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MATTRESS, AIR FLOTATION, ALTERNATING PRESSURE definition: An alternating pressure air flotation mattress is a device intended for medical purposes that consists of a mattress with multiple air cells that can be filled and emptied in an alternating pattern by an associated control unit to provide regular, frequent, and automatic changes in the distribution of body pressure. The device is used to prevent and treat decubitus ulcers (bed sores).
Mattress Systems, Alternating-Pressure definition: Mattress systems that include a mattress made of multiple air cells, which are cyclically inflated and deflated in such a way that the inflated sacks cells support the patient and the deflated ones give pressure relief to prevent maceration of the patient's skin. Control units connected to the mattress regulate the cycles of inflation and deflation. These systems are typically used in the care and management of patients at risk for, or who already have compromised skin surfaces, such as burn patients, patients at risk for developing decubitus ulcers, patients with decubitus ulcers, etc.
MOPP/ABVD Alternating Regimen definition: An alternating, non-cross resistant regimen consisting of mechlorethamine, vincristine, prednisone and procarbazine (MOPP) followed by doxorubicin, bleomycin, vinblastine and dacarbazine (ABVD), used for the initial treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma.
alternating current definition: [1] Wechselstrom
alternierend definition: [1] abwechselnd, wechselnd :[a] speziell Mathematik, Reihen: mit von Glied zu Glied wechselndem Vorzeichen
Wechselstrom definition: [1] Elektrotechnik: Strom, dessen Richtung sich periodisch ändert