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Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium definition: Comprised of nine academic and public institutions and private organizations. The consortium's three main objectives are: 1) To better understand breast cancer screening practices in the United States by assessing the accuracy, cost, and quality of screening programs and the relation of these practices to changes in breast cancer mortality and other outcomes, such as survival; 2) To foster collaborative research among Consortium participants that examines issues such as regional and health care system differences in the provision of screening and follow-up evaluations; and 3) To provide a foundation for conducting clinical and basic science research, especially basic research on biological mechanisms, that can improve our understanding of the natural history of breast cancer.
International Consortium on Prostate Cancer Genetics definition: International consortium of over 25 groups and multiple investigators pursuing collaborative research on the epidemiology of prostate cancer. The consortium was first promoted and supported by the NCI's Epidemiology and Genetics Program in 1995. Investigators are funded primarily by the NCI for their individual research projects (RO1s) while the National Institute for Human Genome Research contributes an intramural component. Current research focuses primarily on the discovery and characterization of prostate cancer susceptibility genes. Collaborations are established through communications and agreements with the participating groups.
Mouse Models of Human Cancer Consortium definition: A program to develop and refine experimental models that reflect the etiology and progression of human cancer.
Consortium or Network definition: Groups of scientists who link their expertise and resources in collaborative efforts to address important questions of shared interest.
AIDS Malignancy Consortium definition: Established in 1995 to carry out Phase I and II studies of innovative therapies for AIDS malignancies.
Cancer Care Outcomes Research and Surveillance Consortium definition: A funding project supporting research towards measuring the quality of cancer care in the United States. It is to be a five-year project (starting which will support prospective cohort studies on 10,000 patients with newly diagnosed lung or colorectal cancers. The project is designed to increase the knowledge of the relationship between cancer care practices in the general population and patient outcomes including survival and quality of life.
New Approaches to Brain Tumor Therapy Consortium definition: The primary objective of the "New Approaches to Brain Tumor Therapy (NABTT)" CNS Consortium is to improve the therapeutic outcome for adults with primary brain tumors. It is funded by the National Cancer Institute to conduct Phase I and II clinical evaluations of promising new treatment strategies (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and biologic therapies), routes of administration, and clinical trial design in the treatment of primary malignancies of the central nervous system. The secondary objective of the NABTT CNS Consortium is to share human brain tumor specimens and clinical and laboratory data to conduct additional research pertaining to 1) the basic biology of primary brain tumors, 2) the neuro-pharmacology of new therapies for primary brain tumors, and 3) improving the care and quality of life of adults with primary brain tumors.
North American Brain Tumor Consortium definition: Dedicated to the development and conduct of innovative clinical trials that will ultimately result in a cure for patients with malignant brain tumors. Their goals are 1) to discover new and effective therapies for the treatment of patients with brain tumors, including anti-angiogenesis drugs, differentiating agents, anti-invasive medications, and new molecular agents such as gene therapy; 2) to develop innovative combination strategies to enhance the therapeutic effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments; and 3) to develop and fund translational research opportunities that will bring exciting new agents and strategies from the laboratory to the clinical setting.
Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium definition: Network of medical centers that will evaluate promising treatments for children with brain malignancies.
Integrated Molecular Analysis of Genomes and their Expression Consortium definition: A group formed in 1993 by four academic groups on a collaborative basis after informal discussions led to a common vision of how to achieve an important goal in the study of the human genome: the Integrated Molecular Analysis of Genomes and their Expression. They share high-quality, arrayed cDNA libraries and place sequence, map, and expression data on the clones in these arrays into the public domain. The human and mouse genomes were the first to be studied, and the collection now contains clones from rat, zebrafish, Fugu, Xenopus and rhesus macaque. They anticipate arraying (and sharing) cDNA libraries from additional species over time. A majority of their clones are publicly available, free of any royalties, and may be used by anyone agreeing with their guidelines.
Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium Terminology definition: The terminology that includes terms relevant to the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium.
Consortium definition: A group formed to undertake a venture that is beyond the capabilities of the individual members. Each member of the consortium brings a high level of expertise in a specific area to ensure the successful completion of the project.
International HapMap Project definition: A collaboration among scientists in Japan, the U.K., Canada, China, Nigeria, and the U.S. to develop a haplotype map of the human genome, the HapMap, which will describe the common patterns of human DNA sequence variation.
Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium Glossary Terminology definition: The terminology that includes terms relevant to the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium Glossary group.
Konsortium definition: [1] Arbeitsgemeinschaft, Interessengemeinschaft, Vereinigung von Konsorten
Konsorte definition: [1] Mitglied eines Konsortiums [2] (nur Plural) Mittäter, Mitschuldiger
consortium definition: Accord en vue d’un objet .
consortium definition: Association d'entreprises pour des opérations en commun.
pool definition: Ensemble de choses, de personnes, pouvant être considéré comme agissant de façon cohérente.