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übliche Verhaltensweise behavior pattern
übliche Verhaltensweise behaviour pattern
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Does neuregulin-1 play a role in Type A behavior? The cardiovascular risk in young Finns study: ... "outcomes" of Type A behavior. Therefore, NRG1 is hypothesized to be associated with Type A behavior. Methods The study examined whether Type A behavior pattern is associated with the ...

Helena M Service et al.

Behavioral and Brain Functions : BBF , 17 Sep 2008

Site-specific receptor methylation of FrzCD in Myxococcus xanthus is controlled by a tetra-trico peptide repeat (TPR) containing regulatory domain of the FrzF methyltransferase: ... role in M. xanthus behaviour and that the pattern of receptor methylation ...

Ansley E Scott et al.

Molecular Microbiology , 01 Aug 2008

Psychosocial health risk factors and resources of medical students and physicians: a cross-sectional study: ... in profession-related behaviour and experience patterns of medical students and physicians that may serve as a basis for appropriate health promoting interventions. Methods The questionnaire -Related Behaviour and Experience "Work administered in cross-sectional surveys to students in the first (n = 475) and in the fifth year of studies (n = 355) in required courses at three German universities and to physicians in early professional life in the vicinity of these universities (n = 381). Results Scores reflecting a healthy behaviour pattern were less likely in ...

Edgar Voltmer et al.

BMC Medical Education , 02 Oct 2008

Patterns in sedentary and exercise behaviors and associations with overweight in 9–14-year-old boys and girls - a cross-sectional study.: ... and physical exercise behavior and compare these groups regarding overweight status. Methods Cross-sectional study among 11-year-old children in nine countries (n = 12538). Self-administered questionnaires assessed the time spent on TV viewing during dinner and during the day, PC use and on physical exercise. The parents reported children's weight and height. Descriptive statistics, cluster analyses, and logistic regression analyses were used for data analyses. Results Boys spent more time on sedentary behaviors but also more on physical exercise than girls. High TV viewing and low exercise behavior independently increased the risk of being overweight. Based on the behaviors, five clusters were identified. Among boys, clear associations with being overweight were found, with the most unhealthy behavior pattern having the highest ...

Saskia J te Velde et al.

BMC Public Health , 31 Jan 2007

The effects of beta-blockers on dobutamine-atropine stress echocardiography: early protocol versus standard protocol: ... was done regarding the behavior pattern of heart rate and blood ...

Ana C Camarozano et al.

Cardiovascular Ultrasound , 19 Jul 2006