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Data Collection definition: Systematic gathering of data for a particular purpose from various sources, including questionnaires, interviews, observation, existing records, and electronic devices. The process is usually preliminary to statistical analysis of the data.
data collection definition: gathering or assemblage of information (statistics or measurements) about a system, population, etc.; do not confuse with SAMPLE COLLECTION (PHYSICAL).
Data Display definition: The visual display of data in a man-machine system. An example is when data is called from the computer and transmitted to a CATHODE RAY TUBE DISPLAY or LIQUID CRYSTAL display.
Database definition: An information set with a regular structure. Although it can be applied to any set of information the term was invented to refer to computerized data, and is used almost exclusively in computing.
animal data definition: index on projects employing data from animal systems, but do not actually employ animal subjects, tissue, genetic material, etc.
Database definition: Work consisting of a structured file of information or a set of logically related data stored and retrieved using computer-based means.
Data Compression definition: The coding of data to save storage space or transmission time.
Data Compression definition: Information application based on a variety of coding methods to minimize the amount of data to be stored, retrieved, or transmitted. Data compression can be applied to various forms of data, such as images and signals. It is used to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the maintenance of large volumes of data.
Data definition: A collection or single item of factual information, derived from measurement or research, from which conclusions may be drawn.
Data Element definition: A unit of data for which the definition, identification, representation and permissible values are specified by means of a set of attributes.
Clinical Data definition: Data obtained through patient examination or treatment.
Data Field definition: An area of database record, or graphical user interface form, into which a particular item of data is entered.
Data found definition: Query reponse data found for 1 or more result sets matching the query request specification.
Data Cube definition: A multidimensional representation of data which provides fast retrieval and drill down facilities.
Data Extraction definition: A process whereby specific data is taken out of a larger set of data and presented in a usable format.
Computer Disc definition: A flat rotating disk designed for data storage. Data is stored on either or both surfaces of disks in concentric rings called tracks.
data collection definition: [1] Datensammlung
data definition: Données.
Datum definition: [1] Angabe des Kalendertages [2] selbständige Informationseinheit
Termin definition: [1] festgelegter Zeitpunkt
Datensammlung definition: [1] Sammlung von Daten, vor allem für wirtschaftliche oder wissenschaftliche Zwecke [2] Politik: Sammlung von personenbezogenen Daten, um die Fahndung nach Terroristen zu verbessern
data definition: [1] Datum [2] Termin
data definition: Date.
matériau definition: Une matière d’origine naturelle ou artificielle que l’humain façonne pour en faire des objets.
fois definition: Opérateur de la multiplication, noté « ''x'' » ou « ''*'' ».
fois definition: Reprise. Événement particulier appartenant à une série d'événements semblables.
donnée definition: Point sur lequel on fonde un raisonnement, suppositions, constatations, probabilités, qui, étant indiscutables ou indiscutées, servent de base à une recherche, à un examen quelconque.
donnée definition: Circonstances principales, sentiments, passions, caractères qui servent de base à un poème dramatique ou narratif, à un roman.
donnée definition: Quantité connue qui sert à découvrir les inconnues.
donnée definition: Représentation d’une information sous une forme conventionnelle destinée à faciliter son traitement.
données definition: ''Pluriel de'' donnée.
dată definition: Date.
dată definition: Fois.
data definition: Date.
data definition: Données (informatiques).
data definition: Date.
data definition: Date.
data definition: Données.