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NEBULIZER, MEDICINAL, NON-VENTILATORY (ATOMIZER) definition: A medicinal nonventilatory nebulizer (atomizer) is a device that is intended to spray liquid medication in aerosol form into the air that a patient will breathe.
Chemistry, Pharmaceutical definition: Chemistry dealing with the composition and preparation of agents having PHARMACOLOGIC ACTIONS or diagnostic use.
Medicinal Chemistry definition: A chemistry-based discipline, also involving aspects of biological, medical and pharmaceutical sciences. It is concerned with the invention, discovery, design, identification and preparation of biologically active compounds, the study of their metabolism, the interpretation of their mode of action at the molecular level and the construction of structure-activity relationships.
Drug Toxicity definition: Manifestations of the adverse effects of drugs administered therapeutically or in the course of diagnostic techniques. It does not include accidental or intentional poisoning for which specific headings are available.
Drug Toxicity definition: An adverse effect of a drug used therapeutically or diagnostically.
Plants, Medicinal definition: Plants whose roots, leaves, seeds, bark, or other constituent possess therapeutic, tonic, purgative, or other pharmacologic activity when administered to higher animals.
medicinal plant definition: plant considered to possess healing properties.
Heilpflanze definition: [1] eine Pflanze, die zu Heilzwecken verwendet wird
Ausschuss für Humanarzneimittel definition: [1] wissenschaftlicher Ausschuss der Europäischen Arzneimittelagentur (EMEA), zuständig für Humanarzneimittel