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Corpus Luteum Maintenance definition: Process of maintaining the functions of CORPORA LUTEA, specifically PROGESTERONE production which is regulated primarily by pituitary LUTEINIZING HORMONE in cycling females, and by PLACENTAL HORMONES in pregnant females. The ability to maintain luteal functions is important in PREGNANCY MAINTENANCE.
Long-Term Care definition: Care over an extended period, usually for a chronic condition or disability, requiring periodic, intermittent, or continuous care.
extended care definition: care over a long period of time, usually for a chronic condition or disability, requiring periodic, intermittent, or continuous care.
Maintenance definition: The upkeep of property or equipment.
Maintenance definition: The act of sustaining something in its current form or proper condition; upkeep.
Pregnancy Maintenance definition: Physiological mechanisms that sustain the state of PREGNANCY.
Immobilizer Care definition: Actions performed to control a splint, cast, or prescribed bed rest.
income maintenance definition: insurance programs designed to compensate individuals based upon need due to unemployment, death of head of household, age, etc.; see narrower terms for disability or poverty based programs.
maintenance therapy definition: Treatment that is given to help a primary (original) treatment keep working. Maintenance therapy is often given to help keep cancer in remission.
DNA Maintenance definition: DNA Maintenance involves cellular mechanisms that maintain DNA integrity. In many organisms, maintenance of DNA integrity requires not only faithful DNA replication, but also DNA repair and recombination. (NCI)
plasmid maintenance definition: The maintenance of the integrity of extrachromosomal plasmid DNA; includes processes that ensure plasmids are retained in the daughter cells after cell division. [GOC:ai]
amnioserosa maintenance definition: Maintenance of the amnioserosa, an epithelium that occupies a hole in the embryonic dorsal epidermis. [GOC:bf]
muscle maintenance definition: The cellular homeostatic process by which a muscle fiber is preserved in a stable functional or structural state. [GOC:mah, PMID:3091429, PMID:7781901]
maintenance of rDNA definition: Any process involved in sustaining the fidelity and copy number of rDNA repeats. [GOC:vw, PMID:14528010]
meristem maintenance definition: Any process involved in maintaining the identity, size and shape of a meristem. [GOC:tb]
Telomere Length Maintenance definition: Telomeres in human cancer cells consist of a tandem array of telomeric DNA repeats bound to a specialized telomeric proteins. Telomeres allow cells to distinguish natural chromosome ends from damaged DNA. When telomere function is disrupted, a potentially lethal DNA damage response can ensue, DNA repair activities threaten the integrity of chromosome ends, and extensive genome instability can arise. Both telomerase and recombination can lengthen telomeres. (from PMID 11850780 and NCI)
Cell Maintenance definition: Processes that promote, sustain, and preserve cell viability. (NCI)
myelin maintenance definition: The process of preserving the structure and function of mature myelin. This includes maintaining the compact structure of myelin necessary for its electrical insulating characteristics as well as the structure of non-compact regions such as Schmidt-Lantermann clefts and paranodal loops. This does not include processes responsible for maintaining the nodes of Ranvier, which are not part of the myelin sheath. [GOC:dgh]
maintenance of dauer definition: Maintenance of a nematode during the facultative diapause of the dauer (enduring) larval stage of nematode development. [GOC:cab1, WB_REF:wm2003ab740]
provirus maintenance definition: The molecular events that maintain a viral genome integrated into a host genome. [GOC:mlg]
Software Maintenance definition: All program coding after initial deployment to correct coding errors, enhance the functionality of the software, and perfect the functioning of the software.
maintenance of location definition: Any process by which a cell, substance or cellular entity, such as a protein complex or organelle, is maintained in a location and prevented from moving elsewhere. [GOC:ai, GOC:dph, GOC:tb]
neuron maintenance definition: The cellular homeostatic process by which a neuron is preserved in a stable, differentiated functional and structural state. [GOC:mah]
maintenance definition: Pension alimentaire.
maintenance definition: Tenue.
maintenance definition: Instance, instances.
maintenance definition: Garde.
livelihood definition: Ressource.
gérance definition: [1] Verwaltung, Verwaltungsbehörde, Administration, Verwaltung, Administration, Betriebsführung, Verwalten
télémaintenance definition: Maintenance d'une unité fonctionnelle, assurée par télécommunication directe entre cette unité et un centre spécialisé.
maintenance definition: Action de maintenir quelque chose en bon état.
entretien definition: Moyen ou chose qui va entretenir un sentiment.
entretien definition: Maintenances, soins et dépenses qu'exigent le maintien de certaines choses en bon état.
entretien definition: Désigne les travaux de jardin ayant pour objet les soins apportés aux pelouses et aux végétaux et le nettoyage des massifs et des circulations.
entretien definition: Fait de maintenir sa santé, sa forme physique, ses capacités intellectuelles ou toute autre chose dans un certain état.
entretien definition: Désigne ce qui est nécessaire pour la subsistance matérielle d’un individu ou d’un groupe et le fait de pourvoir à cette subsistance.
entretien definition: Action de s’entretenir avec une ou plusieurs personnes, d'échanger des paroles, de discuter.
entretien definition: Titre de certains ouvrages rédigés sous forme de dialogues.
entretien definition: Colloque, réunion de spécialistes, de médecins.
tenue definition: Action de tenir.
tenue definition: Temps pendant lequel certaines assemblées se tiennent.
tenue definition: Manière de tenir, d’entretenir, de soigner.
tenue definition: Action de tenir des livres de comptabilité.
tenue definition: Façon de se tenir, du maintien, des manières.
tenue definition: Assiette ferme et position correcte à cheval.
tenue definition: Dignité dans la conduite.
tenue definition: Correction, soin dans le style.
tenue definition: Manière d’être habillé.
tenue definition: L’uniforme avec tout ce qu’il comporte comme effets et insignes.
tenue definition: Action de tenir, de prolonger une note.
tenue definition: Fief qui relève d’un autre fief.
Wahrung definition: [1] Verhalten, das darauf angelegt ist, etwas in seinem Bestand zu wahren; die Aufrechterhaltung
Alimente definition: [1] Geldbetrag, der regelmäßig für jemandes Lebensunterhalt zu entrichten ist
onderhoud definition: maintenance [service]