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Modified By definition: Indicates the person or authoritative body who changed an item.
Gravity, Altered definition: A change in, or manipulation of, gravitational force. This may be a natural or artificial effect.
site-specific endodeoxyribonuclease activity, specific for altered base definition: Catalysis of the hydrolysis of ester linkages at specific sites within a deoxyribonucleic acid molecule by creating internal breaks. [GOC:jl]
Mood Alteration definition: A change in disposition or state of mind.
TCTA Gene definition: This gene is putatively involved in the regulation of cell growth.
T-Cell Leukemia Translocation Altered Gene Product definition: Ubiquitously expressed (highest in kidney) 103-aa 11-kDa T-Cell Leukemia Translocation Altered Gene Product is encoded by human TCTA Gene. (NCI)
Medical Status Altered definition: The medical condition of the Patient has changed
Allele_Plays_Altered_Role_In_Process definition: This is a specializing role for alleles whose encoded products function differently (qualitatively or quantitatively) from the function asserted on their gene classes. It specializes the function of the wild type gene/gene product. The domain and range kind for this role are Gene_Kind and Biological_Process_Kind, respectively.
TCTA wt Allele definition: Human TCTA wild-type allele is located within 3p21 and is approximately 4 kb in length. This allele encodes T-cell leukemia translocation-associated gene protein. The TCTA gene has been shown exhibit a t(14;21)(q11. 2;q22) chromosomal translocation in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, resulting in activation of BHLHB1 gene expression. This alteration leads to a leukemogenic effect via the functional inactivation of repressor proteins.
Mechanics altered definition: Issue associated with modification of the moving parts or tools of the device or its components.