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Bioelectric Energy Sources definition: Electric power supply devices which convert biological energy, such as chemical energy of metabolism or mechanical energy of periodic movements, into electrical energy.
Bioelectric Energy Sources definition: Implantable devices which convert biological energy (chemical energy of the metabolism of continuously regenerating body fluids or mechanical energy of periodic movements) to electrical energy. The sources include biogalvanic cells, biofuel cells, and ionic concentration cells.
Data Collection definition: Systematic gathering of data for a particular purpose from various sources, including questionnaires, interviews, observation, existing records, and electronic devices. The process is usually preliminary to statistical analysis of the data.
data collection definition: gathering or assemblage of information (statistics or measurements) about a system, population, etc.; do not confuse with SAMPLE COLLECTION (PHYSICAL).
Data Source definition: The person or authoritative body who provided the information.
Power Supplies definition: Any source of electric power, such as a power line or a battery. Batteries, direct-current electronic regulated power supplies, line power supply systems (including isolated and uninterruptible systems), and transformers are the main devices used in the field of medicine to deliver electric power to electric and electronic medical devices in hospitals and homes; batteries are also used as power supplies for implantable medical devices.
Electric Power Supplies definition: Devices that control the supply of electric current for running electrical equipment.
Brachytherapy Sources definition: Sources of radiation used in either manual or remote-afterloading brachytherapy treatments. These sources consist of radioactive isotopes that may be either naturally occurring or accelerator/reactor produced. Brachytherapy sources produce the radiation that is used to deliver either external or internal curative or palliative radiotherapy treatments. They are available in a variety of physical forms such as encapsulated (sealed), plated, foil, or imbedded; they contain radioactive liquids, gels, other nonsolids, or gases. Radioactive isotopes commonly used in brachytherapy applications include paladium-103 (Pd-103), iridium-192 (Ir-192), and iodine-125 (I-125).
Light Sources definition: Devices that provide light for use in a distant area using a delivery system (e.g., fiberoptics). Light sources may include one of a variety of lamps (e.g., xenon, halogen, mercury). Most light sources are operated from line power, but some may be powered from batteries. They are mostly used in endoscopic, microscopic, and other examination and/or in surgical procedures.
ILLUMINATOR, FIBEROPTIC, SURGICAL FIELD definition: A surgical lamp (including a fixture) is a device intended to be used to provide visible illumination of the surgical field or the patient.
Light Sources, Fiberoptic definition: Instruments that provide light for viewing surgical fields and body cavities when using rigid and flexible endoscopes (e.g., laparoscopes, gastroscopes) or other surgical accessories (e.g., retractors). They are intended to provide light for diagnostic observation and surgical procedures while minimizing tissue heating. Light sources eliminate the added size, weight, and cost that would be incurred if the source were incorporated in each instrument. Fiberoptic light sources are independent projectors to which flexible and rigid endoscopes can be attached using a flexible fiberoptic cable. Also called endoscopic light sources, projectors, illuminators.
Light Sources, Fiberoptic, Flexible Endoscopic definition: Fiberoptic light sources that can be connected to a flexible endoscope via a flexible fiberoptic cable.
Light Sources, Fiberoptic, Rigid Endoscopic/Multipurpose definition: Fiberoptic light sources that can be connected via a flexible fiberoptic cable to a rigid endoscope such as a laparoscope.
ACCESSORIES, PHOTOGRAPHIC, FOR ENDOSCOPE (EXCLUDE LIGHT SOURCES) definition: An endoscope and accessories is a device used to provide access, illumination, and allow observation or manipulation of body cavities, hollow organs, and canals. The device consists of various rigid or flexible instruments that are inserted into body spaces and may include an optical system for conveying an image to the user's eye and their accessories may assist in gaining access or increase the versatility and augment the capabilities of the devices. Examples of devices that are within this generic type of device include cleaning accessories for endoscopes, photographic accessories for endoscopes, nonpowered anoscopes, binolcular attachments for endoscopes, pocket battery boxes, flexible or rigid choledochoscopes, colonoscopes, diagnostic cystoscopes, cystourethroscopes, enteroscopes, esophagogastroduodenoscopes, rigid esophagoscopes, fiberoptic illuminators for endoscopes, incandescent endoscope lamps, biliary pancreatoscopes, proctoscopes, resectoscopes, nephroscopes, sigmoidoscopes, ureteroscopes, urethroscopes, endomagnetic retrievers, cytology brushes for endoscopes, and lubricating jelly for transurethral surgical instruments. This section does not apply to endoscopes that have specialized uses in other medical specialty areas and that are covered by classification regulations in other parts of the device classification regulations.
Commercial Sources definition: A category used for classifying sources of research reagents not obtained through academic institutions.
Non-Commercial Sources definition: A category used for classifying sources of research reagents obtained through academic institutions.
clope definition: Cigarette.
clope definition: Mégot.
code source definition: Ensemble d'instructions écrit dans un langage de programmation lisible par un humain (programmeur), et qui une fois interprété, compilé, ou assemblé peut être exécuté par l'ordinateur.