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Allografts definition: Skin, bone, or other tissue taken from an individual used to replace or regenerate diseased or injured tissue in another individual of the same species.
Allograft definition: A graft transferred from a donor of one species to a recipient of the same species but different genetic makeup.
Allografting definition: Grafting or transplanting cells, tissues, or organs between genetically non-identical individuals.
Grafts, Skin, Biological definition: Grafts obtained from donors, which are intended to replace an area of a patient's diseased or injured skin. These grafts are obtained from the body of the same person (i.e., autograft), from another person (i.e., allograft, typically from cadavers), or less frequently, from a different species (i.e., xenografts, typically from pigs). Biological skin autografts are usually passed through a device (i.e., dermatome) that cuts slits in the graft allowing expansion to cover a larger area; these grafts are intended for permanent use in the healing of extensive skin losses, including large wounds and burns. Allografts and xenografts are only intended for temporary use (e.g., a few days).