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Early Ambulation definition: Procedure to accelerate the ability of a patient to walk or move about by reducing the time to AMBULATION. It is characterized by a shorter period of hospitalization or recumbency than is normally practiced.
Adenovirus Early Proteins definition: Proteins encoded by adenoviruses that are synthesized prior to, and in the absence of, viral DNA replication. The proteins are involved in both positive and negative regulation of expression in viral and cellular genes, and also affect the stability of viral mRNA. Some are also involved in oncogenic transformation.
Basophilic Erythroblast definition: A nucleated red blood cell that stains readily with basic dye.
Early Intervention (Education) definition: Procedures and programs that facilitate the development or skill acquisition in infants and young children who have disabilities, who are at risk for developing disabilities, or who are gifted. It includes programs that are designed to prevent handicapping conditions in infants and young children and family-centered programs designed to affect the functioning of infants and children with special needs. (From Journal of Early Intervention, Editorial, 1989, vol. 13, no. 1, p. 3; A Discursive Dictionary of Health Care, prepared for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, 1976)
History, Early Modern 1451-1600 definition: The period of history from 1451 through 1600 of the common era.
Early Yaws definition: Early yaws includes primary and secondary stages of yaws, endemic tropical treponemal nonvenereal infection: development of initial lesion at inoculation site followed by widespread dissemination of treponemes and generalized secondary granulomatous lesions that may relapse repeatedly.
early diagnosis definition: methods to determine in patients the nature of a disease or disorder at its early stage of progression; generally, early diagnosis improves prognosis and treatment outcome.
Early Diagnosis definition: Methods to determine in patients the nature of a disease or disorder at its early stage of progression. Generally, early diagnosis improves PROGNOSIS and TREATMENT OUTCOME.
Early Detection definition: Use of a device, marker, or other means for the purpose of detecting the presence of a tumor early in its development.
early experience definition: experiences at an early stage of development or experiences that occur at an earlier than normal age; includes prenatal experiences.
early endosome definition: Small irregularly shaped intracellular vesicles to which endocytosed molecules are initially delivered. [GOC:rb]
endocytotic transport vesicle definition: OBSOLETE (was not defined before being made obsolete). [GOC:go_curators]
endocytic vesicle definition: A membrane-bounded intracellular vesicle formed by invagination of the plasma membrane around an extracellular substance. [GOC:go_curators]
Early definition: At or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events.
early phagosome definition: A membrane-bounded intracellular vesicle as initially formed upon the ingestion of particulate material by phagocytosis. [GOC:mah, PMID:12388753]
early/brief intervention/therapy definition: early intervention is treatment administered at or near the beginning of the appearance of a disease or disorder, including developmental disorders; brief intervention is treatment provided over a concise period of time and often takes advantage of teachable moments; early and brief interventions often occur simultaneously, such as when patients present to an emergency department for related or unrelated health concerns; post coordinate with specific treatment when possible.
early ignition definition: [1] Frühzündung, Vorzündung
early definition: [1] zeitig, eher ankommen [2] zeitig, eher als erwartet oder normal
früh definition: [1] zeitlich am Anfang liegend, zum Beginn [2] zu einem Zeitpunkt, der vor dem erwarteten liegt
früher definition: [1] Komparativ von früh: zeitlich vorher [2] gewesen, zurückliegend
d'hora definition: [1] Zeitangabe: früh, rechtzeitig
lève-tôt definition: Personne qui a l’habitude de se lever tôt.