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CHAIR, EXAMINATION AND TREATMENT definition: A medical chair or table is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of a chair or table without wheels and not electrically powered which, by reason of special shape or attachments, such as food trays or headrests, or special features such as a built-in raising and lowering mechanism or removable arms, is intended for use of blood donors, geriatric patients, or patients undergoing treatment or examination.
Chairs, Examination/Treatment definition: Chairs used to position the patient for easy access and comfort during examination, treatment, or minor surgical procedures. Most of these chairs are adjustable in height and include head, arm- and foot-rests, and a reclining back that may be tilted from a vertical to a horizontal or near-horizontal position. Some examination/treatment chairs are hydraulic or electrically powered.
GLOVE, PATIENT EXAMINATION definition: A patient examination glove is a disposable device intended for medical purposes that is worn on the examiner's hand or finger to prevent contamination between patient and examiner.
Lights, Examination definition: Lights designed to deliver intense focused lightning directly on the area where the examination is performed. These lights emit radiation in the visible spectrum; they are mostly used in dental and physician offices for patient examination and to perform other procedures (e.g., minor surgery). Examination lights are available in stand-alone (free standing), wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and table-top configurations
Tables, Examination/Treatment definition: Tables designed to facilitate patient examination and/or treatment while the patient is lying on the table. These tables usually have a padded top surface covered with dirt- and stain-resistant material (e.g., vinyl) to facilitate cleaning and decontamination and to increase the useful life of the table. Examination/treatment tables may allow height and/or position (e.g., tilt) adjustments; they may also include leg extensions, casters, and other accessories (e.g., stirrups, paper rolls, storage drawers). Dedicated tables intended for specific examinations and/or treatments (e.g., gynecologic, proctologic, urological, orthopedic) are available.
Untersuchung definition: [1] die genauere Betrachtung, Beobachtung oder das Betasten zur Bestimmung eines Sachverhalts oder Objektes
Schrift definition: Traité, écrit.
Schrift definition: Écriture.
Untersuchung definition: (sens juridique) Examen, enquête, instruction: ''Untersuchungsrichter'', juge d’instruction.
Untersuchung definition: enquête, examen, analyse: ''die logischen Untersuchungen'', ''les Recherches logiques'' (œuvre du philosophe allemand Husserl).
enquête definition: Recherche, preuve qui se fait en justice par audition de témoins.
enquête definition: Certaines recherches en matière de commerce, d’industrie, de haute administration faites par ordre de l’autorité.