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Islam definition: A monotheistic religion promulgated by the Prophet Mohammed with Allah as the deity.
OTHER definition: Different than the one(s) previously specified or mentioned. (NCI)
Other definition: Different than the one(s) previously specified or mentioned.
other definition: Persons, places, things, or activities not identified in this list.
laxative definition: agent that acts to promote evacuation of the bowel; a cathartic or purgative.
Laxatives definition: Agents that produce a soft formed stool, and relax and loosen the bowels, typically used over a protracted period, to relieve CONSTIPATION.
Laxative definition: Synthetic compounds or mixtures administered orally or rectally with laxative activity. A laxative preparation is used to promote bowel movement to treat constipation or to clean the colon for rectal and bowel examinations. There are different types of laxatives that differ in mechanism of action and potency, including the bulk-producing agents, stool softeners, lubricants, hydrating agents, stimulants, saline laxatives and hyperosmotic agents.
Technique definition: A practiced and regimented skill or series of actions.
Other Health Care Professional definition: Health care professional other than listed in section D5 of FDA MedWatch form 3500A.
Chemokine, Other definition: Chemokines (chemotactic cytokines) other than those in the C, CC, or CXC classes.
Biophysics, Other definition: A value used as a form filler when no specified type of Biophysics is appropriate.
Development, Other definition: Processes that involve and promote formation of more mature organs, organ systems, or organisms; general development. (NCI)
Hematology, Other definition: The medical specialty that pertains to the anatomy, physiology, pathology, symptomatology, and therapeutics related to the blood and blood-forming tissues.
Immunology, Other definition: This term is used as a form filler when there is no appropriate Immunology term available.
Other Recombinant Chemokine definition: Formulated therapeutic analogs of one of a number of endogenous chemokines other than those classified as CXC, CC, C, or CX3C (previously known as alpha, beta, gamma, and delta, respectively). (NCI04)
OTHER definition: Administration is different from others on this list. (FDA)
Other Route of Administration definition: Route of drug administration not specified on this list.
other definition: The actual value is not an element in the value domain of a variable. (e.g., concept not provided by required code system).
other definition: Autre.
verstehen definition: [1]
anders definition: [1] verschieden, abweichend (von etwas), auf andere Weise [2] (vergleichend zu einer anderen Sache, Person) Nicht so [3] (in Verbindung mit Frage- und Indefinitpronomen) Sonst [4] (veraltet, veraltend) (dient zum bloßen Ausdruck des Modo)
anders definition: [1] Namibia, Südwesterdeutsch ander(e, -er, -es) [2] Namibia, Südwesterdeutsch (adverbaler Gebrauch) besonders, außergewöhnlich; ganz, sehr [3] Namibia, Südwesterdeutsch (adjektivischer Gebrauch) seltsam, sonderbar, komisch
sich definition: [1] Reflexivpronomen der dritten Person Singular [2] Reflexivpronomen der dritten Person Plural [3] den jeweils anderen aus derselben Gruppe
anderer definition: [1] (Verschiedenheit; Alternative) ein unterschiedlicher [2] (Anzahl) ein weiterer; noch einer [3] veraltet: zweiter, zweite, zweites
einander definition: [1] zumeist gehoben: eine oder einer der oder dem anderen, eine oder einer die oder den anderen, sich oder uns oder euch wechselseitig/gegenseitig
seg definition: [1] sich