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precursor mRNA definition: newly transcribed RNA fully complementary to the DNA sequence of structural genes; this component of the spliceosome and hnRNA is spliced, 5' capped, 3' polyadenylated, transported to the cytoplasm as mature mRNA, and translated.
Pre-Eclampsia definition: A complication of PREGNANCY, characterized by a complex of symptoms including maternal HYPERTENSION and PROTEINURIA with or without pathological EDEMA. Symptoms may range between mild and severe. Pre-eclampsia usually occurs after the 20th week of gestation, but may develop before this time in the presence of trophoblastic disease.
preeclampsia definition: toxemia occurring in women in the second half of their pregnancy, characterized by hypertension, and usually by edema and proteinuria, but without the convulsions and coma associated with eclampsia.
pregnancy toxemia/hypertension definition: pregnancy induced hypertensive states, including EPH gestosis when edema and proteinuria accompany hypertension; other hypertensive disorders that develop during pregnancy or the puerperium are preeclampsia and eclampsia, either of which may be superimposed upon chronic hypertensive vascular or renal disease.
Pre-Excitation Syndromes definition: A group of conditions in which HEART VENTRICLE activation by the atrial impulse is faster than the normal impulse conduction from the SINOATRIAL NODE. In these pre-excitation syndromes, atrial impulses often bypass the ATRIOVENTRICULAR NODE delay and travel via accessory pathways connecting the atrium directly to the BUNDLE OF HIS.
PRE-EXCITATION definition: A condition characterized by the activation of the whole or some part of the ventricle by the transmission of an atrial impulse along an accessory pathway rather than by way of the normal specific conduction system which includes a delay at the atrioventricular node. (NCI)
RNA, Heterogeneous Nuclear definition: Nuclear nonribosomal RNA larger than about 1000 nucleotides, the mass of which is rapidly synthesized and degraded within the cell nucleus. Some heterogeneous nuclear RNA may be a precursor to mRNA. However, the great bulk of total hnRNA hybridizes with nuclear DNA rather than with mRNA.
heterogeneous nuclear RNA definition: nuclear nonribosomal RNA larger than about 1000 nucleotides, the mass of which is rapidly synthesized and degraded within the cell nucleus; some heterogeneous nuclear RNA may be a precursor to mRNA, however, the great bulk of total hnRNA hybridizes with nuclear DNA rather than with mRNA.
hnRNA definition: The name originally given to large RNA molecules found in the nucleus, which are now known to be unedited messenger RNA transcripts, or pre-mRNAs. (BioTech Life Science Dictionary)
Premenopause definition: The period before MENOPAUSE. In premenopausal women, the climacteric transition from full sexual maturity to cessation of ovarian cycle takes place between the age of late thirty and early fifty.
BEFORE definition: Earlier in time or order. (NCI)
Prior definition: Earlier in time or order.
Preoperative definition: Relating to or occurring during the period immediately before a surgical operation.
pre-replicative complex definition: A multiprotein complex assembled at eukaryotic DNA replication origins during late mitosis and G1, allowing the origin to become competent, or 'licensed', for replication. The complex normally includes the origin recognition complex (ORC), Cdc6, Cdt1 and the MiniChromosome Maintenance (Mcm2-7) proteins. [PMID:15222894]
Pre-Replication Complex definition: The Origin Recognition Complex (ORC) in eukaryotic cells selects genomic sites where pre-replication complexes (pre-RCs) can be assembled. Subsequent activation of these pre-RCs results in bi-directional DNA replication that originates at or close to the ORC DNA binding sites. (From PubMed 12801628)
pre-miRNA definition: Precursors to miRNA generated from pri-miRNA. They are exported from the nucleus where they are further processed by Dicer RNase to generate mature miRNA.
premalignant definition: (pre-KAN-ser-us) A term used to describe a condition that may (or is likely to) become cancer.
Premalignant definition: Descriptive of a condition that may or is likely to become cancerous.
pre-authenticated definition: A completion status in which a document is transcribed but not authenticated.
Pre-Dilution definition: The dilution of the specimen made prior to being loaded onto analytical equipment
DNA replication preinitiation complex definition: A multiprotein complex assembled at eukaryotic DNA replication origins immediately prior to the initiation of DNA replication. The preinitiation complex is formed by the assembly of additional proteins onto an existing prereplicative complex. In budding yeast, the additional proteins include Cdc45p, Sld2p, Sld3p, Dpb11p, DNA polymerases, and others. [PMID:12694535, PMID:15194812]
Preclinical definition: Refers to in vitro testing or in vivo animal testing before clinical trials in humans are to be carried out.
Precondition definition: A fact that must always be true just prior to the execution of some section of code.
Pre-Medication definition: Medication to be administered at the beginning of the Scheduled Procedure Step.
Pre-existing definition: Having been present before a specific date or event.
Pre-intervention definition: The occasion on which a procedure was performed immediately prior to non-surgical intervention (e.g, percutaneous angioplasty, biopsy).
Wiese definition: [1] gehölzfreie Grasfluren auf häufig feuchten Böden, in denen Gräser und Kräuter vorherrschen, meistens landwirtschaftlich durch Mähen zur Gewinnung von Heu oder Stalleinstreu genutzt
pré definition: [1] Anger, Aue, Wiese, Au, Flur
prairie definition: Formation végétale composée de plantes herbacées appartenant principalement à la famille des graminées.
prairie definition: Culture de plantes fourragères, principalement composée de graminées et de légumineuses, destinée à être pâturée par le bétail ou fauchée pour servir de fourrage.
pré definition: Champpousse de l’herbe (naturelle ou cultivée), où l’on recueille du foin, ou qui sert au pâturage.
pré definition: Lieu où a lieu un duel.
pré definition: Bagne.
préplacement definition: Ensemble de démarches ayant pour but, avant une émission de titres, de sensibiliser les investisseurs et de recueillir leurs réactions.
prépolymère definition: Macromolécule, oligomère ou polymère capables de subir une polymérisation ultérieure grâce à des groupes réactifs.
avantage definition: Utilité, profit, faveur, bénéfice.
avantage definition: Supériorité, dessus.
avantage definition: Succès militaire, victoire.
avantage definition: Gain, point que marque un joueur après avoir été, auparavant, à égalité.
avantage definition: Handicap que donne le plus habile à celui qui l’est moins pour rendre la partie à peu près égale.
avantage definition: Dessus.
avantage definition: Libéralité qui marque la prédilection pour celui à qui elle est faite. Ce que l’on donne à quelqu’un au-delà de ce qu’il pouvait exiger ou attendre.
avantage definition: Les seins.
prééminence definition: Avantage, prérogative, supériorité qu’on a sur les autres, en ce qui regarde la dignité et le rang.
préadamite definition: Sectaire chrétien qui croit qu'avant Adam il avait existé d'autres hommes.
préadamite definition: Homme qui a précédé Adam sur terre.
pré definition: Avantage.