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Unified Medical Language System definition: A research and development program initiated by the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE to build knowledge sources for the purpose of aiding the development of systems that help health professionals retrieve and integrate biomedical information. The knowledge sources can be used to link disparate information systems to overcome retrieval problems caused by differences in terminology and the scattering of relevant information across many databases. The three knowledge sources are the Metathesaurus, the Semantic Network, and the Specialist Lexicon.
Unified Medical Language System definition: The purpose of NLM's Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) is to facilitate the development of computer systems that behave as if they "understand" the meaning of the language of biomedicine and health. To that end, NLM produces and distributes the UMLS Knowledge Sources and associated software tools for use in building or enhancing electronic information systems that create, process, retrieve, integrate, and/or aggregate biomedical and health data and information, as well as in informatics research. The UMLS Knowledge Sources are multi-purpose and can be applied in systems that perform a range of functions involving one or more types of information, e.g., patient records, scientific literature, guidelines, public health data. The associated software tools assist developers in customizing or using the UMLS Knowledge Sources. There are three UMLS Knowledge Sources: the Metathesaurus, the Semantic Network, and the SPECIALIST lexicon.
Unified Medical Language definition: National Library of Medicine, 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20894.
Unified Atomic Mass Unit definition: The non-SI unit of mass in terms of which the masses of individual atoms and molecules are expressed. Unified atomic mass unit is defined as one one twelfth of the mass of an unbound atom of the carbon-12 nuclide, the predominant isotope of carbon, at rest and in its ground state. It is equal to 1.6606x10(E-27) kg (approximately).
unified atomic mass unit definition: 1.6605402 x 10-24 g
unified atomic mass unit definition: 1.6605402 x 10-24 g
Unified Code for Units of Measure definition: A code system intended to include all units of measures being contemporarily used in international science, engineering, and business. Its purpose is to facilitate unambiguous electronic communication of quantities together with their units.
Unified Modeling Language definition: A non-proprietary, third generation modelling language. The Unified Modeling Language is an open method used to specify, visualise, construct and document the artifacts of an object-oriented software-intensive system under development. The UML represents a compilation of "best engineering practices" which have proven successful in modelling large, complex systems.
Unification definition: The act of joining, uniting, consolidating, or linking together.