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Skin Integrity Impairment definition: Diminished ability to maintain the integument.
Tissue Integrity Alteration definition: Change in or modification of the mucous membrane, corneal, integumentary, or subcutaneous structures.
United States Office of Research Integrity definition: An office of the UNITED STATES PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE organized in June 1992 to promote research integrity and investigate misconduct in research supported by the Public Health Service. It consolidates the Office of Scientific Integrity of the National Institutes of Health and the Office of Scientific Integrity Review in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health.
Skin Integrity Impairment Risk definition: Increased chance of skin breakdown.
Scientific Integrity Review definition: Work consisting of reports by the United States Office of Research Integrity, identifying questionable research published in articles or books. Notification of the questionable data is carried in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts.
BRUSH, HAIDINGER, (INCLUDING MACULAR INTEGRITY) definition: A Haidlinger brush is an AC-powered device that provides two conical brushlike images with apexes touching which are viewed by the patient through a Nicol prism and intended to evaluate visual function. It may include a component for measuring macular integrity.
SKIN INTEGRITY COMPONENT definition: Cluster of elements that involve the mucous membrane, corneal, integumentary, or subcutaneous structures of the body.
data quality/integrity definition: norms, criteria, standards, and other direct qualitative and quantitative measures used in determining the quality or integrity of data; may also include activities and programs intended to assure or improve the quality of data or to review interim data and efficacy outcomes to determine if research should be continued as designed, changed, or terminated; may also include reviews to investigate misconduct in research; levels of excellence which characterize the data based on accepted standards of quality.
Impaired Cell Membrane Integrity definition: Impaired Cell Membrane Integrity consists of activities that interfere with, or restrain, fabrication, construction, or maintenance of the regular structure and function of semipermeable lipid bilayer membranes that surround or reside within a cell.
Impaired Cytoskeletal Integrity definition: Impaired Cytoskeletal Integrity consists of activities that interfere with, or restrain, fabrication, construction, or maintenance of the network of protein scaffolding, filaments, tubules, and interconnecting filamentous bridges (microfilaments, microtubules, intermediate filaments, and associated proteins) that give shape, structure, and organization to the cytoplasm and to a cell.
maintenance of epithelial integrity, open tracheal system definition: Ensuring that tracheal tubes in an open tracheal system maintain their epithelial structure during the cell shape changes and movements that occur during the branching process. [GOC:mtg_sensu, PMID:10694415, PMID:14681183]
DNA integrity checkpoint definition: Any cell cycle checkpoint that delays or arrests cell cycle progression in response to changes in DNA structure. [GOC:mah, GOC:vw]
Analyzers, Physiologic, Visual Function, Macular Integrity definition: Visual function physiologic analyzers designed to assess macular integrity. These analyzers typically consist of an electrically powered device intended to produce two conical, brushlike images with apexes touching (known as Haidinger's brushes). The observation of image characteristics through a Nicole prism facilitates evaluation of visual function, particularly macular integrity.
Material integrity issue definition: Issue associated with any deviations from device documented performance specifications relating to the limited durability of all material used to construct the device.
RNA Integrity Number definition: A numerical assessment of the integrity of RNA based on the entire electrophoretic trace of the RNA sample, including the presence or absence of degradation products.
Integrity definition: The state of being complete or undivided, of being sound or undamaged.
integrity definition: [1] Anstand, Integrität, Rechtschaffenheit, Unbescholtenheit
integrity definition: Intégrité.
intégrité definition: État d’un tout, d’une chose qui est dans son entier.
intégrité definition: Vertu, qualité d’une personne intègre.