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Cathode Rays definition: A stream of low-energy ELECTRONS produced in cathode ray tubes.
Monitors, Video definition: Monitors designed to display electronic images either in real time as they are obtained using a video camera or from a video recorder, a digital versatile disk recorder, a television, or from a digital computerized network. These monitors typically include electronic circuitry to process the composite television signal and a screen (e.g., cathode ray tube, liquid crystal or plasma display, projection sets) to display the image. Video monitors may be used for many purposes, including monitoring patient activity and displaying images during surgical, endoscopic, and fluoroscopic procedures.
DISPLAY, CATHODE-RAY TUBE, MEDICAL definition: A medical cathode-ray tube display is a device designed primarily to display selected biological signals. This device often incorporates special display features unique to a specific biological signal.
Cathode Ray Tube definition: A vacuum tube equipped with an electron emitting CATHODE and a fluorescent screen which emits visible light when excited by the cathode ray. Cathode ray tubes are used as imaging devises for TELEVISIONS; COMPUTER TERMINALS; TEXT TELECOMMUNICATION DEVICES; oscilloscopes; and other DATA DISPLAY devices.
cathode definition: cathode.
Kathode definition: [1] Chemie: Elektrochemie: Elektrode, an der die Reduktionsreaktion stattfindet [2] Physik: Elektrotechnik: negative Elektrode, die Elektronen abgibt
Katode definition: [1] Chemie: Elektrochemie: die Elektrode, an der eine Reduktionsreaktion stattfindet [2] Physik: Elektronik: negative Elektrode, die Elektronen abgibt, die von der Anode aufgenommen werden; Gegenpol zur Anode
cathode definition: Pôle positif d’une pile électrique, ou négatif pour une électrolyse.