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DNA Polymerase I definition: A DNA-dependent DNA polymerase characterized in prokaryotes and may be present in higher organisms. It has both 3'-5' and 5'-3' exonuclease activity, but cannot use native double-stranded DNA as template-primer. It is not inhibited by sulfhydryl reagents and is active in both DNA synthesis and repair. EC
DNA Polymerase Alpha definition: An enzyme that plays major roles in DNA metabolism. The protein, which exhibits bidirectional nuclease activity is required for both DNA synthesis and repair. DNA polymerase alpha is most active in dividing cells, and is primarily involved with lagging strand synthesis.
DNA Polymerase II definition: A DNA-dependent DNA polymerase characterized in E. coli and other lower organisms. It may be present in higher organisms and has an intrinsic molecular activity only 5% of that of DNA Polymerase I. This polymerase has 3'-5' exonuclease activity, is effective only on duplex DNA with gaps or single-strand ends of less than 100 nucleotides as template, and is inhibited by sulfhydryl reagents. EC
DNA Polymerase III definition: A DNA-dependent DNA polymerase characterized in E. coli and other lower organisms but may be present in higher organisms. Use also for a more complex form of DNA polymerase III designated as DNA polymerase III* or pol III* which is 15 times more active biologically than DNA polymerase I in the synthesis of DNA. This polymerase has both 3'-5' and 5'-3' exonuclease activities, is inhibited by sulfhydryl reagents, and has the same template-primer dependence as pol II. EC
DNA Polymerase Delta definition: An enzyme that has dual functionality in DNA synthesis. The protein has the ability to facilitate DNA synthesis by polymerase action and an exonucleolytic activity that degrades single stranded DNA in the 3' to 5' direction. This protein is essential for leading strand synthesis.
Fusion Proteins, gag-pol definition: Polyprotein products of a fused portion of retroviral mRNA containing the gag and pol genes. The polyprotein is synthesized only five percent of the time since pol is out of frame with gag, and is generated by ribosomal frameshifting.
Gene Products, pol definition: Retroviral proteins coded by the pol gene. They are usually synthesized as a protein precursor (POLYPROTEINS) and later cleaved into final products that include reverse transcriptase, endonuclease/integrase, and viral protease. Sometimes they are synthesized as a gag-pol fusion protein (FUSION PROTEINS, GAG-POL). pol is short for polymerase, the enzyme class of reverse transcriptase.
Genes, pol definition: DNA sequences that form the coding region for retroviral enzymes including reverse transcriptase, protease, and endonuclease/integrase. "pol" is short for polymerase, the enzyme class of reverse transcriptase.
POL definition: A country in Central Europe, east of Germany. (NCI)
Poland definition: A country in Central Europe, east of Germany.
HIV Protease definition: Enzyme of the human immunodeficiency virus that is required for post-translational cleavage of gag and gag-pol precursor polyproteins into functional products needed for viral assembly. HIV protease is an aspartic protease encoded by the amino terminus of the pol gene.
HIV Integrase definition: Enzyme of the HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS that is required to integrate viral DNA into cellular DNA in the nucleus of a host cell. HIV integrase is a DNA nucleotidyltransferase encoded by the pol gene.
pol Gene Products, Human Immunodeficiency Virus definition: Proteins encoded by the POL GENE of the HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS.
Pol. definition: [1] Abkürzung für Polizei
Pol definition: [1] ein einzelner Punkt, der einen Bezugspunkt darstellt
classe definition: Groupe partageant certaines propriétés.
classe definition: Grade ou rang qu’on donne à certaines personnes ou à certaines choses d’après leur importance ou leur prix.
classe definition: Division, niveau d'enseignement dans un établissement scolaire.
classe definition: Enseignement, cours donné à l'école.
classe definition: Ensemble des élèves d’une même classe.
classe definition: salle de cours dans une école.
classe definition: '''''Avoir la classe''''': avoir de la distinction.
classe definition: Distingué, à la mode.
pôle definition: Intersections de l’axe de rotation d’un astre et de sa surface.
pôle definition: Employé absolument, désigne le pôle Nord.
pôle definition: Extrémité d’un aimant.
pôle definition: Quelque chose d’attractif.
pôle definition: Cathode ou anode d’une pile électrique.
pôle definition: Lieu de forte activité, qui polarise une région, émet et reçoit des flux. C’est le lieu de commandement d’un espace, qui joue le rôle de centre d’impulsion.
pôle definition: Extrémité.
pol definition: Pôle.