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Occitan (post 1500); Provençal
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BASIC FUCHSIN definition: Dye and chemical solution stains for medical purposes are mixtures of synthetic or natural dyes or nondye chemicals in solutions used in staining cells and tissues for diagnostic histopathology, cytopathology, or hematology.
Basic Fuchsin definition: A green, crystalline, solid dye that is one of the major components of magenta. Basic fuchsin is primarily used for bacterial identification, but is also used as a dye in textiles, leather, and printing inks. Exposure to basic fuchsin is irritating to the eyes and skin. The substance is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen. (NCI05)
base definition: fundamental category of chemical compounds identified by certain common characteristics such as the ability to react with acids to form salts, dissociate to give hydroxide ions in aqueous solution, capable of donating a pair of electrons to an acid for formation of a coordinate covalent bond, and able to turn litmus paper blue.
Base definition: A substance that dissociates to give hydroxide ions in aqueous solutions; a substance capable of donating a pair of electrons (to an acid) for the formation of a coordinate covalent bond; a substance whose molecule or ion can combine with a proton (hydrogen ion); a substance that combines with acids to form salts.
Basic Science Research definition: Fundamental research designed to obtain or increase general scientific knowledge, performed without the goal of developing a direct application intended to solve a specific problem.
Keratins, Type II definition: A keratin subtype that includes keratins that are generally larger and less acidic that TYPE I KERATINS. Type II keratins combine with type I keratins to form keratin filaments.
Basis definition: The fundamental assumptions underlying an explanation or a relation that provide the foundation for something.
Basic Audio definition: This is a format for single channel audio, encoded using 8bit ISDN mu-law [PCM] at a sample rate of 8000 Hz. This format is standardized by: CCITT, Fascicle III.4 -Recommendation G.711. Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) of Voice Frequencies. Geneva, 1972.
BASIC definition: [1] 'b'eginners 'a'll-purpose symbolic instruction code : eine einfache Programmiersprache
basic term definition: [1] Grundbegriff
Grundrecht definition: [1] grundlegendes Recht, das dem Bürger von einem Staat garantiert wird
Grundgesetz definition: [1] nur Singular: die Verfassung eines Staates, besonders der Bundesrepublik Deutschland [2] ein wichtiges, grundlegendes Gesetz
BASIC definition: [1] Abkürzung, Kurzwort, Akronym: für 'b'eginners 'a'll-purpose symbolic instruction code, eine einfache Programmiersprache
Grunddeutsch definition: [1] Linguistik: Auswahl aus dem Wortschatz und der Grammatik des Deutschen, die als Minimalanforderungen für den Unterricht in Deutsch als Fremdsprache angesehen wird.
grundlegend definition: [1] die Grundlage herstellend, die Basis bildend [2] von Grund auf, vollständig neu
alkalisch definition: [1] einen pH-Wert größer als 7 aufweisend
Urinstinkt definition: [1] ein aus Urzeiten, im Unterbewusstesein erhaltener Instinkt
basilare definition: [1] grundlegend, Grund-
oinarrizko definition: [1] einfach, elementar, fundamental
funtsezko definition: [1] solid, standhaft, zuverlässig, charakterfest [2] einfach, elementar, fundamental [3] ansehnlich, bedeutsam, kennzeichnend, signifikant
basic definition: [1] allgemein: grundlegend, wesentlich, Haupt- [2] Chemie: basisch
ocOccitan (post 1500); Provençal
basic definition: [1] allgemein: grundlegend, wesentlich, Haupt- [2] Chemie: basisch
abc definition: Petit livret contenant l’alphabet et la combinaison des lettres pour enseigner à lire.
abc definition: Principes élémentaires, commencement d’un art, d’une science.
BASIC definition: Famille de langages de programmation de haut niveau.