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Grant definition: A financial assistance mechanism through which money and/or direct assistance is provided to carry out approved activities.
Research Project Grants definition: A financial assistance mechanism providing money, property, or both to an eligible entity to carry out an approved project or activity.
Academic Grants and Contracts Administration definition: Oversight and management of grants or contracts
Administrative Supplements to Research Grants definition: These provide administrative supplements to existing NIH research grants for the purpose of 1) promote reentry into biomedical and behavioral research careers 2) promote the recruitment of individuals with disabilities into biomedical research careers and 3) attract underrepresented minorities into biomedical and behavioral research.
Grant Application definition: A document, or collection of documents, submitted by one requesting a grant.
Grants and Contracts, NIH definition: Monetary awards made by NIH for research and support services.
Molecular Target Discovery Grants definition: Proposed mechanism for providing resources for "mechanisms" researchers to provide evidence that a proposed new cancer relevant molecule is a good target for drug discovery. (Bypass Budget)
NIH Center for Scientific Review definition: The Center for Scientific Review (CSR) provides staff support to the Office of the Director, NIH, in the formulation of grant application review policies and procedures. In addition, CSR provides central receipt of all PHS applications for research and review.
Program Research Project Grants definition: The program project grant is an institutional award made in the name of a program director for the support of a broadly based, long-term, multidisciplinary research program that has a well-defined central theme, research focus, or objective. The grant funds at least three interrelated projects and, often, core resources that support at least three projects at all times. Interrelationships and synergism among component research projects should result in greater scientific contributions than if each project were supported through a separate mechanism. The grant is based on the concept that projects closely related to a central theme can be conducted more effectively and efficiently through a coordinated, collaborative, multidisciplinary approach.
Exploratory/Developmental Grants Phase II definition: The R33 award is to provide a second phase for the support for innovative exploratory and development research activities initiated under the R21 mechanism.