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Infrastructure Activities definition: NIH Emphasis Area: Infrastructure activities are new or expanded programs in the following: Research Training; Shared Instrumentation and Services; Technology Development; Information Technology and Clinical Research. Again, only new or expanded program initiatives should be reported-e.g., an increase in training related only to the increase in stipends should not be reported as an Infrastructure Initiative.
Infrastructure Domestic and International definition: Establish appropriate infrastructure for the conduct of HIV research domestically and internationally.
Research Infrastructure definition: Refers to the physical structures needed to conduct research as well as the basic services needed for support, eg shipping and receiving services, waste management, and utilities.
Cancer Informatics Infrastructure definition: This framework will serve as a tool to create an interface among the basic, translational, clinical, and population-based research communities that participate in the research discovery process. Employing this knowledge management system will unify these research communities and will reduce drastically the time and effort needed to create and use existing or new information, making research discoveries possible at a scientist's desk, in addition to the lab. By speeding the discovery process and translation of the best discoveries into clinical interventions, the CII will transform cancer care through more effective and efficient information exchanges among all involved in cancer research. Finally, this knowledge management system will create new synergies within and among the fields of research, resulting in a dramatic acceleration of our progress against cancer. (From Bypass Budget 2001)
Cancer Research Infrastructure definition: 1 or more networks, composed of health care provider organization researchers who will be capable of conducting studies of cancer epidemiology, treatment, and prevention and control. (from Cancer Research Network Across Health Care Systems, NIH Guide, Volume 26, Number 30, September 5, 1997)
Cancer Bioinformatics Infrastructure Objects definition: The vision for caCORE is to provide a common data management framework that will support the consistency, clarity, and comparability of biomedical research data and information. The cancer Bioinformatics Infrastructure Objects (caBIO) model and architecture is the primary programmatic interface to caCORE. The heart of caBIO is its domain objects, each of which represents an entity found in biomedical research. These domain objects are related to each other, and examining these relationships can bring to the surface biomedical knowledge that was previously buried in the various primary data sources.
Infrastructure definition: The basic facilities, equipment, or underlying framework that are necessary for a system or organization to function.
provider definition: [1] Anbieter
Infrastruktur definition: [1] zugrunde liegendes Hilfsgebilde [2] Wirtschaftsgeographie: alle langlebigen Grundeinrichtungen und Anlagen, die für die Volkswirtschaft eines Landes notwendig sind und nur mittelbar der Produktion dienen
système definition: Ensemble d’éléments, de concepts articulés dans une structure.
système definition: Organisation politique ou sociale.
système definition: Ensemble de propositions, de principes vrais ou faux mis dans un certain ordre et enchaînés ensemble, de manière à en tirer des conséquences et à s’en servir pour établir une opinion, une doctrine, un dogme, etc.
système definition: Distribution méthodique et artificielle des êtres, propre à en faciliter l’étude.
système definition: Plan qu’on se fait et des moyens qu’on se propose d’employer pour réussir en quelque chose.
système definition: Ellipse de système d’exploitation.
système definition: Ellipse de système informatique, ensemble structuré des composants logiciels, matériels et des données, permettant d’automatiser tout ou partie du système d’information.
infrastructure definition: Partie inférieure d’une construction.
infrastructure definition: Terrassements, des travaux d’art d’une voie ferrée.