucose, electrolytes), to provide certain hematology values (e.g., hemoglobin concentrations), and to assay some therapeutic drugs (e.g., theophylline). Manual clinical chemistry analyzers are used as primary instrumentation, for small volume tests, or as backup for automated analyzers.
Reagents, Clinical Chemistry, Calibration definition: Clinical chemistry reagents consisting of a substance intended to establish points of reference (i.e., calibrate) in chemical and/or enzymatic assays used in the determination of components in human specimens.
Reagents, Clinical Chemistry definition: Reagents intended to perform qualitative and/or quantitative chemical analyses of body fluids such as blood, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid as well as of feces and tissue, using either manual or automated procedures.
Reagents, Clinical Chemistry, Control definition: Clinical chemistry reagents consisting of samples of substances with known values used for quality control of chemical or enzymatic assays. Some control reagents are used in multianalyte assays, while others are specific for a particular analyte determination.
Chemie definition: [1] Naturwissenschaft, die sich mit der Zusammensetzung und den Eigenschaften der Stoffe, sowie deren Veränderungen befasst [2] umganssprachlich: die zwischenmenschlichen Beziehungen
Internationale Union für reine und angewandte Chemie definition: [1] Organisation, die verbindliche Empfehlungen zum Fachgebiet Chemie gibt, u.a. zur Nomenklatur von Stoffen oder Gesundheitsthemen.
Organische Chemie definition: [1] Lehre von dem Aufbau und Eigenschaften von Verbindungen des Kohlenstoffs
Chemie definition: Chimie.
chemie definition: [1] Chemie
chemie definition: Chimie.
scheikunde definition: Chimie.
chimie definition: Science qui étudie la composition et les réactions de la matière. La chimie est l’étude des transformations de la matière par opposition à la physique qui est l’étude des états de la matière.
chimie definition: Étude d’une molécule ou d’un groupe de molécules.
chemie definition: Chimie.