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pressure decreases Druckabfälle
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Intraperitoneal inflammation decreases endometriosis in a mouse model

N.M. Nowak et al.

Human Reproduction (Oxford, England) , 01 Nov 2008

Bladder sensory desensitization decreases urinary urgency

Carlos Silva et al.

BMC Urology , 11 Jun 2007

LPS decreases fatty acid oxidation and nuclear hormone receptors in the kidney *

Kenneth R. Feingold et al.

Journal of Lipid Research , 01 Oct 2008

Fasting Decreases the Content of D-Chiroinositol in Human Skeletal Muscle

Pavel N. Shashkin et al.

International journal of experimental diabetes research , 2002

Protein Under-Wrapping Causes Dosage Sensitivity and Decreases Gene Duplicability

Han Liang et al.

PLoS Genetics , 01 Jan 2008

(R)-albuterol decreases immune responses: role of activated T cells

Marcela A Ferrada et al.

Respiratory Research , 2008

Cisapride decreases gastric content aspiration in mechanically ventilated patients

John Pneumatikos et al.

Critical Care , 1999

Cyclosporin A decreases human macrophage interleukin-6 synthesis at post-transcriptional level.

J E García et al.

Mediators of Inflammation , 1999

Multiple major increases and decreases in mitochondrial substitution rates in the plant family Geraniaceae

Christopher L Parkinson et al.

BMC Evolutionary Biology , 20 Dec 2005

Red wine consumption increases antioxidant status and decreases oxidative stress in the circulation of both young and old humans

Michelle Micallef et al.

Nutrition Journal , 24 Sep 2007

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