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lends leiht
2 words
he/she lends er/sie leiht
he/she lends er/sie verleiht
lends out verpumpt
4 words
The library lends books. Die Bibliothek verleiht Bücher.
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Infected Peri-Pancreatic Necrosis Causing Gallbladder Necrosis by Direct Extension: ... We present a case that lends support to the ...

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Recycling signals in the neural crest: ... and differentiation lends insight into human ...

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MitoP2, an integrated database on mitochondrial proteins in yeast and man: ... the MitoP2 database lends itself to the genetic ...

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Induction of compulsive-like washing by blocking the feeling of knowing: an experimental test of the security-motivation hypothesis of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: ... behaviors. This finding lends support to the ...

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Application of Genome-Wide Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Typing: Simple Association and Beyond: ... this technology also lends itself to several other ...

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Heterogeneity of pneumococcal phase variants in invasive human infections: ... invasive isolates and lends further support to the ...

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