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Alkaline Phosphatase definition: An enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of an orthophosphoric monoester and water to an alcohol and orthophosphate. EC
ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE definition: A leukocyte alkaline phosphatase test is a device used to identify the enzyme leukocyte alkaline phosphatase in neutrophilic granulocytes (granular leukocytes stainable by neutral dyes). The cytochemical identification of alkaline phosphatase depends on the formation of blue granules in cells containing alkaline phosphatase. The results of this test are used to differentiate chronic granulocytic leukemia (a malignant disease characterized by excessive overgrowth of granulocytes in the bone marrow) and reactions that resemble true leukemia, such as those occuring in severe infections and polycythemia (increased total red cell mass).
Alkaline Phosphatase definition: An enzyme that catalyses the cleavage of inorganic phosphate non-specifically from a wide variety of phosphate esters and having a high (greater than 8) pH optimum.
Metals, Alkaline Earth definition: Metals that constitute the group 2 (formerly group IIa) of the periodic table.
alkaline earth metal definition: bivalent metals that constitute the group 2 (formerly group IIa) of the periodic table; they are Be, Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba and Ra.
Phosphodiesterase I definition: A phosphoric diester hydrolase that removes 5'-nucleotides from the 3'-hydroxy termini of 3'-hydroxy-terminated OLIGONUCLEOTIDES. It has low activity towards POLYNUCLEOTIDES and the presence of 3'-phosphate terminus on the substrate may inhibit hydrolysis.
Alkaline Phosphatase Measurement definition: A quantitative measurement of alkaline phosphatase present in a sample.
Alkaline Phosphatase definition: A measurement of the alkaline phosphatase in a biological specimen.
alkaline phosphatase activity definition: Catalysis of the reaction: an orthophosphoric monoester + H2O = an alcohol + phosphate, with an alkaline pH optimum. [EC:]
beta-fructofuranosidase activity definition: Catalysis of the hydrolysis of terminal non-reducing beta-D-fructofuranoside residues in beta-D-fructofuranosides. [EC:]
Alkaline Ceramidase definition: A ceramidase subtype that is active at alkaline pH. It is found at high levels within the SMALL INTESTINE.
alkalisch definition: [1] einen pH-Wert größer als 7 aufweisend