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Hypothalamus, Posterior definition: The part of the hypothalamus posterior to the middle region consisting of several nuclei including the medial mamillary nucleus, lateral mamillary nucleus, and posterior hypothalamic nucleus (posterior hypothalamic area). The posterior hypothalamic area is concerned with control of sympathetic responses and is sensitive to conditions of decreasing temperature and controls the mechanisms for the conservation and increased production of heat.
inferior colliculus definition: rounded elevation on the dorsal surface of the midbrain, on either side of the median plane in the caudal part of the tectum, and containing the nucleus of the inferior colliculus; part of the auditory system.
Inferior Colliculi definition: The posterior pair of the quadrigeminal bodies which contain centers for auditory function.
Pars Planitis definition: Form of granulomatous uveitis occurring in the region of the pars plana. This disorder is a common condition with no detectable focal pathology. It causes fibrovascular proliferation at the inferior ora serrata.
Pituitary Gland, Posterior definition: Neural tissue of the pituitary gland, also known as the neurohypophysis. It consists of the distal AXONS of neurons that produce VASOPRESSIN and OXYTOCIN in the SUPRAOPTIC NUCLEUS and the PARAVENTRICULAR NUCLEUS. These axons travel down through the MEDIAN EMINENCE, the hypothalamic infundibulum of the PITUITARY STALK, to the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland.
neurohypophysis definition: posterior lobe of the pituitary gland, making up the neural portion, including the infundibulum or neural stalk, continuous with the hypothalamus; serves as a reservoir for neurohormones vasopressin, oxytocin, and neurophysin.
Posterior Lobe of the Pituitary Gland definition: The neural or post-neural lobe of the pituitary gland which stores and releases vasopressin, oxytocin, and neurophysins.
Pituitary Hormones, Posterior definition: Hormones released from the neurohypophysis (PITUITARY GLAND, POSTERIOR). They include a number of peptides which are formed in the NEURONS in the HYPOTHALAMUS, bound to NEUROPHYSINS, and stored in the nerve terminals in the posterior pituitary. Upon stimulation, these peptides are released into the hypophysial portal vessel blood.
neurohypophyseal hormone definition: hormones released from the posterior lobe of the pituitary, including vasopressin (antidiuretic hormone) and oxytocin; formed in the neuronal cells of the hypothalamic nuclei and stored in nerve cell endings in the posterior pituitary.
Post-Nasal Drip definition: Excessive mucous secretion in the back of the nasal cavity or throat, causing sore throat and/or coughing. It is usually due to allergic rhinitis or a cold.
Uveitis, Posterior definition: Inflammation of the choroid as well as the retina and vitreous body. Some form of visual disturbance is usually present. The most important characteristics of posterior uveitis are vitreous opacities, choroiditis, and chorioretinitis.
Posterior Cerebral Artery definition: Artery formed by the bifurcation of the BASILAR ARTERY. Branches of the posterior cerebral artery supply portions of the OCCIPITAL LOBE; PARIETAL LOBE; inferior temporal gyrus, brainstem, and CHOROID PLEXUS.
Posterior Cerebral Artery definition: The posterior cerebral artery is formed by the bifurcation of the basilar artery; it divides into three branches.
Dorsal definition: Pertaining to the back or upper surface of the body; opposite of ventral.
BACK definition: The dorsal area between the base of the neck and the sacrum. (NCI)
Back definition: The dorsal area between the base of the neck and the sacrum.
Posterior definition: Denoting the back surface of the body; at or near the hind end in quadrupeds or toward the spine in primates.
Caudate Lobe definition: Couinaud segment I, located on the posterior surface of the liver between the sulcus for the vena cava and the ligamentum venosum.
Posterior Chamber of the Eye definition: A space within the eye located between the iris and the lens. It is filled with aqueous humor.
Posterior thoracic wall definition: Subdivision of the chest which is posterior to the mid axillary plane.
dorsal column definition: dorsal portion of the white matter of the spinal cord; consists primarily of axons that relay somatic sensory information to the medulla.
Posterior Sacrum definition: A positional term based on the Strachan model referring to a sacral somatic dysfunction in which the sacral base has rotated posterior and sidebent to the side opposite to the rotation. The dysfunction is named for the side on which the posterior rotation occurs. The tissue texture changes are found at the lower pole on the side of rotation.(Foundations). (The motion characteristics of L5 are not described.)
Posterior Tooth definition: Refers to teeth and tissues towards the back of the mouth (distal to the canines): maxillary and mandibular premolars and molars. The designation of permanent posterior teeth in the Universal tooth numbering system include teeth 1 through 5 and 12 through 16 (maxillary), and 17 through 21 and 28 through 32 (mandibular); primary teeth in the Universal tooth numbering system are designated A, B, I, and J (maxillary) and K, L, S, and T (mandibular).
posterior definition: Postérieur, derrière, cul.
hindquarters definition: Derrière.
coroidite definition: [1] die Chorioiditis, die Aderhautentzündung
uveite posteriore definition: [1] die Chorioiditis, die Aderhautentzündung
weiters definition: [1] österreichisch für: auch, weiterhin, darüber hinaus, außerdem, im Weiteren
nachmalig definition: [1] (schriftsprachlich, veraltend) baldig nach einer nicht genau bestimmbaren Zeit beginnend, eintretend, sich ereignend, erfolgend, geschehend
cul definition: Un croupe, cul.
cul definition: Un derrière.
derrière definition: Se dit du côté opposé au devant, de la partie postérieure.
derrière definition: Fesses.
derrière definition: Derniers corps d’une armée en marche ou en bataille et du côté auquel l’armée tourne le dos, ou du pays qu’elle laisse '''derrière''' elle. On dit aujourd'hui « arrières ».
traseira definition: Derrière.