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catalyze katalysieren
2 words
to catalyze katalysieren
2 words
to catalyze to catalyse
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Tetrahymena thermophila and Candida albicans Group I intron-derived ribozymes can catalyze the trans -excision-splicing reaction

P. Patrick Dotson et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Sep 2008

Rat liver subcellular fractions catalyze aerobic binding of 1-nitro[14C]pyrene to DNA.

L M Ball et al.

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Oct 1985

Prion-derived copper-binding peptide fragments catalyze the generation of superoxide anion in the presence of aromatic monoamines

Tomonori Kawano

International Journal of Biological Sciences , 09 Nov 2006

Vaccinia topoisomerase and Cre recombinase catalyze direct ligation of activated DNA substrates containing a 3′- para -nitrophenyl phosphate ester

George Woodfield et al.

Nucleic Acids Research , 01 Sep 2000

Why PLoS Became a Publisher: ... publisher, in order to catalyze change towards ...

Patrick O Brown et al.

PLoS Biology , 01 Oct 2003

Cytochromes P450: a success story: ... core, allowing them to catalyze regioselective and ...

Danièle Werck-Reichhart et al.

Genome Biology , 2000

Protein prenyltransferases: ... prenyltransferases catalyze the attachment of ...

Sebastian Maurer-Stroh et al.

Genome Biology , 2003

Mechanisms of degradation by white rot fungi.: ... of peroxidases to catalyze both direct and ...

S D Aust

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Jun 1995

Physiological aspects of free-radical reactions.: Enzymes which catalyze the formation of free ...

I Yamazaki et al.

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 Dec 1985

Can sequence determine function?: ... frequently do not catalyze the same reaction, and ...

John A Gerlt et al.

Genome Biology , 2000

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