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Activator Appliances definition: Loose-fitting removable orthodontic appliances which redirect the pressures of the facial and masticatory muscles onto the teeth and their supporting structures to produce improvements in tooth arrangements and occlusal relations.
Inspiration definition: Taking ambient air into the lungs; breathing in.
inhalation definition: In medicine, refers to the act of taking a substance into the body by breathing.
Inhalation definition: The act of BREATHING in.
Inhalation definition: To draw in with the breath through the nose.
Blood Physiological Phenomena definition: Physiological processes and properties of the BLOOD.
cardiovascular function definition: functions and activities of the cardiovascular system as a whole or of any of its parts.
Cardiovascular Physiological Phenomena definition: Processes and properties of the CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM as a whole or of any of its parts.
Cardiovascular Physiology definition: Study of the functions and activities of the cardiovascular system as a whole or of any of its parts.
Cell Physiological Phenomena definition: Cellular processes, properties, and characteristics.
Cell Physiology definition: Characteristics and physiological processes of cells from cell division to cell death.
Cellular Process definition: A coordinated, single-cell function or a process involving or requiring whole cells or involving a major or a substantial portion of a cell or of the total machinery of a cell. (NCI)
Subcellular Process definition: An intracellular or extracellular function, activity, or process principally involving intracellular or extracellular components. (NCI)
Defecation definition: The normal process of elimination of fecal material from the RECTUM.
defecation definition: The expulsion of feces from the rectum. [GOC:mah]
Defecation definition: The normal process of elimination of fecal material from the rectum.
Bowel function definition: Transporting food through the gastrointestinal tract to eliminate wastes.
Discriminant Analysis definition: A statistical analytic technique used with discrete dependent variables, concerned with separating sets of observed values and allocating new values. It is sometimes used instead of regression analysis.
Discriminant Function Analysis definition: A statistical technique used to determine which variables discriminate between two or more naturally groups and to determine whether groups differ with regard to the mean of a variable.
Hemostasis definition: The process which spontaneously arrests the flow of BLOOD from vessels carrying blood under pressure. It is accomplished by contraction of the vessels, adhesion and aggregation of formed blood elements (eg. ERYTHROCYTE AGGREGATION), and the process of BLOOD COAGULATION.
hemostasis definition: process of arresting blood flow or bleeding, either physiologically by vasoconstriction and coagulation or by mechanical or surgical means.
Hemostasis definition: The arrest of bleeding, either by the physiological properties of vasoconstriction and coagulation or by surgical means.
Hemostasis definition: The arrest of bleeding, either by the physiological properties of vasoconstriction and coagulation or by surgical means.
hemostasis definition: The stopping of bleeding (loss of body fluid) or the arrest of the circulation to an organ or part. [ISBN:0198506732 "Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology"]
Likelihood Functions definition: Functions constructed from a statistical model and a set of observed data which give the probability of that data for various values of the unknown model parameters. Those parameter values that maximize the probability are the maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters.
Ocular Physiological Phenomena definition: Processes and properties of the EYE as a whole or of any of its parts.
Visual Physiology definition: The science concerned with the normal processes of sight.
physiology definition: Used with organs, tissues, and cells of unicellular and multicellular organisms for normal function. It is used also with biochemical substances, endogenously produced, for their physiologic role.
Sensation definition: The process in which specialized SENSORY RECEPTOR CELLS transduce peripheral stimuli (physical or chemical) into NERVE IMPULSES which are then transmitted to the various sensory centers in the CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM.
sensation definition: transduction of stimuli from outside the body and those within the body into nerve impulses by receptors, and the transmission of these impulses by afferent neurons to the cerebral cortex.
sensory perception definition: The series of events required for an organism to receive a sensory stimulus, convert it to a molecular signal, and recognize and characterize the signal. [GOC:ai, GOC:dph]
SOS Response (Genetics) definition: An error-prone mechanism or set of functions for repairing damaged microbial DNA. SOS functions (a concept reputedly derived from the SOS of the international distress signal) are involved in DNA repair and mutagenesis, in cell division inhibition, in recovery of normal physiological conditions after DNA repair, and possibly in cell death when DNA damage is extensive.
SOS response definition: An error-prone process for repairing damaged microbial DNA. [GOC:jl, http://cancerweb.ncl.ac.uk/]
SOS Function definition: A series of erroneous bacterial processes that are utilized to maintain the integrity of DNA during cellular metabolism. These functions are involved in maintenance activities such as DNA repair, but they are also involved in apoptosis and mitotic inhibition.
Atrial Function definition: The hemodynamic and electrophysiological action of the HEART ATRIA.
Ventricular Function definition: The hemodynamic and electrophysiological action of the HEART VENTRICLES.
excretion definition: act or process of discharging waste matter from the blood, tissues, or organs.
excretion definition: The elimination by an organism of the waste products that arise as a result of metabolic activity. These products include water, carbon dioxide (CO2), and nitrogenous compounds. [ISBN:0192801023]
Expiration definition: Expelling modified air from the lungs; breathing out.
Exhalation definition: The act of BREATHING out.
heart function definition: physiological activity and functions of the heart as a whole or of any of its parts, including the contractile activity of the myocardium and hemodynamic and electrophysiological action of the atrium and ventricles that provide for the oxygenation of blood and transportation of blood to the body.
Biological Processes definition: Biological activities and function of the whole organism in human, animal, microorgansims, and plants, and of the biosphere.
Biological Process definition: An activity that occurs between organisms or that occurs within an organism and involves the function, or modification of function by external factors, of biologic molecules, biologic complexes, subcellular components, cells, tissues, organs, or organ systems.
Gene Function definition: A term that expresses the function of a gene product.
gastrointestinal function definition: physiological activity and functions of the gastrointestinal system as a whole or of any of its parts, including breaking down food, preparing it for absorption and eliminating waste.
Function definition: The normal action performed by a structure or device.
Recovery of Function definition: A partial or complete return to the normal or proper physiologic activity of an organ or part following disease or trauma.
endocrine process definition: Any of the hormonal, neural, and secretory processes that release products into the blood or lymph. These products have specific effects on other organs. [ISBN:0721662544 "Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary"]
Endocrine Physiology definition: Study of the functions and activities of the endocrine system as a whole or of any of its parts.
Drinking definition: The consumption of liquids.
Executive Function definition: A set of cognitive functions that controls complex, goal-directed thought and behavior. Executive function involves multiple domains, such as CONCEPT FORMATION, goal management, cognitive flexibility, INHIBITION control, and WORKING MEMORY. Impaired executive function is seen in a range of disorders, e.g., SCHIZOPHRENIA; and ADHD.
executive function definition: higher order processes that enable an individual to plan, sequence, initiate, and sustain their behavior towards some goal, incorporating feedback and making adjustments along the way.
immune function definition: Production and action of cells that fight disease or infection.
Immune Function definition: Any multicellular process of immune cells effecting or involved with the immune response or immune maintenance. (NCI)
homoiothermy definition: Any homoeostatic process by which an organism maintains its internal body temperature at a relatively constant value. This is achieved by using metabolic processes to counteract fluctuations in the temperature of the environment. [ISBN:0192801023]
Filter definition: A device that removes something from whatever passes through it.
Mathematical Operator definition: A symbol or mathematical function that represents a specific action. For example, a plus sign (+) is an operator that represents addition. The basic mathematic operators are + addition, - subtraction,* multiplication,/ division. In addition to these operators, many programs and programming languages recognize other operators that allow you to manipulate numbers and text in more sophisticated ways. For example, Boolean operators enable you to test the truth or falsity of conditions, and relational operators let you compare one value to another.
Control definition: The act of directing or determining; regulation or maintenance of a function or action; a relation of constraint of one entity (thing or person or group) by another.
cornification definition: A type of programmed cell death that occurs in the epidermis, morphologically and biochemically distinct from apoptosis. It leads to the formation of corneocytes, i.e. dead keratinocytes containing an amalgam of specific proteins (e.g., keratin, loricrin, SPR and involucrin) and lipids (e.g., fatty acids and ceramides), which are necessary for the function of the cornified skin layer (mechanical resistance, elasticity, water repellence and structural stability). [PMID:18846107]
Cost Function definition: A function or expression that is either maximized or minimized in order to obtain the optimal solution for a mathematical problem.
function key definition: [1] Informatik: die Funktionstaste
function definition: Fonction.
function definition: Fonctionner.
Funktion definition: [1] allgemein: der Zweck, den jemand/etwas in einem System erfüllt [2] Mathematik: Abbildung zwischen Mengen [3] Informatik: Konstrukt, das einen Wert zurückliefert
funktionieren definition: [1] vorschriftsmäßig arbeiten
Funktionstaste definition: [1] Informatik: Die mit F1 bis F12 bezeichneten Tasten auf der Tastatur eines PCs oder eines Laptops, die mit speziellen Funktionen belegt werden können
sufit definition: [1] Architektur: Decke [2] Mathematik: Aufrundungsfunktion
podłoga definition: [1] Architektur: Fußboden [2] Mathematik: Gaußklammerfunktion, Entierfunktion, Ganzzahlfunktion, Abrundungsfunktion
تابع definition: [1] Mathematik: Funktion
دالہ definition: [1] Mathematik: Funktion
тобеъ definition: [1] Mathematik: Funktion
service definition: État, fonctions, devoirs de quelqu’un qui sert une personne ou une collectivité.
service definition: Par civilité, indique le fait d'être à la disposition de quelqu'un, prêt à faire ce qui pourra lui être utile ou agréable.
service definition: Indique le fait d'être le domestique de quelqu'un. Manière dont un domestique s’acquitte de ses fonctions.
service definition: Emploi, fonction de ceux qui servent l’État dans la magistrature, dans les finances, dans l’armée, dans la marine, ou qui font partie d’une administration.
service definition: Manière dont quelqu’un a servi, temps pendant lequel il a servi.
service definition: Ensemble d’opérations, de travaux, etc., servant à un usage déterminé dans les administrations, les établissements publics ou particuliers.
service definition: Usage, utilité qu’on retire des animaux et de certaines choses.
service definition: Assistance qu’on donne, aide qu’on prête à quelqu’un.
service definition: Célébration solennelle de l’office divin, de la messe et de toutes les prières publiques qui se font dans l’église.
service definition: Fait de servir les plats à table et de les ôter.
service definition: Ensemble de la vaisselle ou du linge qui sert à table.
service definition: Action de celui qui sert la balle.
service definition: Au théâtre, se dit des invitations envoyées aux critiques, aux membres de la presse.
service definition: Publication que l’on envoie régulièrement et gratuitement à quelqu’un.
service definition: Servitude.
service definition: Produit ou bien immatériel, par opposition à l'agriculture (secteur primaire) ou à l'industrie (secteur secondaire).
service definition: Dans un modèle client-serveur, fonctionnalité qui répond aux requêtes des logiciels client.
fonction definition: Actes qu’on fait pour s’acquitter des obligations, des devoirs d’un emploi, d’une charge ou pour en exercer les prérogatives.
fonction definition: Ensemble des obligations et devoirs inhérents à l’exercice d’un poste administratif.
fonction definition: Cette charge, cet emploi même.
fonction definition: Ensemble des propriétés actives d'un organe au sein de l'être vivant.
fonction definition: Synonyme de « application » souvent utilisé lorsque l'ensemble d'arrivée est un ensemble de nombres (ou, parfois, de vecteurs).
fonction definition: Relation entre deux ensembles E et F qui, à tout élément de E, fait correspondre au plus un élément de F. — L'usage en fut répandu dans l'enseignement français pendant les années 1970 et 1980.)
fonction definition: Une transformation d’un objet en un autre objet.
fonction definition: Sous-programme qui renvoie un résultat.
fonction definition: Ensemble d'opérations auxquelles peuvent concourir nos activités psychiques et qui en sont caractéristiques.
emploi definition: Usage qu’on fait de quelque chose.
emploi definition: Collocation de certaines sommes d’argent ou capitaux.
emploi definition: Placement obligatoire des sommes revenant à des usufruitiers, à des mineurs, dans une succession. .
emploi definition: Manière dont on emploie, dont on peut employer.
emploi definition: Occupation, fonction d’une personne employée dans une administration, une maison de commerce ou d’industrie.
emploi definition: Catégorie de rôles pour lesquels un acteur peut être employé.
office definition: Devoir que chacun de nous est tenu de remplir dans la vie privée et sociale.
office definition: Fonction, emploi dont on doit s’acquitter.
office definition: Charge, emploi avec juridiction.
office definition: Institution, organisme autonome qui est rattaché à un ministère.
office definition: Assistance qu’on prête, service qu’on rend.
office definition: Service de l’église, messe et prières publiques.
office definition: () Annexe à la cuisine.
office definition: Domestiques qui mange à l’'''office''' dans une maison.
office definition: Bureau (anglicisme lexical).
mot-outil definition: Mot dont la fonction est plutôt grammaticale que sémantique, comme les déterminants, les pronoms et les prépositions.