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Food definition: Any substances taken in by the body that provide nourishment.
food definition: anything which, when taken into the body, serves to nourish or build up the tissues or to supply body heat.
Food or Food Substance definition: Processed or unprocessed substances obtained from animal, plant, microorganism and mining source that provide nutrients for living organisms to maintain biological processes or functions.
Food definition: A group of substances which are consumed by humans and animals.
food definition: Naturally occurring, processed or manufactured entities that are primarily used as food for humans and animals.
Food, Formulated definition: Food and dietary formulations including elemental (chemically defined formula) diets, synthetic and semisynthetic diets, space diets, weight-reduction formulas, tube-feeding diets, complete liquid diets, and supplemental liquid and solid diets.
Food, Fortified definition: Any food that has been supplemented with essential nutrients either in quantities that are greater than those present normally, or which are not present in the fortified food. The supplementation of cereals with iron and vitamins is an example of fortified food. Fortified food includes also enriched food to which various nutrients have been added to compensate for those essential nutrients removed by refinement or processing. (From Segen, Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 1992)
Food, Preserved definition: Food that has been prepared and stored in a way to prevent spoilage.
Infant Food definition: Food processed and manufactured for the nutritional health of children in their first year of life.
baby food definition: anything which, when taken into the infant body, serves to nourish or build up the tissues or to supply body heat; typically liquids or pureed food until the baby develops teeth; includes baby formula.
Seafood definition: Marine fish and shellfish used as food or suitable for food. (Webster, 3d ed) SHELLFISH and FISH PRODUCTS are more specific types of SEAFOOD.
seafood definition: fish and shellfish used as food or suitable for food.
Health Food definition: A non-medical term defined by the lay public as a food that has little or no preservatives, which has not undergone major processing, enrichment or refinement and which may be grown without pesticides. Health foods have been attributed with the ability to prevent the development of diseases, slow the aging process, and prolong life. (from Segen, The Dictionary of Modern Medicine, 1992)
Fast Foods definition: Prepared food that is ready to eat or partially prepared food that has a final preparation time of a few minutes or less.
Foods, Specialized definition: Foods and beverages prepared for use to meet specific needs such as infant foods.
Food, Genetically Modified definition: Food derived from genetically modified organisms (ORGANISMS, GENETICALLY MODIFIED).
Soy Foods definition: Foods made from SOYBEANS. Health benefits are ascribed to the high levels of DIETARY PROTEINS and ISOFLAVONES.
Functional Food definition: Components of the usual diet that may provide health benefits beyond basic nutrients. Examples of functional foods include soy, nuts, chocolate, and cranberries (From NCCAM Backgrounder, March 2004, p3). Soy, for example, provides not only protein but also PHYTOESTROGENS (isoflavones), which help reduce total blood cholesterol by lowering LDL CHOLESTEROL.