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noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus definition: subclass of diabetes mellitus that is not insulin responsive or dependent; characterized initially by insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia and eventually by glucose intolerance, hyperglycemia, and overt diabetes; type II diabetes mellitus is no longer considered a disease exclusively found in adults; patients seldom develop ketosis but often exhibit obesity.
Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus definition: A type of diabetes mellitus that is characterized by insulin resistance or desensitization and increased blood glucose levels. This is a chronic disease that can develop gradually over the life of a patient and can be linked to both environmental factors and heredity.
Diabetes Mellitus, Type 2 definition: A subclass of DIABETES MELLITUS that is not INSULIN-responsive or dependent (NIDDM). It is characterized initially by INSULIN RESISTANCE and HYPERINSULINEMIA; and eventually by GLUCOSE INTOLERANCE; HYPERGLYCEMIA; and overt diabetes. Type II diabetes mellitus is no longer considered a disease exclusively found in adults. Patients seldom develop KETOSIS but often exhibit OBESITY.
Factor VII definition: Heat- and storage-stable plasma protein that is activated by tissue thromboplastin to form factor VIIa in the extrinsic pathway of blood coagulation. The activated form then catalyzes the activation of factor X to factor Xa.
Coagulation Factor VII definition: A clotting factor found in the serum. It combines with tissue factor (factor III) to activate factor X in the clotting pathway.
Factor VII Deficiency definition: An autosomal recessive characteristic or a coagulation disorder acquired in association with VITAMIN K DEFICIENCY. FACTOR VII is a Vitamin K dependent glycoprotein essential to the extrinsic pathway of coagulation.
Leukemia, Myeloid, Chronic-Phase definition: The initial phase of chronic myeloid leukemia consisting of an relatively indolent period lasting from 4 to 7 years. Patients range from asymptomatic to those exhibiting ANEMIA; SPLENOMEGALY; and increased cell turnover. There are 5% or fewer blast cells in the blood and bone marrow in this phase.
chronic phase chronic myelogenous leukemia definition: (KRAH-nik FAYZ KRAH-nik MY-eh-LAH-jeh-nus loo-KEE-mee-uh) A phase of chronic myelogenous leukemia in which 5% or fewer of the cells in the blood and bone marrow are blast cells (immature blood cells). This phase may last from several months to several years, and there may be no symptoms of leukemia.
Chronic Phase Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia definition: A phase of chronic myelogenous leukemia in which the peripheral blood smear shows leukocytosis due mainly to neutrophils in different stages of maturation. Blasts usually account for less than 2% of the white blood cells counts. The platelet count is normal or increased. Thrombocytopenia is very uncommon during the chronic phase. Most patients have mild anemia. The bone marrow biopsy is hypercellular due to increased numbers of neutrophils and their precursors. Blasts usually account for fewer than 5% of the marrow cells, and more than 10% indicates transformation to the accelerated phase. Megakaryocytes are smaller than normal and have hypolobated nuclei. The spleen is enlarged due to infiltration of the cords of the red pulp by granulocytes. Most patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia are diagnosed in the chronic phase, which usually has an insidious onset and may last from several months to several years. (WHO, 2001)
Antigens, CD24 definition: A cell adhesion protein that was originally identified as a heat stable antigen in mice. It is involved in METASTASIS and is highly expressed in many NEOPLASMS.
Stability definition: The quality of being free from change or variation or not taking part readily in chemical change.
Stable definition: Stable; subject to little fluctuation; showing little if any change.
stable isotope definition: does not undergo radioactive decay; index specific element that is being tagged; index with a specific element when appropriate, e.g., C13 index with CARBON and STABLE ISOTOPE.
Stable Angina definition: Angina pectoris without a recent change in frequency or pattern. Angina is relieved by rest and/or sublingual/oral/transdermal medications. (NIH Roadmap Cardiovascular Data Standards Working Group)
Stable Angina definition: Angina pectoris which has not recently changed in frequency, duration or intensity. Stable angina pectoris is relieved by rest or administration or oral, sublingual or transdermal antianginal medications.
stable isotope diagnosis definition: determination of the presence of a disease(s) or condition or the distinguishing of one disease or condition from another using a nonradioactive nuclide, an isotope that shows no tendency to undergo radioactive decomposition.
stable disease definition: Cancer that is neither decreasing nor increasing in extent or severity.
Detox-B adjuvant definition: A cancer vaccine adjuvant that consists of an oil droplet emulsion of monophosphoryl lipid A and mycobacterial cell wall skeleton. Detox-B adjuvant is a non-specific immunostimulant that may enhance the host immune response to certain cancer vaccines. Detox-B differs from Detox adjuvant in that Detox-B contains lecithin. Check for "http://www.cancer.gov/Search/ClinicalTrialsLink.aspx?id=41375&idtype=1" active clinical trials or "http://www.cancer.gov/Search/ClinicalTrialsLink.aspx?id=41375&idtype=1&closed=1" closed clinical trials using this agent. ("http://nciterms.nci.nih.gov:80/NCIBrowser/ConceptReport.jsp?dictionary=NCI_Thesaurus&code=C2566" NCI Thesaurus)
Detox-B Adjuvant definition: A cancer vaccine adjuvant that consists of an oil droplet emulsion of monophosphoryl lipid A and mycobacterial cell wall skeleton. Detox-B adjuvant is a non-specific immunostimulant that may enhance the host immune response to certain cancer vaccines. Detox-B differs from Detox adjuvant in that Detox-B contains lecithin. (NCI04)
stable definition: Écurie, étable.
stable definition: Stable.
stable definition: Ferme.
fest definition: [1] physikalischer Aggregatzustand [2] örtlich unveränderbar und unverändert [3] haltbar, Widerstand gebend oder bietend, eine große, hohe Dichte aufweisend [4] vollkommen, vollständig, energisch, von hoher Intensität, Stärke, mit großer Macht, Wucht [5] übertragen: unveränderbar, unverrückbar, unabänderbar [6] übertragen: sicher, gebunden, stabil, auf solider Grundlage [7] dauernd, zeitlich unveränderbar
Stall definition: [1] ein für den Aufenthalt von Haustieren bestimmter Raum [2] engl. Bez. in der Aerodynamik, ein Effekt des w:Strömungsabrisses [3] ein Ortschaft in Kärnten/Österreich [4] ein Burgstall als eine Ruine, der einst als eine vollständige Burg funktionierte [5] ist ein Begriff im: [5a] Automobilsport und Radsport; ein Rennstall, bestehend aus verschiedenen Abteilungen u. a. wie Management, Mechaniker und Fahrern als eine Arbeitsgemeinschaft [5b] Boxsport; ein Boxstall mit diversen Tätigkeiten als Unternehmen
stabil definition: [1] belastungsfähig, standhaft, (von Werten) ständig, gleichbleibend
Rennstall definition: [1] Pferdesport: Gruppe (Besitzer, Trainer, Jockey, Pferde, ...), die beim einem Pferderennen / Derby antretet [2] Motorsport: Gruppe (Besitzer, Trainer, Fahrer, Fahrzeug, ...), die bei einem automatisiertem Rennen antretet
stabile definition: [1] stabil [2] fest [3] beständig, dauerhaft
яхър definition: [1] Stall
ferme definition: Convention par laquelle un propriétaire abandonne à quelqu'un, pour un temps déterminé, la jouissance d'un domaine agricole ou d'un droit, moyennant une redevance.
ferme definition: Exploitation agricole donnée à ferme.
ferme definition: Exploitation agricole, de tout mode de faire-valoir.
ferme definition: Système de perception des impôts dans lequel le fonctionnaire (fermier) payait d'avance une somme forfaitaire au roi, pour ensuite se payer en percevant les sommes dues, la différence formant son salaire.
ferme definition: Assemblage de pièces destinées à supporter le faîtage, les pannes et les chevrons d'un comble.
ferme definition: Décor de théâtre monté sur châssis glissant latéralement ou s'élevant des dessous par des trappes, disposé en avant de la toile de fond.
écurie definition: Bâtiment destiné à loger des chevaux, des mulets, etc.
écurie definition: Maison mal entretenue, malpropre.
écurie definition: Train, équipage qui comprenait écuyers, pages, carrosses, chevaux, mulets d’un prince, d’un grand seigneur.
écurie definition: Ensemble des chevaux que l’on dresse pour les courses.
écurie definition: Ensemble des véhicules de course, de leurs mécaniciens, d'un constructeur d'automobiles.