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Gamma Cameras definition: Electronic instruments that produce photographs or cathode-ray tube images of the gamma-ray emissions from organs containing radionuclide tracers.
scintillation camera definition: electronic instruments that produce photographs or cathode-ray tube images of the gamma-ray emissions from organs containing radionuclide tracers.
CAMERA, SCINTILLATION (GAMMA) definition: A scintillation (gamma) camera is a device intended to image the distribution of radionuclides in the body by means of a photon radiation detector. This generic type of device may include signal analysis and display equipment, patient and equipment supports, radionuclide anatomical markers, component parts, and accessories.
Cameras, Gamma definition: Cameras designed to obtain a physiologic image of the distribution of gamma-ray-emitting radioisotopes within the human body after the injection or ingestion of a radiopharmaceutical. These cameras include a collimator to reduce scattered rays, a detector (e.g., a sodium iodide crystal, an array of multiple crystals) that converts the gamma rays in pulses of light (scintillation), photomultiplier tubes that convert light to electrical current, electronic circuitry to determine the location and magnitude of scintillation events, and a display. Gamma cameras are mostly used in the detection of cancerous tumors, nuclear cardiology studies, and cerebral blood flow images; they are frequently used in nuclear medicine as part of physiological imaging scanning systems.
Gamma Camera definition: An instrument used in medicine to produce images of internal organs after the injection of a radioactive drug into the body, where the drug releases gamma rays. It is used especially in medical diagnostic scanning. (Encarta Dictionary and Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)
Nuclear Energy definition: Energy released by nuclear fission or nuclear fusion.
Nuclear Family definition: A family composed of spouses and their children.
Nuclear Fission definition: Nuclear reaction in which the nucleus of a heavy atom such as uranium or plutonium is split into two approximately equal parts by a neutron, charged particle, or photon.
Nuclear Fusion definition: Thermonuclear reaction in which the nuclei of an element of low atomic weight unite under extremely high temperature and pressure to form a nucleus of a heavier atom.
Nuclear Matrix definition: The residual framework structure of the CELL NUCLEUS that maintains many of the overall architectural features of the cell nucleus including the nuclear lamina with NUCLEAR PORE complex structures, residual CELL NUCLEOLI and an extensive fibrogranular structure in the nuclear interior. (Advan. Enzyme Regul. 2002; 42:39-52)
nuclear matrix definition: network of proteinaceous structural elements in the nucleus, comparable to the cytoskeleton of the cytoplasm, responsible for large- scale translocations such as chromosome movement, spliceosome and mRNA transport, etc.
nuclear matrix definition: The dense fibrillar network lying on the inner side of the nuclear membrane. [ISBN:0582227089]
Nuclear Matrix definition: A fibrogranular network of residual structural elements within which are immersed both chromatin and ribonucleoproteins. It appears to extend throughout the nuclear interior from the nucleolus to the nuclear pore complexes along the nuclear periphery.
Nuclear Medicine definition: A specialty field of radiology concerned with diagnostic, therapeutic, and investigative use of radioactive compounds in a pharmaceutical form.
nuclear medicine definition: special field of radiology dealing with diagnostic, therapeutic and investigative use of radioisotopes and radioactive compounds.
Nuclear Medicine definition: Nuclear Medicine is the branch of medicine that uses radioactive materials either to image a patient's body or to destroy diseased cells.
Nuclear Envelope definition: The membrane system of the CELL NUCLEUS that surrounds the nucleoplasm. It consists of two concentric membranes separated by the perinuclear space. The structures of the envelope where it opens to the cytoplasm are called the nuclear pores (NUCLEAR PORE).
nuclear membrane definition: membrane system of the cell nucleus that surrounds the nucleoplasm.
nuclear membrane definition: Either of the lipid bilayers that surround the nucleus and form the nuclear envelope; excludes the intermembrane space. [GOC:mah, GOC:pz]
nuclear envelope definition: The double lipid bilayer enclosing the nucleus and separating its contents from the rest of the cytoplasm; includes the intermembrane space, a gap of width 20-40 nm (also called the perinuclear space). [ISBN:0198547684]
Nuclear Membrane definition: The double-layer membrane structure enclosing the nucleus in eukaryotic cells. It separates the DNA of the cell from the cytosol. For exchange of material, for example, proteins and mRNA, it is punctured with numerous nuclear pores.
Radioactivity definition: The spontaneous transformation of a nuclide into one or more different nuclides, accompanied by either the emission of particles from the nucleus, nuclear capture or ejection of orbital electrons, or fission. (McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms, 6th ed)
Radioactivity definition: The quality of emitting or the emission of corpuscular or electromagnetic radiations consequent to nuclear disintegration, a natural property of all chemical elements of atomic number above 83 and possible of induction in all other known elements.
Antigens, Nuclear definition: Immunologically detectable substances found in the CELL NUCLEUS.
NF-I definition: Widely expressed human NF-I Proteins (CTF/NF-I Family) contain 1 DWA/MH1 domain and bind TTGGCNNNNNGCCAA DNA palindromes in viral and cellular promoters as a homodimeric factor capable of activating transcription and replication. (NCI)
NF-I definition: Nuclear Factor I. Identified as a cellular protein involved in Adenovirus DNA replication, and independently as a transcriptional activator (CTF-1, CAAT-binding transcription factor). Ubiquitously expressed. Four genes, NFIA, NFIB, NFIC, and NFIX encode NF-I proteins.
NFI Transcription Factors definition: Transcription factors that were originally identified as site-specific DNA-binding proteins essential for DNA REPLICATION by ADENOVIRUSES. They play important roles in MAMMARY GLAND function and development.
nuclear body definition: Extra-nucleolar nuclear domains usually visualized by confocal microscopy and fluorescent antibodies to specific proteins. [GOC:ma, PMID:10330182]
Nuclear definition: Pertaining to the nucleus.
nuclear import definition: The directed movement of substances into the nucleus. [GOC:ai]
nuclear export definition: The directed movement of substances out of the nucleus. [GOC:ai]
nuclear lamina definition: The fibrous, electron-dense layer lying on the nucleoplasmic side of the inner membrane of a cell nucleus, composed of lamin filaments. The polypeptides of the lamina are thought to be concerned in the dissolution of the nuclear envelope and its re-formation during mitosis. The lamina is composed of lamin A and lamin C filaments cross-linked into an orthogonal lattice, which is attached via lamin B to the inner nuclear membrane through interactions with a lamin B receptor, an IFAP, in the membrane. [ISBN:0198506732 "Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology", ISBN:0716731363]
Nuclear Lamina definition: A lattice of fibrils which covers the entire inner surface of the nuclear envelope and interlinks nuclear pores (NUCLEAR PORE).
Nuclear Lamina definition: The nuclear lamina is a proteinaceous filamentous meshwork of lamin proteins interacting with integral proteins of the inner nuclear membrane, including emerin, and is thought to play a role in nuclear stability, chromatin structure, and gene expression. Lamins are highly conserved in evolution and members of the intermediate filament protein family. Mammalian lamins are classified into two major types, A and B, with two subspecies of each: lamins A and C for the A type and B1 and B2 for the B type. Lamins A and C arise from one gene by alternative splicing. Pre-lamin A contains a carboxyl CAAX box that can be modified by farnesylation. During mitosis, the lamina meshwork is reversibly disassembled in parallel with phosphorylation of the lamins.
Nuclear ADP Ribose Transferases definition: Nuclear poly(ADP-ribose) polymerases. EC
nuclear division definition: A process by which a cell nucleus is divided into two nuclei, with DNA and other nuclear contents distributed between the daughter nuclei. [GOC:mah]
Cell Nucleus Division definition: The process by which the CELL NUCLEUS is divided.
Nuclear Division definition: A cell division process consisting of a complex series of events or phases (prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase) by means of which two daughter nuclei normally receive identical complements of the chromosomes and DNA content characteristic of the original somatic cells of the species. Part of the process by which the body grows and replaces cells. Although used interchangeably with cell division, strictly speaking the term mitosis refers to nuclear division; cytokinesis refers to division of the cytoplasm. In some cells, as in many fungi and the fertilized eggs of many insects, nuclear division occurs within the cell unaccompanied by division of the cytoplasm and formation of daughter cells. (NCI)
nuclear chromosome definition: A chromosome found in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell. [GOC:mah]
nuclear euchromatin definition: The dispersed less dense form of chromatin in the interphase nucleus. It exists in at least two forms, a some being in the form of transcriptionally active chromatin which is the least condensed, while the rest is inactive euchromatin which is more condensed than active chromatin but less condensed than heterochromatin. [ISBN:0198506732 "Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology"]
nuclear chromatin definition: The ordered and organized complex of DNA and protein that forms the chromosome in the nucleus. [GOC:elh]
nuclear inclusion body definition: An intranuclear focus at which aggregated proteins have been sequestered. [GOC:jl]
Intranuclear Inclusion Bodies definition: Circumscribed masses of foreign or metabolically inactive materials, within the CELL NUCLEUS. Some are VIRAL INCLUSION BODIES.
Nuclear Extract definition: Nuclear extracts contain proteins in nuclear compartment of the cell and are used to monitor transcription factor activation in a variety of standard protocols, including electrophoresis mobility shift assay (EMSA), DNA footprinting, Western blotting and preparative purification of nuclear proteins.
nuclear aryl hydrocarbon receptor complex definition: An aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) complex found in the nucleus; ; consists of ligand-bound AhR and the aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator (ARNT). [PMID:7598497]
Atomkrieg definition: [1] Krieg, der mit thermonuklearen Waffen (Atomwaffen) geführt wird
Atombombe definition: [1] Fliegerbombe, die ihre Explosionsenergie aus Kernspaltung bezieht [2] umgangssprachlich eine beliebige Nuklearwaffe
Kernschmelze definition: [1] bei Kernreaktoren entsprechender Bauweise das Überhitzen und Zusammenschmelzen der Brennstäbe beim Ausfall der Reaktorkühlung
Kernwaffenexplosion definition: [1] die mächtigste von Menschen verursachte Explosion, zu der es nach der Zündung von Kernwaffen kommt
Kernfusion definition: [1] Verschmelzung leichter Atomkerne zu einem schwereren
Kernspaltung definition: [1] Physik: die Zerlegung eines Atomkerns in zwei oder mehr Bestandteile, wobei Energie freigesetzt wird
Kernphysik definition: [1] Die Lehre von den physikalischen Eigenschaften der Atomkerne
atomar definition: [1] auf das Atom bezogen, in der Art und Weise des Atoms
nuklear definition: [1] auf Kernreaktionen beruhend, Kern-
Atomkraft definition: [1] Die Erzeugung von Strom durch die Spaltung von Atomen
Atomkraftwerk definition: [1] ein Kraftwerk, das die Spaltung von Atomkernen als Methode zur Stromerzeugung einsetzt
Fallout definition: [1] radioaktiver Niederschlag
Atomenergie definition: [1] Physik: Energie, die durch Kernspaltung oder durch Kernschmelzung gewonnen wird
Atomangriff definition: [1] Militär: ein Angriff mit Kernwaffen (Atomwaffen)
Kernfamilie definition: [1] Soziologie: die kleinste Zelle der Gesellschaft, bestehend aus Eltern und Kindern
central nuclear definition: [1] Energiewirtschaft: das Atomkraftwerk, AKW
física nuclear definition: [1] die Atomphysik, die Kernphysik
famille definition: Ensemble formé par les parents et leurs enfants.
famille definition: Ensemble des personnes ayant des liens de parenté par le sang ou par alliance.
famille definition: Suite des individus nés d’une même souche.
famille definition: Toutes les personnes qui vivent sous la protection d’un chef.
famille definition: Groupe, catégorie de choses ou d’êtres partageant des caractères communs.
famille definition: Notions de n-uplet et de suite.
famille definition: Taxon qui regroupe les genres qui présentent le plus de similitudes entre eux.
nucléaire definition: Ensemble des sciences, des techniques et des industries qui participent au développement du potentiel fondé sur la fission de l'atome.