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Gonorrhea definition: Acute infectious disease characterized by primary invasion of the urogenital tract. The etiologic agent, NEISSERIA GONORRHOEAE, was isolated by Neisser in 1879.
gonorrhea definition: acute infectious disease characterized by primary invasion of the urogenital tract; the etiologic agent is Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
DEVICE, OXIDASE TEST FOR GONORRHEA definition: An oxidase screening test for gonorrhea is an in vitro device that consists of the articles intended to identify by chemical reaction, cytochrome oxidase, an oxidizing enzyme that is associated with certain bacteria including Neisseria gonorrhoeae. A sample of a male's urethral discharge is obtained on a swab which is placed into a wetting agent containing an ingredient that will react with cytochrome oxidase. When cytochrome oxidase is present, the swab turns a dark purple color within 3 minutes. Because it is unlikely that cytochrome oxidase-positive organisms other than Neisseria gonorrhoeae are present in the urethral discharge of males, the identification of cytochrome oxidase with this device indicates presumptive infection of the patient with the causative agent of gonorrhea.
gonorrhea vaccine definition: prophylactic or therapeutic preparation given to produce immune response to Neisseria gonorrhoeae.
gonorrhea definition: gonorrhée.
gonorrhea definition: chaude-pisse.
blennorragie definition: Maladie inflammatoire et infectieuse de la muqueuse de l’urètre.