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Unternehmung attempt
Unternehmung enterprise
Unternehmung operation
Unternehmung venture
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The Open-Source Neuroimaging Research Enterprise

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Operation Notes Illustrated With Digital Images

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The mangled extremity and attempt for limb salvage

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Perforated duodenal ulcer: which operation?

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The impact of altitude on early outcome following the Fontan operation

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The role of casein in supporting the operation of surface bound kinesin

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The serotonin 1A receptor C(-1019)G polymorphism in relation to suicide attempt

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SWEET-DB: an attempt to create annotated data collections for carbohydrates

Alexander Loß et al.

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Humanized telomeres and an attempt to express a functional human telomerase in yeast

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Calibration of a system for the computer-assisted operation of a small animal inhalation facility.

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