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Gattungen art forms
Gattungen genera
Gattungen generic groups
Gattungen genres
Gattungen kinds
Gattungen sorts
Gattungen types
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Delimiting Cladosporium from morphologically similar genera

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Life Depends upon Two Kinds of Water

Philippa Wiggins

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Phylogenetic and morphotaxonomic revision of Ramichloridium and allied genera

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Seroprevalence of 34 Human Papillomavirus Types in the German General Population

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An ontology for cell types

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Melasma and its association with different types of nevi in women: A case-control study

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The kinds of anatomy.

A Cunningham

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Ticks Associated with Macquarie Island Penguins Carry Arboviruses from Four Genera

Lee Major et al.

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Character-based DNA barcoding allows discrimination of genera, species and populations in Odonata

J Rach et al.

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Molecular phylogeny of Subtribe Artemisiinae (Asteraceae), including Artemisia and its allied and segregate genera

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