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TCF3 Gene definition: This gene plays a role in regulation of transcription. It is involved in the control of tissue-specific cell fate during embryogenesis.
Transcription Factor 3 definition: Encoded by human TCF3 Gene, E12 and E47 alternative isoforms of 654-aa 68-kDa nuclear bHLH Transcription Factor 3 are homologous to MYOD, MYC, 'daughterless', 'achaete-scute' and 'twist' families. As a heterodimer with tissue-specific bHLH proteins (e.g., ASH1 and TWIST2), TCF3 determines diverse cell fates during embryogenesis. TCF3 heterodimers bind DNA on CANNTG E-box motifs, such as kappa Ig gene enhancer E2 sites. TCF3 is likely phosphorylated following NGF stimulation. Crucial in dimerization and DNA binding, the bHLH motif forms 2 amphipathic helices that contain highly conserved hydrophobic residues. TCF3 is involved in B-ALL through a t(1;19)(q23;p13.3) translocation and fusion with PBX1. (NCI)
TCF3 wt Allele definition: Human TCF3 wild-type allele is located in the vicinity of 19p13.3 and is approximately 43 kb in length. This allele, which encodes transcription factor E2-alpha protein, plays a role in the mediation of embryological cell fate. Chromosomal aberrations involving the gene are associated with forms of pre-B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.