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PPBP Gene definition: This gene plays a variety of roles in cellular processes such as extracellular matrix synthesis, glucose metabolism, and megakaryocyte differentiation.
Pro-Platelet Basic Protein definition: A product of the PPBP gene, pro-platelet basic protein is processed into platelet basic protein (PBP) and connective-tissue-activating peptide III (CTAP-III). Upon platelet activation these proteins undergo further processing into beta thromboglobulin (Beta-TG) and neutrophil-activating peptide 2 (NAP2), respectively. Many of the function ascribed to CTAP-III may actually be the result of processing to NAP-2.
PPBP wt Allele definition: Human PPBP wild-type allele is located within 4q12-q13 and is approximately 1 kb in length. This allele, which encodes platelet basic protein, plays a role in chemotaxis, neutrophil activation and a variety of other cellular processes.